Thursday 1 March 2012


EP Cover Art

WitchStone is a Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Calgary, Canada

WitchStone play a great hybrid of heavy pounding Sludge, Stoner and Doom Metal to brilliant effect. They have just released their superb S/T EP. A 4 song blast of top notch riffage which is on for an impressive 25 mins or so.

The 25 minutes just flies by and has superb riffs all the way though with added great vocals as well. The EP is superbly put together and its has a very loud atmosphere to it as well. Sometimes the music starts off slowly before the heavy pounding riff fully kicks in especially on a couple of the tracks.

This is a band that is influenced by a lot of the top bands from the respective genres but they stand as their own band as they blend their genres superbly. They add a cool 70’s hard rocking Doom Metal attitude amongst the modern Stoner/Sludge Metal riffs.

If your into Kyuss, Sleep, Black Sabbath then your going to really dig this. It’s an awesome wild ride with another great Sludge/Stoner Metal band to keep an eye.

A great album that I recommend any serious Sludge/Stoner Metal fan to check out right now. Its another superb album to add to your record collection. Brilliant Stuff.

You can download this superb release for free from BandCamp right now and I urge you all to do this now.

Highly Recommended:

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Check out the awesome track "Cataclysmic Oblivion" from their superb S/T EP.