Tuesday 6 March 2012


S/T Cover Art

Morning Ablaze are a Sludge Metal Band from San Francisco, USA

The members are:

JB - Vocals, Bass
Scott - Vocals, Guitar
Jordan - Vocals, Drums

Morning Ablaze play an intriguing blend of Sludge, Hardcore and Doom Metal to brutal effect. The band has released their superb S/T debut album. It’s an 8 song album which is heavy from the word go.

Incorporating hard-hitting Sludge Metal riffs from start to finish with great bleak vocals to match. These guys do mix in Hardcore, Crust Punk and Doom Metal for extra added heaviness.

This is one wild thrill ride you won’t get tired of. It really is superb blast of Sludge metal carnage that is superbly produced. Take my word for it all the tracks are very loud. And this is the way you should play this superb release. As loud as you can.

The 8 songs on show will have you begging for more. Especially on tracks “No Escape”, “Rise Of The Under” and “Betrayal”.

It’ superbly produced and performed by all involved and has some impressive dual vocals going on. Sometimes they feel they are in a duel with each other. The light/dark dynamics of it all really does give this album a real sense of purpose with a great identity of its own.

It’s quite thought-provoking stuff and this superb band make you think about the songs you’re listening to. Some of the songs are very bleak indeed and for a band to make you truly care what you’re listening to as well is a very hard thing to do. But Morning Ablaze pulls this off with ease.

All in all a superb album by a great band. You can download this superb release on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. I urge you all to do this if you want a fast paced ride into the bleak world of Morning Ablaze.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: