Saturday 31 March 2012

Mental Architects-Celebrations Review

Mental Architects are an Instrumental Post-rock/math-rock band from Sofia, Bulgaria. They are comprised of the following members.

Tony - guitars
Niki - bass/ keys
Max - drums/ electronics

Mental Architects came to my attention when I learnt Aaron Harris of Isis had produced and mixed this latest album. Harris has a hand in many things and generally the projects he's involved in are high of quality. "Celebrations" is no different, attacking the senses with a barrage of angular riffage and upbeat tempos this is an another to add to the list.  Also Bryant Clifford(Isis, Red Sparowes), contributed additional synths to the album and Joe from Giraffes? Giraffes added guitars on "When Sound Turns into A Person.."

Okay so the first thing that struck me was it sounds an awful lot like And So I Watch You From Afar. No bad thing though as my fellow countrymen ASIWYFA are not only one of my favourite bands but damn nice chaps.

There are other influences here, the relentless off-kilter rhythm of Hella can be heard and the powerful bass driven sound of Isis for example. Mental Architects, give the music their own feel, and are just influenced by some great music however and their passion comes through listening to "Celebrations".

Opener "Spell Shelter" is infectious with its melodic pattern and rhythm. "Here is where, where better?" ,builds momentum before unleashing killer riffs and intricate guitar melodies.
At times I did have to check ASIWYFA hadn't sneaked an album out without me noticing, but the band admit their an influence and it makes me proud a band from my own country are influencing others around the globe.

"Launch The Avalanche" is another highlight with its sprawling drums and spiralling riffs creating a marvellous melodic and heavy track. Lots of bands have started making instrumental music influenced by those I've already mentioned and the likes of Tera Melos, but Mental Architects do it so well its hard to ignore. Tracks are generally kept to under five minutes so there's a flow to the album and nothing out stays its welcome.
One of my favourites though is the longer "Caves of Keys", with its Isis-like opening melody, bass driven it unfolds though atmospheric passages, unleashing some of the best moments of the album, and even a gentle nod to Faith No More half way though. "Meth-rock" brings the riff attack back with a few "Hey Heys" thrown in, a furious adrenaline rush of a track.

This is a band you can tell that will be a joy to see perform live, high energy explosive stuff, crowds will love it. Bulgaria is one of the few places I've been outside of the UK, if I make it back I'll be checking these guys out live. Although with an album this good I expect to see them touring throughout Europe and beyond.

"Celebrations" will be unleashed on April 2nd and will be available through their Bandcamp and website, I highly recommend you give these Bulgarian mentalists a listen.




Friday 30 March 2012


Namastie Qoh Cover Art

Cabrocordero is a Sludge/Stoner/Trash Metal from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Cabrocordero play a style of experimental Sludge, Stoner and Trash Metal. Nope not a type. Trash metal. That is what they call themselves.

These guys take influence from The Melvins. So if you’re into The Melvins but with Stoner Metal thrown in to the mix these hugely talented rockers are for you.

The band have put all of their excellent music for free download on their BandCamp Page. I urge you all to download them all now. As this is some amazing stuff here.

2011 – Live At Roxy BS.AS.
2011 – Namastie Qoh

Especially their full length album – Namastie Qoh. A 9 song and 53 minute blast of top notch Experimental Sludge/Stoner Riffs that The Melvins would be proud of.

This band are brilliantly talented musicians and they prove it with every release they have for free download. Namastie Qoh shows a great band with huge ideas that they successfully play out to the listener.

They blend top-notch Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs with sublime fuzzed out distorted noise effects to stand out from the crowd.

All of the releases are all superb records and shows a great band to look out for. This is another brilliant band coming from South America to join Cultura Tres and Banda De La Muerte in flying the flag for South American Sludge/Stoner Metal.

The Live Album is great release as well. As it successfully show what these guys do brilliantly well on the live circuit. They are heavy as out. It feels like you are actually there. Even though its only on 25 mins the guys show a lot of talent and passion in their music that is undeniably hard to ignore.

Well I have gone on long enough. Get downloading now. You wont regret it. Highly Recommended.
Check This Great Band Below:



Senium Cover Art

Stoic Dissention is a Doom/Death/Black Metal Band from Broomfield, USA

The members are:

Dave - Bass
Kelly- Guitar
Isaac- Guitar
Peter- Drums
Zachary- Vocals

Stoic Dissention play an intriguing blend of Doom, Death Metal and Black Metal to paint a bleak picture which takes influence from a whole range of bands but they forge their own identity in the realm of Extreme Metal.

Stoic Dissention released their outstanding debut EP – “Senium” in late 2011. It’s a 4 song and 35 minute blast of slow and heavy crushing riffs to chill the soul to.
This is music for fans of bleak down-tempo music. So if you’re looking for something more upbeat then please go elsewhere as this aint it.

If your fans of Nachtmystium. Wolves In The Throne Room and bands of that ilk then these guys will be up your street. The 4 songs on show are superbly played and produced by all involved. Senium shows a band not afraid to twist genre conventions into something else.

The riffs are there but joined together with some outstanding bleak death metal vocals that will send shivers down your spine.

Songs are on for the 8 minute or 9 minute mark. There are no short tracks just brilliant epics that take time to build up their superb atmosphere that will have you hooked in no time.

All of the songs are equally great. There is not one bad track amongst them. Stoic Dissention have done a great job in making this EP. It’s another great release in the realm of Doom/Death/Black Metal.

Check this great release now. You can download or free right now from the guys BandCamp Page.

Highly Recommended!!

Check This Great band below.


Ice Dragon Are Back!!!

Tome of the Future Ancients Cover Art

Ice Dragon is a Doom/Stoner Metal band from Boston, USA

The members are:

Ron - Vocals, Synth, Theremin, Drums
Carter - Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Joe - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Other Etc.

Ice Dragon play a hypnotic blend of Doom and Stoner Metal to great effect. Taking influence from 70s based Doom Metal bands but mixing a modern cool Psych Stoner Metal edge to their music as well.

Ice Dragon has been featured on this blog before. Here and Here. And I am a big fan of this supremely talented Doom Rockers. Well the guys are back with probably their most creative and most spellbinding work to date – “Tome Of The Future Ancients”.

This is the guys 3rd album and features some of their most complex work to date. It features 12 tracks and runs for a mighty impressive 76 mins.

The album is massive and I mean massive. It goes through many different styles of Doom and Stoner Metal. Imagine if Black Sabbath took one magic trip too many into space. Well this album would be the brilliant result.

Ice Dragon definitely worships at the church of Ozzy & Co. As you can hear shades of Sabbath vibes on most of the tracks but these guys add their own spin as well. Mainly epic psych based Doom Rock that will leave you breathless at times.

Especially on tracks like – “The Black Book Of Hours”, “The Bearded Mage” and “Night”.

I am not going to do a song by song analysis as this album is far too complex for that. You will have to draw your own conclusions.

Ice Dragon started off as a straight Stoner/Doom Metal band but with each release they have been progressing further more into the dark end of the spectrum. And I hope it’s a journey they carry on taking. As it really suits their style of music.

The album is brilliantly produced and demands multiple listens to get the full effect of it. It’s a wonderful dark and trippy journey you will want to take time and time again despite the epic running time.

I love epic albums. Longer the better for albums like this. This is Ice Dragon’s best work to date and it can be classed as their masterpiece. This will be the album that their future releases will be marked against.

So there you have it. Ice Dragon have released a far-out there and trippy psych Stoner/Doom Masterpiece.

What is even more you can download on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. I urge you do this now. You won’t be sorry. You can even download their earlier great releases as well on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

Highly Recommended – What Do You Reckon.

Check This Great Band Below:


SEAHOLDER - HD855 12B Review

Seaholder is an Atmospheric Sludge Metal Band from Paris, France

Seaholder are a superb Atmospheric Sludge Metal Band blending Post-Metal, Post Rock and Ambient sounds to portray a deeply haunting picture. Taking influences from ISIS, Neurosis, Pelican and Cult of Luna these guys are heavy from the word go.

They are about to release their outstanding new album – “HD855 12B”. A 9 song 45 minute blast of hard-hitting Sludge/Post-Metal riffs. This is the guy’s first release since their 2006 demo release. If this is the result of 6 years work then it has most definitely been worth the wait.

The guys have excelled themselves on this brilliant album. It’s full of top-notch Sludge/Post-Metal riffs that will have you hooked from the word go. It’s full of standout tracks that blend Sludge, Post-Metal, Post-Rock, Post-Hardcore and Ambient Noises with relevant ease.

Tracks like "Scarecrow”, “The Box” show what this band is all about. Playing sublime Sludge/Post-Metal riffs with heart and plenty of soul.

These guys make music to make you think and care about at the same time. A very hard thing to pull off in today’s scene. The songs are all brilliantly put together as the guys know when to pull back from playing the loud aspect of Post-Metal and bring in the more quiet aspect of the genre’s style of play. But you don’t have to wait for long before the heavy crunching guitar riffs kick in once again.

If you’re a fan of the bands mentioned above its time to add another great band to that list. Seaholder are the real deal. They are another Sludge Metal band thatFrance should be proud of.

My fave track on this great album is the 8:38 minute epic “Dreamer’s Creek” as it shows best what this band does brilliantly well. Blending all of many genres that launch an epic assault onto the senses. A great track to finish off in what is an outstanding album.

The album is expertly produced. The arrangement is spot-on. Every song flows together perfectly. I wouldn’t have the order changed in anyway at all.

Seaholder are amazing musicians and they prove this time and time again on this great release. I can’t recommend this album highly enough. When it’s released I recommend you all to get yourself a copy. You won’t be sorry.

This is another brilliant release for 2012. I am starting to lose count the number of great releases highlighted on this blog. My end of year list is going to be very big this year to include everyone.

All in all an album that the band should rightly be proud of. Awesome Stuff.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:


ODYSSEY - Band To Check Out

ODYSSEY is a 3 Piece Stoner/Pysch/Garage Rock Band from Hellsingborg, Sweden.

The members are:

Witold Östensson
Jesper Karlsson
Jonas Pedersen

ODYSSEY are a brilliant kick-ass Stoner Rock Band from Sweden. (Thats all we need. Another brilliant rock band coming from Sweden. How many great bands can one country produce). 

Anyway they contacted me recently to check out their band out. I am going to let their bio do all the talking.

"Odyssey is a trio consisting of Jonas Pedersen on vocals, Jesper Karlsson on drums and Marcus Östensson on guitar. The band came about after many discussions between the guys about creating a band that possesed a heavy sound and a driving energy. In spring 2010, it took shape. Already on day one Odyssey knew what to do, after only two rehearsals the first demo was recorded and the first gig booked.

And that pace has continued ...

After recording numerous demo tapes and an EP in true DIY spirit Odyssey will release their first full-length album on Transubstans this spring.

Odyssey is difficult to determine in genre, but think of Sleep, Converge and Pink Floyd and you have an idea of what is Odyssey. Over time, it has in several occasions been called garage-stoner.
With the chaotic gigs and a personal stage presence Odyssey have been able to travel around on Sweden's club scene and festivals. Shit goes down, people get hurt ... This is the Odyssey."

Recently they have released a 7* vinyl split with Black Pyramid, and this is the Music Video for the track Wicked Witch that is on the b side on the split. On May 15th 2012 they will be releasing their debut album "Abysmal Despair" on Transubstans Records.

The video for Wicked Witch is shown below. And its a fucking brilliant tune. This is one debut album that I am definitely going to lay my hands on and do a feature on. Sublime work guys. Can't wait for the debut album.

Check These Brilliant Rockers On the Links Below:

Soundcloud - Wicked Witch

In The Company of Serpents Interview

In the Company of Serpents Cover Art

In The Company Of Serpents are a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Denver, USA

The members are:

Brown Notes & Scratchy Throat: Grant Netzorg
Skins: Joseph Weller Myer

In The Company of Serpents (ITCOS) play a brutal and heavy brand of Sludge Metal mixed in with elements of Hardcore and Stoner Metal.

I reviewed these guys brilliant debut album earlier this month. Well Grant (Lead Singer) said he would be open to do an interview. So here it is. OK its the same questions I used before on Mediocracy. (They will be different next time. Promise).

So Thanks To Grant for answering them very truthfully once again.

Q1 – How did the band get together and can you describe the style of music you play.

JJ and I met when our other bands shared a gig together. As odd as it might sound, each of our other bands are/were country bands, and I was messing around with some Earth riffs during soundcheck. We made acquaintances and started playing together soon thereafter. I'd describe ITCOS as malicious doom best heard through a cloud of dopesmoke and bad vibes.

Q2 – How has the reaction been like to your music national/international

So far most of our recognition has been local, but I've been stoked to find others discovering our music abroad. Doom's not exactly a genre that's widespread, so I find it humbling when I hear of people getting into our shit on the other side of the planet from where we're making this music.

Q3 – Which bands influenced you as I can detect a whole range of bands.

There are too many to name, and I can only really speak for myself. I don't know if he'd say the same, but JJ's drumming reminds me of Chris Haikus, Jason Roeder & Bill Ward. As far as my playing is concerned, I would say that Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Yob, Neurosis, etc. are the types of bands that inspire me. Like I said, though- I'm a music nerd & there are far too many to name.

Q4 – Do you find getting gigs hard in your town, city or country

Getting gigs in Denver isn't much of a problem, considering there are a lot of crushingly good doom bands here, and there's an audience for it. That being said, we'll often end up on bills with bands that are pretty dissimilar. It's usually not a problem unless the audience is expecting some twee indie rock shit from us.

Q5 – You have toured with some great bands. Who are your fave bands that you have toured with.

We haven't spread out too far as of yet, but we're always happy to share a bill with bands like Royal Talons, Stoic Dissention, Low Gravity, Keep, etc. If you haven't heard these bands, make a point to check them out. They all slay.

Q6 – Is band your full-time job or do you have other jobs. If so how does this impact on family life and social life

No, we have day jobs. I wish we could play for a living, but it ain't the case. We've self-produced our record & have no delusions of rock star grandeur and don't aspire to that. Right now we just want to make sure the songs get into ears that would dig them.

Q7 – As you know my blog promotes underground bands who give their music away for free. Some bands are against this. What is your view.

I think sites like Bandcamp are phenomenal. Gone are the days that a musician needs to rely on someone who gives fuck-all about their music to distribute it. The power is back in the bands' hands. The internet is our veritable library of Alexandria (but with more porn), and you can find whatever music suits your tastes. Our music has a minimum price on our page because we paid for the recording, mastering, manufacturing, etc. out of our own pockets. However, we want anyone who might be interested to be able to hear our music.

Q8 – What is your view of people posting your stuff on the web for free download without going to your BandCamp Page.

Like I said, we want everyone who digs this type of music to hear it. We'd prefer if someone bought the record after listening to it & liking it, so check out our Bandcamp page first, but if you don't have the scratch to buy it, pirate away & turn your friends on to it.

Q9 – What is your stance on Record Companies clamping down on blogs and files-haring websites.

Fuck them. They're trying to silence their most enthusiastic audience. People who regularly download music aren't casual music fans. They're people who are looking to listen to exactly whatever it is they're interested in. Trying to thwart that is like trying to tell a gourmand that he should only eat boiled roots from here on out because you want to convince him that nothing else exists.

Q10 – Have you had Record Label interest in signing you guys.

Here & there, but we haven't really been shopping around. We self-produced our record, so the only thing we'd really need right now is decent distribution, but that's more or less covered by our Bandcamp page. If someone wanted to put our shit out on vinyl or pay for our next recording, I'd definitely be down, but labels seem like middlemen in this day & age.

Q11 – Why the name “In The Company Of Serpents”. Are you making a statement on certain things or the way you feel with the world.

It's not a statement or anything. JJ Anselmi, the original drummer, came up with the name, & we both thought it matched the music's vibe.

Q12 – I loved your album when I reviewed it. (Even though I might have used the word “Superb” too often. Blame Alcohol for this.) Have you received any more international press because of your music.

Thanks, man! I thought the review was... superb. We've been covered by a couple other blogs, Doommantia & Temple of Perdition. We're hoping to get a bit more coverage now that the physical copies of the record are out.

Q13 – What are your plans for the future. Any more full-length releases in the future.

We'll definitely be recording again. We're working out new material right now, & in fact are debuting a new track tonight at Blast-0-Mat, a local Denver DIY venue that hosts heavier music.

Q14 – I am really digging and loving the fact your releasing your brilliant S/T album on cassette. Vinyl is usually the old-school thing to do. But I think Cassette is probably one brilliant step back from that. Why cassette. (Though I know your including a free digital download with it).

We wanted to differentiate ourselves a bit & liked the appeal of having it on some kind of analog format. Also, vinyl is pricey as hell, and this thing came out of our pockets, so...

Well Thanks for contacting Slugelord Blog in the first place. Good luck with the future and keep in touch.

Thank you, man! Keep supporting independent music & spreading the sludge!

Check this great band below:



The Bendal Interlude are a 4 Piece Stoner/Thrash Metal Band from Liverpool, England.

The members are:


The Bendal Interlude play a fast and furious blend of Stoner, Thrash and, Sludge Metal for one crazy volatile mix. These guys have been featured on this blog before and I rightly raved about them then.

Well the guys are back with their latest EP - "Odourama" which features their heaviest work to date. Its a 15 minute 4 song action packed ride of Sludge/Stoner/Thrash thrills and spills.

It still has the same old great riffs and added noise effects on their previous releases but they are just heavier and faster. Especially on opening title track which is a 4:16 min blast of superb riffage from start to finish.

This song will leave you breathless and sets the scene in what is to come next. So buckle up and prepare for the fucked up vibe of THE BENDAL INTERLUDE.

Next up it Hat Time. A 2 minute beast of fast-paced angry hardcore riffs. This track flies out of the starting block and packs an almighty punch to it. After listening to this you left wondering - "What the fuck just happened!!!!" - before pressing repeat for another round of hardcore damage. Sublime Stuff.

The next track is the best track on this excellent EP - Ron Salmon is a 5:40 minute brilliant track that probably features this bands best work to date. Brilliant riffs and vocals all the way through which portrays an unflinching vibe of top-notch Stoner/Thrash/Sludge riffs that only The Bendal Interlude can deliver. Brutal and heavy as fuck.

Last up is the 3:38 minute track "Shants II" which brings this great EP to an end. Full of the same great action-packed riffs that preceded it. It starts off with a cool guitar solo to set the mood before going back in for the kill.

The EP is expertly played and produced by all and its another reason why The Bendal Interlude are one of the best upcoming Stoner/Thrash/Sludge Combos to grace the UK Underground.

Maybe its time for these guys to close their successful chain of pornography shops and pharmaceutical drug network and start work on their official debut full length. Outstanding and highly recommended.

Odourama will be out from all good stockists soon.

If you like what you hear head over to their BandCamp Page and download all their brilliant earlier material for free.

Check Out The Guys Here:


Tuesday 27 March 2012


Dala Sun are a Stoner Metal Band from Greece

The members are:

Harris : Guitar-Vocals
Tolas : Bass
Andreas : Drums

Dala Sun play a great blend of Desert Rock, Fuzz Rock and Stoner Metal to truly hypnotic effect. If you’re into Kyuss, Dozer, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu then you’re going to love these guys.

Dala Sun have been on this blog before with their brilliant 2010 debut album. Sala Dun. Well they guys are back with their outstanding new album –  Gegenschein – An 8 song 38 minute blast of top-notch Stoner Metal riffs with extra added Desert Rock and Fuzz Rock to truly stand out from the crowd.

Not much has changed since their brilliant debut album. Well apart from the riffs are heavier, faster and catchier than ever before. Throw in brilliant lyrics and vocals and Dala Sun have released another outstanding album. The riffs still come thick and fast like before.

Though the guys throw in the odd old school Thrash Metal Style riff especially on “Fistful Of Teeth.”. Just one of the many top-notch tracks on show like “Sludge Monster”, “Moniktaro” and brilliantly titled “Riding Donkeys Backwards”.

The album is brilliantly performed and produced by all involved. You can hear every note played to Stoner Metal perfection. This is an album that will have you rocking in no time.

2012 in Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal terms is getting better and better. This is further evidence of brilliant albums to discover to enjoy time and time again. This is an absolute blast of an album.

Dala Sun have delivered another sublime album and I urge you all to download this brilliant album right now. As Dala Sun are offering this amazing album for free download from their official website.

I urge you all to download this now. You won’t be sorry. If your new to the world of Dala Sun then download their outstanding debut album as well also available for free download.

Highly Recommended – Get Downloading Now!!!

Check This Great Band Below


Check Out the brilliant "Sludge Monster" from their brilliant new album Gegenschien.

The Dhamma Brothers - Band To Check Out!!!

Live Sweat: No Alternative from The Cluny Cover Art

The Dhamma Brothers are an Alternative Rock/Stoner/Grunge Rock Band From Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

The members are:

Mark James Hammond - Guitar/Vox
James Younger - Guitar/Vox
Gary Nightingale - Bass
Paul "The Gulag" Gallagher - Drums

The Dhamma Brothers play a great blend of Alt-Rock/Stoner Rock music highly influenced by QOTSA and Nirvana but forging their own identity in the world of Alternative Rock.

Tbey are getting a much deserved reputation in their hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne which as you know is my home-town. So another great local band for me to recommend. They have recently supported Nately's Whore's Kid Sister as well. Another great Geordie Band to check out.

They have 3 superb releases for free download from their excellent BandCamp Page. Some of the tracks might be slightly under-produced but they were either recorded live or by the band themselves at home.

So fucking top marks for being a true DIY Alternative Rock Band. Their cover of QOTSA Classic "Go With The Flow" from their outstanding album "This Wretch The Wolf Already Tears" is simply sublime. Very atmospheric and a great take on a modern classic.

So get downloading now. You wont be sorry.

Mark Hammond is also involved in promoting live gigs in the region with his No Alternative Promotions Type Project.. Normally at a loss as well. Check Them Out Here at Facebook. And he is doing a brilliant job at it as well. He is one highly talented individual giving a lot more back to the region.

Anyway back to The Dhamma Brothers. Highly Recommended by Sludgelord. Get downloading now!!!.

Check This Great Band Below:

SHOCK RADAR - Band To Check Out

Generator EP Cover Art

Shock Radar are an Experimental Stoner Rock Band From New York City, USA.

I will let this intriguing bio tell you about Shock Radar

"Shock Radar is the experimental art rock project of NY songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and painter Lee J Diamond. He has worked as a session musician for members of The Verve, Stabbing Westward, Small Black and The Slits. After touring and recording for acts like The Feud, Aerial Love Feed/Rockethouse, and Blood City, he is now giving life to his own material as a singer and composer.

The eccentric artistic styling of Shock Radar’s 'Post-Pop' songs are fresh and unique. Born and raised in NY where he worked at several record stores till attending Boston's Berklee College of Music on scholarship, and further studying art and journalism at New School University, Lee J Diamond has climbed his way to the top of the city's music scene, simply doing what he does best, mixing and playing all styles from around the world.

His live band plays frequently around Manhattan, or you can follow his musical endeavors via 27 Productions."

Shock Radar are super fucking talented. Their is no denying that. Their newest release "Generator EP" is an absolute blast of top-notch Stoner Rock riffs with a great Art-Rock vibe. This is experimental Stoner Rock at its most finest.

Some great vibes running through out this great release. Especially on tracks like "In The Land Of Vinyl" and "Generator". Seriously I couldn't get enough of this great band. This EP is a steal at $5 dollars.

The vocals are another highlight that have a slight Chris Cornell vibe to them. Its brilliantly produced and shows a great band to look out for.

These guys or one guy mainly Lee Diamond has been around a while. They have quite a few releases to check out on their BandCamp Page. Some free and some you have to pay. Do yourself a favour and get checking this brilliant band out now. 

Thank Fuck the world of Stoner Rock/Metal has artists like Shock Radar to shake things up a bit.

Highly Recommended.

Check this great band below.


Valkyrie Cover Art

Lion Splicer is a Stoner Metal/Punk Rock/Speed Metal name it the fuck whatever Duo from New York City

The members are:

Max Splice - Guitars, Bass, Voice
Danny Splice - Drums, Swagger 

Lion Splicer plays a fast-paced blend of Stoner Metal mixing many other elements of Hard-Rock and Metal. Taking influence from a whole range of bands but adding their own unique take of the world of Stoner Metal.

Lion Splicer has been featured on this blog before with their excellent debut release “Splicer”. I rated this album highly as it was a great release showcasing this band’s great talents.

Well the guys are back better than ever with their brilliant new EP – Valkyrie. A 3 song 15 minute blast of hard-hitting Stoner Metal riffs blending other genres of Hard-Rock and Metal. Which the guys are kindly giving away free again.

This EP leaves its predecessor in the dust. Everything is better about this release. The riffs are heavier, vocals are more focused than ever before. And the production is just phenomenal.

But the biggest surprise is the band themselves. They have moved into another level from their previous release. Lion Splicer has become better musicians and they have improved as musicians about 1000%. I mean that in the best possible way.

Their musical creativity on this release is just astounding in how they have blended the many different genres to sound better than ever.

This release just blew me away. I was expecting something good but nothing could prepare me for what was to come. The 3 tracks on show will have you begging for more. It’s a shame it’s on so short as this could have done with a couple of more tracks.

But they always say a sign of a good band is leaving the listener wanting more. And I want to hear more of this amazing bands music.

My fave part of the EP was the Twin Guitar Homage to Thin Lizzy in sublime track “Train Kept A Rollin”. Awesome Stuff.

Well you can tell I love this release. With the band giving this away for free download you have no excuse to miss out. A brilliant release from a brilliant band.

I think these guys should now start working on their proper full length record as they have the talent and vision to go far in this crazy world of Stoner Metal. We need bands like Lion Splicer to mix it up a bit. Brilliant!!!

Check This Great band Below:



Captains Cover Art

Into The Storm is an Experimental Sludge/Crust-Punk/Post-Metal band from Seattle, Washington, USA

The members are:

james reeves
oliver reeves
matthew jahn
brant kay 

Into The Storm play an intriguing blend of Sludge, Crust-Punk and Post-Metal to superb effect. If your fans of ISIS, BOTCH and Cursed then you going to dig this hugely talented band.

Their music is similar to those 3 bands but they deliver their own brand of hard-hitting Sludge/Crust-Punk/Post-Metal.

Into The Storm know how to play a mean down-tuned Sludge Metal riff with great hardcore based vocals to match. Their music is really quite breathtaking to listen to at times. Especially when they blend in haunting post-rock/ambient vibes that will have you hooked in no time at all.

The band have released two brilliant releases so far both available for free download from BandCamp

2009 – Amidst A Sea Of Chaos
2011 – Captains

These two albums show a band at the top of their game with a lot of great things to say. Both releases are full of top-notch experimental Sludge/Crust-Punk/Post-Metal riffs.

Into The Storm draw you into their volatile world and never let go until the music has finished. But it’s a trip you don’t want to end. These guys really do know how to write and play a hard hitting and thought provoking tune.

Their latest release Captains is worth it for the free download alone. All songs are named after Captains of some variety. Plus it has some outstanding artwork included for you to look at all to do with the relevant Captains mentioned in the song. One is very spacey and matches the song title brilliantly well.

So get downloading both great releases now. You won’t be sorry. Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:


SERIOUS BEAK - TOUR, Free Album and Other Stuff

Huxwhukw Cover Art

Serious Beak is a Sludge/Prog/Doom/Grind/Mathcore/Noise Band from Australia.

The members are:

Gene White - drums
Tim Brown - telecaster
Lachlan R. Dale - les paul
Andrew Mortensen - bass

They include the hugely talented Lachlan Dale in their ranks who is part of my fave Aussie Sludge Drone Fuzz Monsters - Adrift For Days. Well this is his other band. I am just going to post the whole email article about Aussie Tour, Reviews of the album which you can download on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

My own view on the album is its fucking brilliant and wholly insane at the same time. Brilliant stuff.

Serious Beak to hit Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney in March/April

Over the next few weeks Serious Beak will be hitting Australia's three most populous cities (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) for their unpronouncable "Huxwhukw and the Crooked Beak of Heaven" tour.

The Sydney-based quartet play an eccentric amalgamation of progressive, psychedelic, and poly-rhythmic discordant music that is sure to interest fans of Meshuggah, Mastodon, Botch, The Mars Volta and King Crimson

These rare live appearances are in support of Serious Beak's debut album "Huxwhukw", which has been met with rave reviews by members of the alternative press - and is also available for free download at

w/ A Million Dead Birds Laughing, Agonhymn and Cradle in the Crater.
$10 entry. Doors 9pm. Presented by Metal Obsession.

w/ Marathon, Life and Limb (ACT), Fvck Mountain, and Vassals.
Free entry. Doors 8pm. Presented by Monolith.

w/ Lo!, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt and Killsong.
Free entry. Doors 8pm. Presented by Art As Catharsis.

Reviews of Serious Beak's Huxwhukw

"Huxwhukw is one band taking musical boundaries and smashing them to pieces. It will likely take a few listens to really understand what's going on here, but the final verdict is nothing short of brilliance. 95/100."

- Brian Giffin, Loud Mag

"Huxwhukw is one of the most intriguing instrumental releases to have been born in a long time. Despite the amount of influences and time-changes crammed in there, it remains catchy, and undeniably memorable. 8.5/10"

- Mitch Booth, Metal Obsession

"Colossal in scope, the band present a phenomenally cohesive and original exploration of everything you know about modern left-field metal. 'Progressive' barely covers it. Think Baroness, meets The Mars Volta, meets Dillinger Escape Plan with dashes of djent, mathcore, death, jazz, doom, psychedelia, sludge and an enormous dose of groove."

- Rioch Temporal

"Serious Beak is the deranged spawn of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Sigur Rós."

- Heavy Planet

Check this brilliant band below:


Hi all.

Here is my first interview for Sludgelord. Probably one of many soon coming up. Make blog a little bit different from reviews and free stuff. First subject is Viez from brilliant Romanian Sludge Metal Band Mediocracy.

Thanks to Viez for answering my pitiful attempt at questioning. I promise they will get better as times goes on. Anyway without further ado. Enjoy reading them.

Q1 – How did the band get together and can you describe the style of music you play.

Hey!Thanx for having us here!Well the band formed after almost 4 years of struggles,when I was trying to put up a band that would play crust punk or at least something related.This only became real after I met Radu and Costin and after a few more changes we had a steady line-up in the summer of 2010. From then on we never stopped!

Well I don’t really know anymore how can I call our style…initially I wanted a hardcore/crust/punk band,but since the guys I play with are more into metal,the band became something a bit different with a lot of other influences.I starded calling it just punk/metal because I think it’s closest to what we sound like.

Q2 – How has the reaction been like to your music national/international

The reactions where mostly good all over.Everywhere we’ve went,we have met people happy that they saw us and really enjoyed our music and message.

Q3 – Which bands influenced you as I can detect a whole range of bands.

Well I can only speak for myself and name bands like From Ashes Rise, Tragedy,Disfear, Wolfbrigade, Ekkaia,Ictus and so on…but also Entombed,DarkThrone,Slayer,At the Gates etc.We all listen to very
different stuff and it comes out nicely when we write songs together.

Q4 – Do you find getting gigs hard in your town, city or country

In our country no.At least we can say this much,especially in Bucharest,we have no problem getting shows.There are enough venues for this so anytime is good.It’s harder to get shows outside of Romania I guess…

Q5 – You have toured with some great bands. Who are your fave bands to tour with.

Well we’ve only toured with the guys from The Arson Project in december 2010.The second tour we did alone. So I can’t say about others haha. The guys we’re great and we had a lot of fun.Really hope we can do another one some time!

Q6 – Is the band your full-time job or do you have other jobs. If so how does this impact
on family life and social life

Haha! I don’t think it could ever be a full time job.We don’t exactly play a style of music that could support 5 people and I don’t think ths was what we were aiming for…We all have jobs,school an so on but we find the time for the band also.There are times when we don’t have enough time to
do everything…band,job,school etc…but we try to make it work as much as we can.

Q7 – You give your music away for free which I really think is great. But some bands are against downloading free stuff from the web. What is your view.

My view is that it will end up there sooner or later anyway so why slow down the process haha!But yeah,I don’t mind our music being free on the internet because my first wish is for it to travel as much as possible and probably reach places that we will never reach.I wanted to share our music with the rest of the world so more people would pay attention to our scene aswell.

Q8 – Do you make money from selling merchandise because of this. As its a known fact people who usually download stuff usually goto the bands website to buy merchandise. I do it all the time. (I mean merchandise).

I don’t know what you understand by making money.Yes we sell a lot of merchandise but the money we make from it goes back into the band..paying for gas or rehearsal space rent and so on. We don’t have an online shop and mailing the mech is a bit harder for us because we have to do it ourselves and man do I hate the post office!!! We never make too much merch as we can’t afford too much but we do our best to make enough for everyone who is interested.

Q9 – What is your stance on Record Companies clamping down on blogs and files-haring websites.

I fucking hate that!That is the first place I go to when I want to listen to a new band or any for that matter.I don’t know what they imagine will happen…record sales going through the roof?
I for one can’t really afford to buy records all the time,even though I do have a pretty nice record collection,but it’s mostly favorite bands that I could find on distros in tours or other concerts.Plus I don’t trust the post office because of past experiences to those sites are my only option.It actually feels like a fucking Inquisition because it’s not just the music..

Q10 – Have you had Record Label interest in signing you guys. As I think you should be signed as your music is brilliant and should be heard as many people as possible.

Nope. No record labels so far.I have spent a few moths last witer mailing a lot of labels asking is they would be intrrested in our next release and not one would do it…so we gave up looking and released our ep ourselves…with the help of 2 netlabels from Bucharest,Asiluum and Metalfan Records Division.

Q11 – Have you got plans to gig in other countries (ie like my country the UK. Would love to see you guys live) for your May 2012 European Tour.

We have plans to gig in a lot of places but sadly it can’t always happen.We haven’t thought about the UK yet because it would cost us very much and going there by ourselves I don’t know if we can cover thelosses…it would be great some day though.The plan for the May tour was to hit  Hungary ,Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia Germany and France. But the booking isn’t going too well so I have my doubt it will happen this May. If not we will reschedule it for some other time,probably in the fall…we’ll see..

Q12 -Why the name Mediocracy. Are you making a statement on certain things or the way you feel with the world.

“Mediocracy” is what I think about when It comes to Romania.So as this being the place I live and grew up in,it’s the most familiar so I know what I’m talking about.Everyone is happy with their mediocre lives and their mediocre goals in life and follow mediocre idols and so one.

All of this became our whole society…and the sad thing is that this doesn’t reffer only to Romania…it’s a worldwide status and I understand people are not making the best of themselves,but comply in a mediocre life.

Granted the Eastern Europe is like this because of 40 years of bolshevik dictatorship and it’s harder to recover,but what is the rest of the world’s excuse?

Q13 – We at Sludgelord are massive fans for your music. Have you received any more international press because of your music.

Yes I saw a lot of websites all over Europe and not only…took an interest and write some news about us,did reviews or interviews and I am really happy about that.Hopefully more bands from our scene,be they metal or punk or whatever,will have more attention from people outside of Romania. And hopefully it will become easier for us aswell to tour and everything else…if more people know about our band.So Thank you very much for your support man !It means a lot!

Q14 – What are your plans for the future. Any more full-length releases in the future.

We have an idea for our next full-length but we want that to be something much Bigger in..every way actually.I don’t want to say too much because I don’t know when or if it will happen yet but we will do our best to make a great record.Until then we have some splits planned so keep your eyes and ears on this band because something new might always come up!

Well Thanks for taking the time out to answer the questions. Great luck for the future and your May 2012 European Tour.

Thank you so much for your interest on our band and all your support !Hopefully we will make the tour this May,if not,some other time, but it will happen nonetheless! All the best! Cheers!

Have an excellent day.

Cheers Viez. Everyone check these great rockers here and here mentioned on blog before.

And cfheck them below.


Monday 26 March 2012

Ufomammut-Oro: Opus Primum Review

Ufomammut are a three piece band from Italy who play a unique style of Psychedelic Doom/Sludge. Featuring the talents of Urlo, Poia and Vita.

They have been creating challenging dynamic music since 1999. Always standing at the forefront of experimental music they are set to unleash what will be their most ambitious and potentially best work yet. Oro: Opus Primum is the first of two albums they will release this year. "Oro: Opus Alter" will follow around September. Its an understatement to say I'm a fan of this band, bordering on obsession would be more accurate.

2009's "Eve" was critically acclaimed and rightly so, a single track split into five movements it was a stunning example of doom-laden genius. However Oro has arrived and bettered it, more focused its a enthralling listen beginning to end. Ufomammut's strength lies in creating extremely expansive multi-faceted music with layers of atmospheric tones and textures. Vocals blend in with the waves of sonic interpretation, vintage electronics are used to bring forth a futuristic and awe inspiring sound.

Oro in full will be ten tracks, here the first instalment begins with the brooding atmospheric "Empireum", which feels like a birthing of sorts. Slowly weaving its way into your senses pulsating, and spacious it evolves to a tribalistic rhythm before crushing guitars and effects bring "Oro" to life. 13 minutes in length "Empireum" builds relentlessly, wailing and melodic vocals drift in and out, it finishes in echoes of distortion and effects.

"Aureum" continues opening with a dirge like monolithic riff, bringing to mind the tone of Steven O'Mally. It's huge distorted bass rumbling, the track kicks up a notch creating a glorious sludge behemoth . Vocals ring out in tribal fashion as the music constantly shifts tempo and intensity.
An infectious head nodding groove breaks out half way through, pulsating bass, pounding drums the track flows effortlessly until ambient effects, crazed dialogue and huge riffs close the track.
"Infearnatural" is next, relentless crushingly heavy, sonically mind altering a repetitive rhythm blended with psychedelic effects and minimal vocals one of the shorter tracks but by no means less impressive.

"Oro: Opus Primum" is seamless tracks merge together, unfolding as intended as a stream of music to be experienced as a whole. With the second instalment due later I did wonder if originally they intended to release it as one work. Given the complexity and quality of this first instalment its probably best we get a chance to enjoy it fully before "Oro: Opus Alter" completes the journey later in the year.

Infearnatural leads into" Magickon", sounds are reprised from the opening of the album, before an emotive melody pours out, cymbals shimmer and crash, gradually a beat unfolds, bass humming it develops into a rhythm before ending full of punishing slabs of riffs, giving way to "Mindomine".
A jagged looping rhythm with eerie vocals the final track here ends a glorious album, full of mystical atmospheric sounds creating a otherworldly feeling. Guitars crash in, when they do its as if the world is ending, spellbinding in delivery.

Ufomammut continue to weave sonic tapestries of the highest magnitude. Creating an album of depth, stunning musicianship and spaced out groove. The artwork also is painstakingly detailed and beautiful. Designed by the Malleus collective(which includes members of the band), the art reflects the music perfectly.
I've banded the term album of the year about more than usual for this time of year, but Oro: Opus Primum is a certainty for my end of year list.I now await, Oro: Opus Alter with anticipation.

Oro: Opus Primum will be released on Vinyl through the Supernatural Cat label with Neurot Recordings handling the Cd version. Links to both labels are below, as well as further information on this stunning band.

Neurot Recordings

Supernatural Cat




Incoming Cerebral Overdrive-Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift Review

Sometimes an album comes along and catches you completely off guard. I've been a fan of Ufomammut and their label, Supernatural Cat for some time but I only recently was alerted to Incoming Cerebral Overdrive(I.C.O). I had been anticipating the latest Ufomammut album greatly, but "Le Stelle:A Voyage Adrift" is worthy of equal excitement and praise.

Controverso, I.C.O's last album was mostly an sludge/psych tinged mathcore affair, furious and brilliant they've developed and expanded the outer limits of their sound on this latest album.
They have now delivered a stellar album full of angular riffs, psyche textures mind altering experimentation and above all pummelling songs.
The sounds crafted are mesmeric, songs grab you pining you to the wall screaming before spinning you round the room. Drums and bass prod and sprawl, riffs churn out with relentless abandon.
Vocals are almost an extension of the instrumentation, at times aggressive, melodic and almost demonic in the same song. There is also an incredible sense of direction present amongst the madness. Only one song strays past the 5 minute mark but what they achieve in the relatively short songs is enough to melt your mind while also managing to flow cohesively.

Opener "Mirzam" kicks things off with a powerful spiral riff, low end bass and synth effects. It quickly shifts into overdrive, pounding its way into your brain. If your heads not nodding in approval already, you should probably check your pulse.
"Sirius" enlists psychedelic swirls of synth, mixed with a heavy sludge groove. Cosmic passages blend with dexterous drumming before pile-driving its way to a climax.
By now I was already blown away, the combination of murky rhythm, off- kilter riffs and spaced out effects ticking all my boxes rendering me in a sludge filled euphoria.
"Betelgeuse" continues the theme, showcasing their dexterity with their instruments, heavy moog stabs crushing your senses. The opening catchy riff, giving way to another journey through muti-dimensional dynamics and power.
"Kochab" is next beginning with a delicate melody soothing the battered eardrums before a massive chugging riff explodes and the assault begins again. One of the more straight ahead heavy songs it still sounds like little experienced before, Samuele Storai turning in a man possessed vocal towards the end."Adhara" is bruising, spaced out riffs and rhythms that crash and collide, It finally relents with waves of eerie synths before finishing in furious fashion, brain left oozing from your ears.

The ability to produce track after track of unique and relentless music cannot be understated. This is one of the most enjoyable albums I've heard in a long time.
"Pherkad" is monolithic, dense rhythm with an unforgiving delivery, wails of feedback and distortion close the track out.
Next up "Sirius B" has a space- punk feel, with a Brent Hinds sounding vocal, fans of Mastodon and Dillinger for that matter could find much to love here. However I.C.O stand proud in their own right, few bands are making barrier pushing music this heavy, mind bending and relentless.

"Poloaris" sees a slower pace but again stunning vocal growls and echoing guitar parts. It finishes with melodic choral like vocals and swathed in synths.
"Bellatrix" has a pure rocknroll opening riff and is one of the most catchy songs here, while maintaining the general spacey feel. Compelling, driving and above all rocking, destined to be a favourite of their live act.
The ten minute "Rigel" closes the album, musically it feels like an epic voyage through time and space, battles raging, armies of alien species marching forth singing battle hymns of distant galaxies . A soundtrack to an unwritten Sci-fi cult classic, which in turn could apply to the whole album.

ICO have delivered another contender for my album of the year list, a stunning piece of multi-layered genius. If your unfamiliar with Supernatural Cat records their bands and collective endeavours this could be a great introduction.

"Le Stelle:A Voyage Adrift"  will be released through Supernatural Cat on May 7th. Controvesro is available now in good independent stores or direct from Supernatural Cat on the links below.

Supernatural Cat Records




Thursday 22 March 2012

BANDA DE LA MUERTE - New Album Played Live In Full Plus Euro Tour Dates


Banda De La Muerte are about to release their superb new album "Pulso de una Mente Maldita" and I rated it highly last month. Well you can now see these amazing Sludge Rockers play their new album in full in the YouTube Video Below:

The video is an absolute blast of top-notch Sludge Metal riffage. And I urge you to buy this amazing album now.

The guys are about to go on their European Tour. Dates Shown Below:

03/28 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Winston Kingdom (w/ Cultura Tres)
03/29 - Arnhem, Netherlands - The Stage (w/ Pendejo, Cultura Tres)
03/30 - Gouda, Netherlands - SoWhat (w/ Pendejo, Cultura Tres and Undersmile)
03/31 - Middelburg, Netherlands - De Spot (w/ Pendejo, Cultura Tres and Undersmile)
04/01 - Roermond, Netherlands - Azijnfabriek (w/ Pendejo, Cultura Tres and Undersmile)
04/05 - Birmingham, UK - Scruffy Murphy's (w/ Cultura Tres, Stone Axe, Alunah, Stubb and Trippy Wicked)
04/11 - Zürich, Switzerland - Eldorado
04/12 - Freiburg, Germany - Slow Club
04/15 - Antwerp, Belgium - TBC (w/ Aguardente)

Catch while you can especially as they are with a whole bunch of bands on the tour. Mainly Cultura Tres and Undersmile. Both amazing bands in their own right.



IVY GARDEN OF THE DESERT are a 3 Piece Stoner Rock/Metal Band from Italy

The members are

Diego - Guitar & Vocals
Paul - Bass Guitar
Andrew - Drums

They have been on this blog before with their outstanding EP - Docile. Well the guys are back with their great new single "1991" from their new EP "Blood Is Love" due out on CD & Vinyl very soon.

Here is what Diego has to say about their superb new single.

"Hello everybody! Nasoni-Records have liked our new work. Ivy garden Of The Desert will ship to Berlin both master and artwork of "Blood Is Love" before the end of this week. We'll let you know when "Blood Is Love" is available both on CD & VINYL. Obviously this new release will be anticipated by a first single. We have chosen to give you the fifth track of this ep, a song dedicated to the great records published in 1991. Our first single is called "1991" and it was uploaded on Youtube last night at 00:00 circa (Italian hour). New season, new music! "

Great work as usual guys. Cant wait for the new EP.

Check this great band from the links below:


J. Thorn of Threefold Law - The Seventh Seal New Book


Now I dont usually do book articles. (OK I did one last year) but am going to alert people to this book. Got an email from JT of brilliant Prog-Rockers Threefold Law who have been mentioned here previously.

Well apart from being a member from a brilliant rock band. JT is also an author who has just published a book.

Details from the great man himself - "Bikers, babes, and guns. The Seventh Seal, a ripping ride through post-apocalyptic Cleveland, has bullied its way into the #6 spot on the Amazon Kindle Best Sellers Top 100 Paid list for Contemporary Fantasy and #12 in Action/Adventure. If you’re a fan of Sons of Anarchy and Mad Max, you’ll dig this."

The Seventh Seal, by J. Thorn of Threefold Law --

Sounds right up my street. So much so I am going to order a copy myself. Sounds epic!!!

Great work as usual JT.



Ten Page Pilot is an Alternative Rock/Grunge/Stoner Rock Band from The Netherlands.

The members are

Richard Kleuskens
Vincent Schulpen
Rens Coenen
Luc Verdellen 

Ten Page Pilot play a great blend of Alt Rock, Post-Grunge, Space Rock and Stoner Rock to superb effect. These guys are simply an amazing band to discover if you’re a fan of bands such as Foo Fighters, QOTSA, Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind and Monster Magnet

Ten Page Pilot feel like a supergroup of sorts of those great bands as they blend their genres brilliantly.

The band have released two excellent releases so far:

2009 – Circle Lines EP
2011 – In The Eyes Of The Armed

Both of these releases are simply brilliant. There is no denying how talented these superb Stoner Rockers are. They can play a mighty fine riff that goes across all genres with brilliant ease.

The EP is on for 20 mins and their debut full length is on for 53 mins or so. Ten Page Pilot have been getting rave reviews in their homeland ands it not hard to see why.

Their music needs to be heard by a bigger audience as possible. As their debut album is an amazing collection of songs you will be listening to over and over again which I have been doing for the last few days or so.

Seriously “In The Eyes Of The Armed” is an understated masterpiece that has came out of nowhere. Its superbly played and produced by everyone involved and Ten Page Pilot deserve credit for mixing their genres in a highly original way.

The album is full of stand-out tracks that will have you singing along in no time.

Their EP might be the heaviest of the two releases but debut album is where the bands talent comes into focus. As stated before they blend Alt-Rock, Post-Grunge, Stoner Rock and Space Rock to great effect.

Ten Page Pilot have proved with both releases they are a superb band to keep an eye out for. They are hugely talented and I hope they release more brilliant releases in future as these guys have the talent to go a long way.

What is even more you can own these brilliant releases for free by sending your email address to their Official Website. They will send you a link back on where to download the albums.

All they ask in return is to let them know what you think of it.

It’s a big download of 500MB as it includes both brilliant releases please a WAV Copy of their new brilliant album. Plus articles including Band Bio’s, gig reviews and album reviews.

This is a brilliant in-dpeth package for an amazing band and they are giving this away for free. They deserve as much praise they can get.

Highly Recommended.

Well I have gone on long enough. Check this great band now. You wont regret it.

YouTube Channel - Check their many videos here. This is probably the best Band YouTube Channel I have been on. Highly Recommended.

Check the video for the brilliant song "Hero Of The Century".



MonkeyPriest is a Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Spain

The members are:

Monkeypriest#1 - Guitar and vocals
Monkeypriest#2 - Bass and vocals
Monkeypriest#4 - Drums

MonkeyPriest play a brutal blend of Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal that will have you thrilled from the word go. These guys take influence from the usual big hitters of the genres but add their own down-tempo vibes to proceedings.

They have released two brilliant releases so far

2009 – Defending The Tree EP

2011 – The Psalm

Both available on BandCamp on Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

If you’re a fan of bands like EHG, Cough, Weedeater, Electric Wizard, CONAN and fellow Spaniards Horn Of The Rhino then you have got to check these guys out now.

Their debut album The Psalm is an absolute beast of an album which got a lot of praise when first released in 2011 from the usual top-notch blogs and websites.

Its superbly produced and has more riffs you can shake a stick at. Add superb Sludge/Hardcore vocals then you have a brilliant album to check out again and again. I originally listened to this last year and I forgot how great it is.

The album draws you in from the very first moment and doesn’t stop until the very last seconds.

All I am going to say is get downloading these brilliant releases now .They are both superb releases by one of Spain’s best Sludge/Stoner Metal bands.

Get downloading now. Highly Recommended!!!

Brilliant stuff. Check This Great Band Below:


Iron Mtn

Iron Mtn Cover Art 

Iron Mtn is an Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Los Angeles, USA

The members are:

Scott Carlson-Bass/Moog
Barry C-Guitar
Ian Conley-Drums
Bill Tuck-Guitar

Iron Mtn are a brilliant Instrumental Stoner Metal band mixing element of Doom, Krautrock and even Noise Rock to highly original effect.

If your into top-notch Instrumental Stoner Metal bands then you need to check these guys as out as their music is just simply sensational to listen to at times.

They have just released their brilliant S/T debut album on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

The debut album is a 5 song 33 minute blast of top-notch Instrumental Stoner Metal riffs which adds elements of KrautRock, Doom and Noise Rock to highly original effect.

This is an album you can lose yourself in over and over again as its full of hypnotic psych based Stoner Metal riffs to get your teeth stuck into. Its superbly produced and things do get very loud at times. So if your into spacey psychedelic instrumental Stoner Metal then Iron Mtn is the band for you.

Iron Mtn are brilliant musicians and know how to play mighty fine riffs to impress you with over and over again. Especially on tracks like “Monuments Of Dawn”, “Erebus” and my fave track the 8 minute epic “The Mountain God”.

This seriously is a superb all album I urge you to download it now as it will make a great addition to anybody’s record collection. It’s seriously that great.

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant. Highly Recommended. – What do you think!!!

Check This Great Band Below:


Red Desert

18 Wheels Cover Art 

Red Desert is a Stoner Metal Band from USA

The members are: Shawn Stende, Jeff Kluegel, Paul Teeter, Dave Dancho

Red Desert are a superb Stoner Metal Band taking influence from the usual big hitters but adding some cool bass-driven vibes as well. If your into Clutch, Kyuss, Dozer then your going to love this band like I did.

They blend top-notch Stoner Metal riffs with great grizzled vocals to match. They have offered their 2008 brilliant album “18 Wheels” for free download from BandCamp and I urge you all to get it now.

It’s a 6 song – 33 minute blast of hard-rocking riffs. And the title “18 Wheels” is a great title for this album. As it feels like you have been hit by a truck. The riffs are powerful from the word go.

This is an album you can listen anytime of year and it will still impress you with the mighty fine precision Stoner Metal riffs on show. Especially on tracks like “18 Wheels”, “Cross Of Iron” and the 7:44 minute epic “Pride On The Line”.

Even though its 4 years old it still hasn’t lost any of its hard-hitting Stoner charm. You will soon be rocking in no time.

Awesome stuff. Red Desert are going to release their long awaited follow up in 2012 and I cant wait to see what these guys can deliver next.

So get downloading now. Highly Recommended!!!

Check This Great Band Below



Mediocracy are a Hardcore/Crust/Sludge Metal Band From Bucharest.

The members are

Viez - lead vocals
Costin Chioreanu - guitars
Radu Ionascu - guitars
Stefan "Fane" Panea - bass
Alex Ghita "Para" - drums 

This brilliant band has been on this blog before with their last two great releases which I rated highly back the. Well the guys are back with their superb new EP – Memory Hole.

I will let the press bio all you need to know about this great release.

MEDIOCRACY: 'Memory Hole' EP available for free download

Memory Hole, the new EP from the Bucharest, Romania sludge metallers Mediocracy it is available for free download here(

The EP have been recorded with the Romanian producer Marius Costache
(White Walls, Coins As Portraits, Avatar, Satanochio), and it will be
released on 22 March 2012 through Asiluum Net Label (
and Metalfan Records Division ( The artwork have
been designed by the lead vocalist, Viez.

Below you can see the video for the song Your Reflection that comes of

Memory Hole EP:

For more details regarding Mediocracy, you can check their official
Facebook ( page.

The band have shared stages so far with such bands as Venom (UK), Misery
Index (USA) and Napalm Death (UK), to name just a few."

OK it has 3 songs in total and runs for a brisk 10 minutes. But what a 10 mins it is. Full of head-banging riffs and great hard vocals to match.

Mediocracy have lost none of their anger or playing a hard hitting sludge metal riff. Another great release from this great band which you can download for free right now. Awesome stuff.

Check This Great Band Below




Wizard’s Beard is a Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal from Leeds, UK

The members are:

Chris Hardy - Vocals
Craig Jackson - Guitar
Neil Travers - Bass & Backing Vocals
Dan Clarke - Drums 

Wizard’s Beard play a brutal blend of Sludge mixed in with elements of Doom and Stoner Metal. They released their superb debut release in 2011 "Pure Filth" which received a lot of acclaim from the underground press and fans alike. It even made me a fan of their work.

Well the guys are back with their amazing new album “Four Tired Undertakers”. A 6 song epic that runs for an earth shattering 53 mins or so. Nothing will prepare you for this album. It’s the heaviest Sludge/Stoner Metal I have heard of 2012.

Wizard’s Beard have raised the bar of Sludge/Stoner Metal that will be very hard to beat. I thought Conan’s latest masterpiece “Monnos” was heavy but nothing will prepare you for this.

The guys have turned their amps upto maximum level. The riffs are heavy with a capital H. Plus the vocals are the harshest I have heard this year. These guys are the natural successors to legendary UK Sludge Metallers – Iron Monkey. High Praise I know but its rightly justified.

The brilliant first epic track “Subrise El Meurto” is a low-tuned down-tempo Sludge/Stoner masterpiece which sets the scene for this amazing album that will leave you breathless at times.

All of the tracks on this album are brilliant. All I can say. There is not one bad song at all. If you’re into WeedEater, EHG, Iron Monkey and Sleep then you’re going to have a new favourite band. As Wizard’s Beard harness the vision and energy of those great bands but do it in their own hard-hitting style.

Some people might complain it’s a case of seen it and done it all before. But believe me when you hear this album for the first time your mind is blown wide open. Wizard’s Beard are the real deal. A band that can deliver on all levels.

Check out tracks like “Abandon The Wolf”, “Seeth Inside” and the 11:20 minute epic “Harbinger” which is probably the bands best song to date.

“Harbinger” is a true force of nature which combines heavy-pounding Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs with amazing hardcore based Sludge/Doom old-school vocals.

This is a band that takes it time in delivering their own brand of Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs. Every note is played to brutal perfection that will have you begging for more. So if your into epic sprawling Sludge/Stoner Metal that the old masters used to play well get checking these guys now. As this album has some of the finest and heaviest riffs you will hear all year.

The album is superbly produced and performed by all involved. Wizard’s Beard deserve credit for releasing an album of pure primal rock fury that will be very hard to beat this year.

This is a brilliant album that can rightly be called like CONAN’s – MONNOS – as a masterpiece of Sludge/Stoner Metal. I can’t rate this album highly enough. I recommend you all get this album now. You wont regret it. Buy it here.

2012 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for amazing Sludge/Stoner Metal releases from bands such as CONAN, PELICAN, TORCHE, BEHOLD THE MONOLITH, and CROWN amongst others. Now we can add Wizard’s Beard to this list.

The UK Sludge/Stoner Metal scene can hold its head high thanks to bands like CARETAKER, Undersmile, CONAN and Wizard’s Beard. But it’s the last two bands that I rate as the best Sludge/Stoner Metal bands the UK has to offer and the most heaviest as well.

This will definitely be in my best of 2012 list. Awesome work guys. Enough Said.

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Kadavar is a Doom/Classic/Stoner Rock Band From Berlin, Germany

The members are

Wolf Lindemann - Vocals / Guitar
mammoth - Rivoli
Tiger - Drums

Kadavar play a great blend of Doom, Psych, Stoner and Classic Rock into one big huge melting pot that will have fans of Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Hawkwind and other great 70s based Rock bands rejoicing for this superb band.

OK they might not be doing anything original and their record label agrees by saying “(You can’t reinvent the wheel but you can roll it”). And you know what. It’s actually true. Kadavar take influence from the many great bands listed above but add their own take on the many genres.

Their debut S/T album in a 33 minute blast of hard rocking riffs that will take you back to the good old days of High Voltage Rock where the riff was king.

There is nothing pretentious about this superb album. Just 3 dudes have a great time rocking out and paying homage to great bands of the past. These guys are getting serious praise from critics and fans alike and its not hard to see why.

This album just pisses all over the competition. Plain and Simple. If you want top-notch Doom/Classic/Stoner Rock riffs then this is place to be.

The 6 songs are all superbly played and will have you rocking in no time. Especially on tracks like “Black Sun”, “Forgotten Past” and the brilliant psychedelic8:43 minute epic – “Purple Sage” that will have you travelling into another dimension in no time at all

The instrumental work is just breathtaking to listen to and its had to believe this is a 3 Piece Band as they sound they have more members.

This is a great release by a great band with a bright future. These guys are going to be one of the next big bands to look out for. Believe me they are seriously that great. Awesome stuff.

All in all this is an excellent album that Kadavar should rightly be proud of. You can buy this on Vinyl from That Charming Man Records now. I recommend you do this now!!!

Highly Recommended.

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Heaven Cover Art 

RotorVator is an Industrial/Electronic/Black-Metal Band from Italy.

Rototvator play a wonderfully strange hybrid of Electronic Rock and industrial Metal blended mainly with a huge dose of Black Metal. Well I haven’t heard much of that sort of style of music so KUDOS for the band for opening my mind to their brilliant and strange world.

Well Rotorvator have been going for a few years now and have released a few EP’s which two are available for free Download from their BandCamp Page.

But it’s their latest EP – Heaven which the guys have asked me to look at. What you get is 3 tracks on for 15 mins or so. But it’s an absolute blast of great Electronic Rock/Industrial Metal blended in with great Black Metal riffs.

These guys are really doing something special with their style of music. Throw in some great vocals as well and Heaven is a great EP to show what this band can truly do.

There are added cool distorted noise effects as well which will have you startled and intrigued from the word go.

The EP is superbly played and produced by all involved and shows a great band with a truly original vision. These guys remind me of Genghis Tron in many ways in how they blended their different genres into something you don’t hear much of. Always a great sign in my book.

These guys are a lot heavier but they have the same sort of brilliant experimental nature. Imagine if Nine Inch Nails decided to release a Black Metal album then this would be the crazed and wonderful result.

Awesome stuff. The 3 tracks show this bands talent to great effect. They really know how to right a superb out-there song in the realm of Black Metal. They deserve praise for doing this.

This band have the potential to be the next big thing in Experimental Black Metal and they are a band you will be hearing more of later in 2012 as they are releasing their debut full length on Crucial Blast Records.

And I for one will be buying myself a copy to see where these guys can go on a full length record. As I feel 15 minutes is not enough to experience this great band’s talent and vision.

You can buy this brilliant EP for the low price of £3 and you can download their live earlier release for free. These guys deserve your attention now. Great Stuff Guys. Can’t wait for the full length record.

Highly Recommended.

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