Thursday 15 March 2012



Cosmic Swamp Records are a superb record label from Italy dedicating into discovering amazing fuzz based Sludge/Stoner Rock Releases.

Here is what Fede has to say. Cool Guy who runs this superb label:

"I run a small diy label based in Italy called Cosmic Swamp Records, devoted to heavy, loud and noisy sounds. Both bands, Orrenda Acciaieria & Otehi, are from Italy and I really love them

Heavy, psychedelic, full of riffs..."

They have two bands on their books at the moment.

OTEHI – Who have been featured here before.

Both of these bands are superb Sludge/Stoner Metal bands in their own right that are bringing something different to the scene.

I have listened to ORRENDA ACCIAIERIA S/T album over and over again. It’s an 8 song 30 minute blast of hard-hitting fuzz based Instrumental Sludge Metal that I couldn’t get enough of. Superb stuff. Full of high intensity riffs to get your teeth stuck into. Orrenda Acciaciera does get extremely loud at times so your ears might be beaten into submission because of the high energy riffs on show.

OTEHI are another great band to check out. They got a lot of praise and respect from other blogs especially this one. So check them out as well. Another great Italian Stoner Metal Band to check out as well.

Cosmic Swamp Records have made a great start in signing these two great bands to their roster. I hope they sign many more as we need labels like  Cosmic Swamp Records to spread the world of top-notch underground Sludge/Stoner Metal bands.

Check this excellent label and their bands now. You won’t be sorry. Great work.