Thursday 22 March 2012

Iron Mtn

Iron Mtn Cover Art 

Iron Mtn is an Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Los Angeles, USA

The members are:

Scott Carlson-Bass/Moog
Barry C-Guitar
Ian Conley-Drums
Bill Tuck-Guitar

Iron Mtn are a brilliant Instrumental Stoner Metal band mixing element of Doom, Krautrock and even Noise Rock to highly original effect.

If your into top-notch Instrumental Stoner Metal bands then you need to check these guys as out as their music is just simply sensational to listen to at times.

They have just released their brilliant S/T debut album on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

The debut album is a 5 song 33 minute blast of top-notch Instrumental Stoner Metal riffs which adds elements of KrautRock, Doom and Noise Rock to highly original effect.

This is an album you can lose yourself in over and over again as its full of hypnotic psych based Stoner Metal riffs to get your teeth stuck into. Its superbly produced and things do get very loud at times. So if your into spacey psychedelic instrumental Stoner Metal then Iron Mtn is the band for you.

Iron Mtn are brilliant musicians and know how to play mighty fine riffs to impress you with over and over again. Especially on tracks like “Monuments Of Dawn”, “Erebus” and my fave track the 8 minute epic “The Mountain God”.

This seriously is a superb all album I urge you to download it now as it will make a great addition to anybody’s record collection. It’s seriously that great.

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant. Highly Recommended. – What do you think!!!

Check This Great Band Below: