Friday 30 March 2012


Senium Cover Art

Stoic Dissention is a Doom/Death/Black Metal Band from Broomfield, USA

The members are:

Dave - Bass
Kelly- Guitar
Isaac- Guitar
Peter- Drums
Zachary- Vocals

Stoic Dissention play an intriguing blend of Doom, Death Metal and Black Metal to paint a bleak picture which takes influence from a whole range of bands but they forge their own identity in the realm of Extreme Metal.

Stoic Dissention released their outstanding debut EP – “Senium” in late 2011. It’s a 4 song and 35 minute blast of slow and heavy crushing riffs to chill the soul to.
This is music for fans of bleak down-tempo music. So if you’re looking for something more upbeat then please go elsewhere as this aint it.

If your fans of Nachtmystium. Wolves In The Throne Room and bands of that ilk then these guys will be up your street. The 4 songs on show are superbly played and produced by all involved. Senium shows a band not afraid to twist genre conventions into something else.

The riffs are there but joined together with some outstanding bleak death metal vocals that will send shivers down your spine.

Songs are on for the 8 minute or 9 minute mark. There are no short tracks just brilliant epics that take time to build up their superb atmosphere that will have you hooked in no time.

All of the songs are equally great. There is not one bad track amongst them. Stoic Dissention have done a great job in making this EP. It’s another great release in the realm of Doom/Death/Black Metal.

Check this great release now. You can download or free right now from the guys BandCamp Page.

Highly Recommended!!

Check This Great band below.