Thursday 1 March 2012


Tower is a Sludge Metal Band from St. Augustine, FL, USA

The members are:


Tower play a great blend of Sludge Metal mixed with Crust, Hardcore Punk and Doom Metal to hard hitting and brutal effect with great vocals to match.

Tower have just released their superb S/T demo. A 4-song and 35 minute blast of superb Sludge Metal riffs that will pound your soul until the dying seconds.

If your into bleak, down-tempo Sludge Metal with extra elements of Crust, Hardcore Punk and Doom Metal than Tower is the band for you. The songs on show are brilliantly brutal, loud and heavy from the word go. This demo grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the 35 minutes are over.

The demo is superbly produced. You can hear every note played to perfection. The drumming on this release are brilliant on this release. Really impressed me with power and aggression coming through the speaker. Felt like they were in the other room.

The guitars and vocals are superb as well. They have the right blend of anger and aggression to pulverize the listener to.

If your into EyeHateGod, Cough and Sea Bastard then you definitely need to check these guys out now as they are a seriously great band to check out and rock to.

The 4 songs on show are all heavy and bleak as anything you will hear from a demo release. And it’s a brilliant 35 minutes you will be coming back for over and over again.

The shortest track on here is under 7 mins and the rest are on for 9 mins each. So you know your in for an epic ride of sludge greatness.

You can download this brilliant release for Free from BandCamp. So get downloading right now.

Highly Recommended.

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