Monday 19 March 2012


Esfínteres y Faquires Cover Art 

Blooming Latigo is a Noise-Rock/Punk/Sludge Metal band from Spain

The members are:

Xavi Castroviejo (voice)
Jose Alcantara (bass)
Borja Diaz (drums)
Gonzalo Santana (Drums)

I will let the press bio tell you all about this amazing band.

"Blooming Látigo has members of Orthodox and many influences like Melvins/Big Business, Black Flag, Today is the Day and Swans. Also they have a twi drum set, bass and vocals." 

Well if the influence of bands have you slightly intrigued well the cool album cover should. The band have just released their excellent and highly unusual new album “Esfínteres y Faquires”.

It’s an 8 song and 35 minute blast of top-notch experimental Sludge Metal mixed with Noise-Rock and Hardcore Punk to superb effect.

This album is one spaced out psych trip into the weirder side of experimental metal. You will be re-visiting this album over and over again to get the full effect. The guys blend all their influences in a highly original way. If you’re into The Melvins then getting check this great band right now.

The album is superbly produced and draws you in from the very first minute. Blooming Latigo are all highly accomplished musicians and shows what a truly creative force of nature this great band is.

Especially on tracks like “Harold Foster”, “Prisciliano” and the sublime 7 minute epic “La Destruccion del Aura”.
All in all this is a brilliant album to check out if you’re into Experimental Metal that blends Sludge, Noise-Rock and Hardcore Punk to great effect.

You can download this album on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. Or you can buy the physical version here on superb record label - Feretro Records.

I recommend you get this album into your record collection now. Highly Recommended!!!

Check This Great Band Below: