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Sludgelord interviews Pyramido

Today on Sludgelord it's my great pleasure to be interviewing Swedish Powerhouse Sludge Rockers – Pyramido – who are about to release their excellent 3rd album – SAGA.

An album I recently described as: “Pyramido throw everything at you to make sure you’re brilliantly entertained. And they succeed on every level. Swedish Sludge/Stoner Metal bands are experts at ending albums on a loud epic finish and Pyramido carry on this great tradition.

This is one SAGA I never wanted to end. I wish the guys included one epic final track on the album I was so much into this album. But other than that – SAGA is a triumph on every level. I can’t recommend it highly enough”

Aaron has already interviewed Pyramido last year which I recommend you all read as Aaron covered a lot of ground with the band then. This time it is my turn to interview the band.

So lets get started with Pyramido...
Q1 – Hi guys. Thanks for doing this. How are things with you today.

Dan H: Pretty good thanks. Feeling a bit stressed since the tour starts in a couple of days though.

Dan B: Fine thanx, hope you´re doing fine too. Yepp abit stressed out of tour starting soon and I have to do some work wich I didn´t plan to have. GRRRRRR.

Virre Forre: I'm having a spelndid evening. Just finished an episod of the the magnificant tv-show "My cat from hell" and are now watching some idiots mine for gold under the ice of Bering Sea. Just a regular evening inj the life on an ordinary man.

Q2 – Congrats on your brilliant new album – SAGA. We love it here at Sludgelord. I think it's your best work to date. Thanks for sending me a copy to review.

Dan H: Thanks mand! I also think that.

Dan B: That´s nice words! Thanx. What can I say the Sludgelord got good taste in music.

Virre Forre: Thank you ver much, sir! We love you over there at Sludgelord.

Q3 – Aaron originally interviewed you guys back in 2012. So apart from the new album has anything else changed since then. Or have you been busy recording the new album.

Dan H: No major changes, no. We´ve been really busy fine tuning SAGA. We put a lot of time and effort into writing and rehearsing those songs and so far we´ve only played live one time this year.

Dan B: We´re older and more beautiful, and yepp we put in some serious work in the SAGA tunes. We havn´t put that much effort in our previous material. But it payed of. We´re really happy with the songs and people seems to like the tunes.

Q4 – So, SAGA. Are you happy with the final version that will soon be released. Would you change anything about it.

Dan H: Very happy. Very pleased. There are some minor things I would consider changing, but the again, you will always find those things when you examine yr own music.

Dan B: Agree with Dan H, things can always be better. I would like to tried out some other amps and other pedals and nerdy stuff like that.

Q5 – What were your original aims for the album before writing and recording SAGA. And have they been met.

Dan B: I think that we just wanna do better songs and really use the thing that we got two guitarists wich we didnt really do that much on previous releases. The use of more melodies and harmonies makes the songs more interesting to listen to and more fun to play. So yepp we´re really happy with the album.

Virre Forre: I think we rarely have any goals or are aiming for anything in particular. We just try our best and sometimes it work, sometimes it don't. This time it did!

Wendel: I always want to do an album that I didn't do before! This one I didn't do until now, so it's a success!

Q6 – The album is a lot more psychedelic compared to your other albums and releases. Was that the plan to include different styles to your music.

Dan H: That was no thought out plan, we just "släppte sargen" (let go of rink side) as you would say in swedish. I think we had less restrictions this time and much more of an open mind. And i´ve been writing a lot of the melodies for the songs and maybe that makes it a bit different as well.

Dan B: Yeah, there is more of everything. Cool bass lines, melodies and not your average doom drum patterns. And, we didn´t think that you have to do this sludge or doom song. We just wrote Pyramido songs.

Q7 – Was it an easy or hard album to record for.

Dan H: It was fun and easy. We had some problems with intonation of the guitars, but that got sorted. Played basketball (when not in the actual studio) and stuff, yeah, it was great.

Dan B: We always record with this guy, Mattias Persson, who is like our sixth member. SO lots of laughs and a really relaxed time. So it was kind of easy beside that guitar and bass problem. Really anoying. But everything turned out fine.

Q8 – I love the fact that all the albums song titles are in Swedish. Was there a specific reason for that. Or did you just want to do something different.

Ronnie: We have had one song( I Grevens Tid) with swedish lyrics before this release and since then I have always wanted to do an whole album with swedish lyrics. I wanted to challenge myself cause if it's said that it's easier to write in your native tounge, it's also a whole lot more direct and you cant hide behind fancy english words...

Q9 – SAGA's artwork is brilliant. Can you tell us what the cover means and who came up with the design.

Dan H: It´s Anna Widengård as (almost) always. She´s a genius with brushes, pens and colour. We gave her some vague guidelines like "you know that ABBA-cover that hmm, maybe Tom Arnold did. We want it like that. Like we are animals in a mysterious forest". Asked her to think "fairytales". I think we mentioned the kids show De Fabeltjeskran as well. Directions was kinda vague, but, it turned out brilliant yes. A real trip!

Ronnie: check out her blog and give her jobs!

Q10 – I see the album is being released on Vinyl. How did that came about and who is releasing it on vinyl. Can you tell people where you can buy it as I have been asked by a few fans of your band.

Dan B: La Familia and Farwell records out of Germany is releasing it on vinyl. (We´re actually looking for a U.S label to release it in ...yeah in the U.S). La Familia and Farwell records have manly released hardcore and punk records on vinyl. Since the guys seen us live they wanted to release our new record. So why not? we love vinyl and we are nerdy record collectors we agreed to do it.

There will be a CD version released on Ecocentric and Heart and Crossbone and a very limited cassette version released by Boneyard records. Saga will also be unleashed on all digital platforms there is. Gonna be easy to find Saga in your local distro/record shop. Do you want the vinyl? Go to or buy it from us.

Q11 – You're about to go on tour. Obviously to promote your new album. What can people expect from this tour.

Dan H: As usual, six morons travelling Europe in a cramped van. Haha. And hopefully a tighter and more passionate band on stage than on previous tours.

Virre Forre: Probably five well mannered gentlemen with colour on their clothes and smiles on their faces, not a very common view in our scene. Also a few mental breakdowns when random guitar player notices that the cable from his guitar is placed in the output on the tuning-pedla. An input in the output, as we like to call it.

Q12 – Will Pyramido being doing a more extensive tour in the future. Visiting places you're not visiting on this tour like the UK where I am from. Or is too expensive to do at the moment.

Dan H: We want to, we want to go everywhere. But there´s always the money issue and then there is TIME. We all work and finding the time can sometimes be hard. But be sure, we´re coming yr way again sometime in the future!

If you are a UK-promotor, get in touch and maybe we can sort something out!

Dan B: Yeah, time and budget. If promotors can pay ok we can do some more gigs.

Wendel: We always want to go to the land of wrong-side driving and deep-fried dustballs at gas stations! Give us beer/cider, a floor to sleep on, and money for gas and we're there tomorrow (or next year).

Q13 - What are your views of bands using websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to fund their new album releases. Some people and bands are for it. Some are not. Would you consider doing some thing like that yourselves.

Dan H: Dunno. I don´t think so. We make ends meet with very little money anyways so... I have no experience myself of bands doing that. Seems like a very american thing and I think it feels a bit forced. Somehow it makes me feel as if I don´t "own" my music or time anymore that way, because of the expectations that money creates.I get payed to be at a certain place for (too) much of my time already.

Virre Forre: If we try something like that this band has an open slot for a new drummer. Pay for the recording, make good songs that people wanna hear, print merch, tour and try to breake even.

Wendel: I don't care a lot about it... Personally, I think that if you make an album that is fuckin' awesome, like we just did, people will buy it anyway.

Q14 – How much help have the Stoner/Doom Blogging Community been in getting your music across to the masses.

Dan B: I really don´t know actually. Are we a stoner/doom band? We play a bit slow, but Saga isn´t that slow? When we play gigs we play with all sorts of bands like death metal, grind, hardcore, rock and yeah what ever

Virre Forre: Hard to say. Our previous recordings have been reviewed on alot of blogs and such, and I guess that havn't been a bad thing. On the other hand I have no idea how many that reads blogs, I rarely do, and what difference it makes.

Q15 – In 5 words or less describe the Pyramido live experience.

Dan B: Hypnotic, danceable, bangable, catchy and heavy

Wendel: Two words: Fuckin' awesome!

Virre Forre: A disaster waiting to happen.

Ronnie: A feast for your eyes! And ears!

Q16 - What are the most and least rewarding aspects of participating with the band? Obviously, the reality of how expensive it is being in a band could be considered as a negative aspect.

Dan H: For me the least rewarding aspects is living in a different city than the other guys. It makes it a hell of a lot harder to plan rehersals and the traveling back and forth costs a bit as well. But there´s almost always an upside and that is that we get much work done when we actually get together all of us. I get the most rewarding experiences from getting to hang out with these guys and create music. Getting to travel and see new places!

Dan B: Eating lots of good food and have loads of free pints. You meet of lots of nice people and have to see lots of really nice bands.

Virre Forre: Touring is rewarding, that's what it all about for me. Well, and to spend time with my four favourite idiots of all time! Least rewarding is... Hell, I don't know. It's all good!

Q17 - If you could provide words to wisdom for people wanting to start a band – What would they be.

Dan H: Focus on yr music, focus less on owning the correct orange/matamp/sunn-amp.

Dan B: Don´t forget to have fun.

Virre Forre: 70% music and 70% coffee breaks, that's when magic happens.

Wendel: A band is 5% music and 95% logistics, so do the 95% boring stuff first, and then you can do the 5% of touring later!

Q18 - What pisses you off most in music. Or do you not let the bad things in music stop you from performing and writing songs.

Dan H: Tuning guitars in dropped A. Thank fuck we stopped doing that!

Dan B: Hahaha. yepp, and when you don´t have any good ideas. That sucks. Or when you do a riff at home and you show it to the guys and it sounds like a turd but it sounded great at home.

Virre Forre: When you try to make a song for a long while and it just sound like crap and nothing works. Hate that. But when you hang in there and try again and again and again it usually works out in the end. The writing of SAGA was alot like that.

Q19 - Finally do you have anything to say to your fans.

Dan H: Hello people!

Dan B: Do we have fans? If there is or you wanna become a Pyramido fan. check out or Facebook site or for merch, info and other stuff

Virre Forre: We suck, you rule!

Well guys thanks for doing this. Best of luck with your new album and tour. Hope to see you guys live in action one day. All the best.

Dan B: Thank you for your support Sludgelord!

I want to thank Pyramido for doing this great interiew. Best of luck with their forthcoming European Tour. So catch them if you have the chance. As they guys are an incredible band.
Check the band from links below.


Interview with Chris from Shooting Guns

Today on Sludgelord I am interviewing Chris Laramee from Instrumental Doom/Space/Stoner Metal Noise Warriors – Shooting Guns.

These crazy riff-slaying geniuses from Canada have made quite an impression here with us at Sludgelord. Their 2nd album – Brotherhood Of The Ram – is one of the year's best instrumental rock albums. It's fucking brilliant.

I said the following about the album:

“Well 5 mins is all you need to fall in love with the colossal riffs Shooting Guns have in store for you. Brotherhood Of The Ram should be called – Brotherhood Of The Riffs – as the album is full of them. The 6 songs on show Shooting Guns are one of the most inventive instrumental bands I have heard in 2013. The way they blend ambient-based soundscapes with heavy doom/stoner metal riffs is nothing but a work of genius at times.

Shooting Guns have excelled themselves here in every department. It’s brilliantly played and produced by everyone involved. This is an album you can listen to over and over again.


Well Chris has kindly agreed an interview with me which I am very grateful for. So lets gets started.

Q1 – Hi Chris, How are things with you today. Thanks for doing this.

No worries! Thank you for digging our tunes!

Q2 – For people not in the know can you give a brief history on how the band came about.

Keith moved back from Vancouver a few years back and moved into a house with Jay and they installed a jamspace in the garage. Me and Jim came over and had some beers and we started jamming riffs out at loud volume. Steve brought his synth over next time and it's been a going concern since then.

Shooting Guns - Brotherhood of The Ram

Q3 – Where did the name – Shooting Guns – came from and what does it mean..

A late night bullshit session when we decided we needed to name it something. The reasons are clouded but it came about while listening to Sabbath's Sabotage. methinks.

Q4 – So you're about to release your excellent new album – Brotherhood Of The Ram. Where did that great name came from. Any specific meaning.

The name derives from a moral panic/ witch-hunt that happened north of here in a town called Martensville. That was the supposed name of the satanic cult that was responsible for indecent and immoral acts. Our friend Ben Hettinga (who also did the art on our last album) mentioned it to me while we were working one day and the name just stuck.

Q5 – Was it an easy or hard album to record for.

Easy. Very chill atmosphere and Chad Mason, who recorded it, is a pro and knows what he's doing.

Q6 – Is there anything you want to change about it or is it perfect the way it is.

Always you would do something different in hindsight but you just let it go and move on to the next thing.

Q7 – How would yourselves describe your sound. As I think it falls under a lot of different sounds. Psych Rock. Doom. Stoner.

Street Rock. Mono-brow Blooz. Cantina Rock. Gateway Knuckle Draggers Being Crushed Under The Weight Of Their Own Delusions And Going Deaf In The Process-Post Rock?

Q8 – Which bands and artists influenced you as musicians.

This could take up a few pages so I'll keep it brief. Hawkwind, Sabbath, Stooges, Spacemen 3/ Spectrum/ Spiritualized/, Elevator, Funkadelic, ZZ Top and on and on...

Q9 – What is the local scene like in your home town. Do you get regular gigs in your home town. Or do you have to travel further afield to perform regularly.

We could play more but choose not to make people too sick of us. Steve (keyboards) just moved a few thousand miles away so it'll require a bit more planning for gigs, here or out of town. Great local scene includes a shitload of top acts, Ones, Powder Blue, Rehashed, Untimely Demise, The Switching Yard, The Moas, Lavagoat, Adolyne among many others makes for a lot of noise complaints and deafened people wandering around drooling.

Q10 - What are your favourite bands you are currently listening to. Any bands that myself or our readers should check out.

Cough, Hawkeyes, Grief, DJ Pierre, The Heads, The Juan Maclean, Carlton Melton, Earth and The Icarus Line are all worth spending your hard earned jangle on.

Q11 - Do you all have regular jobs or is being a musician your main job.

Regular jobs for sure. Would be great to make a living from it but we're not ready to dilute ourselves and chase some hand-job industry fucks for spare change. Not yet anyway.

Q12 - What are your views of bands using websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to fund their new album releases. Some people and bands are for it. Some are not. Would you consider doing some thing like that yourselves.

We wouldn't. It may take longer to do shit but that's the way it goes. People can decide to buy our record if they want when it comes out. They don't owe us a god-damned thing.

Q13 – How much help have the Stoner/Doom Blogging Community been in getting your music across to the masses. I must admit I only discovered you guys when I contacted you on Facebook looking for reviews for your new album. But I have since discovered then you have had some great reviews from the community.

ESSENTIAL. Some writers and fans just seem to honestly really like us and want to share the good word around. It's been word of mouth and playing shows around Canada that have got the word out as well. We do what we do when we can without a lot of baggage attached and folks can take it or leave it without some hype being shoved down their throat. The Stoner/ Doom guys and gals we encounter seem to genuinely enjoy what we do and for that we are extremely fucking grateful!

Q14 – In 5 words or less describe the Shooting Guns live experience.


Q15 – What equipment or setup do you use to get that vast loud sound. And are you that loud when performing live.

Fender Twin, Marshall heads, Orange Cabs, Acoustic Bass head, keyboard moniters that blow up with alarming regularity, Gretsch drums, sympathetic soundperson. Put all that together and your knee fluid will vibrate. And, yes.

Q16 – What is the songwriting process in the band? Is it a group collective or is just down to one individual?


Q17 -It seems the Canadian Govt has brought in a stupid idea charging bar owners/promoters/venue owners more for International touring musicians and bands just to play in your great country. What are your views on this as it's receiving a lot of attention amongst the Sludge/Stoner Metal Scene.

It's fucked and another example of our shitty Conservative regime that currently runs the show. They fuck over they very people who vote them in all the time and the fuckers keep re-electing them. Idiots.

Q18 - What are the most and least rewarding aspects of participating with the band? Obviously, the reality of how expensive it is being in a band could be considered as a negative aspect

Most? Hanging out with my best friends. Least? Jim (drummer) snoring so loud it sound like the roof's gonna cave in. Still love him, though.

Q19 - If you could provide words to wisdom for people wanting to start a band – What would they be.

Have fun, for Christ's sakes!!! Don't disappear up your own ass because you get on a stage and someone yells "WHOOP". Time is finite.

Q20 - What pisses you off most in music. Or do you not let the bad things in music stop you from performing and writing songs.

Bad things happening is what makes great music. Shit to lemonade, my friend. Shitty music pisses me off the most. Cause it wastes my all-too PRECIOUS TIME, OF COURSE!!!!!

Q21 - Finally do you have anything to say to your fans.

Thanks in advance for making us all rich beyond our wildest dreams! Jim got his Maserati, Steve bought 8000 more records, Jay skated into space, Keith built his underground bunker and holds weekly Mah-Jong games that are outtasite, and I got my pizza slice business up and going! Keep the faith!

Really though, we just hope our noise makes yer nights a little brighter.

Well Chris, thanks for your time. Best of luck in the album. Hope to see you guys live in action one day. All the best with the future.

Thanks to Chris for doing this interview. If you haven't checked out Shooting Guns yet then you're seriously missing out.

Check The Band From Links Below


Interview with Acid Cosmonaut Records

Now on Sludgelord I am interviewing the masterminds behind ace Italian Record Label – Acid Cosmonaut Records – who deal in Heavy Psych Stoner Rock Music.

We have featured two of their excellent releases – DSW, Lothorian and soon we will be featuring the excellent Manthra Dei. I wanted to review these guys as I think they are running a great label which I predict big things for in the years to come. So I wanted to catch up with them to see what makes them and the label tick.

Luca and Stefano have both kindly agreed an interview with me. So lets get started with those funky spaced out Acid Cosmonauts.

Q1 – Hi Guys, Thanks for doing this. How are things with you today.

LUCA Hi Steve, everything’s fine! We've got some great releases in the near future, so we're pretty excited about that.

STEFANO Hi Steve! Actually we're working hard on a handful of new releases and other stuff, we are busy but happy.

Q2 – For people not in the know can you give them a brief history of how Acid Cosmonaut Records came about.

L. In 2011, pushed by my great passion for all the heavy psychedelic area, I decided to start this label to help the bands that I like to obtain the right production and visibility. At the time DSW (that are my great friends) were starting to record their first LP, so it seemed to be the right moment to start this adventure.

S. Three years ago i started to follow my friends DSW as illustrator, and, when they had almost finished to record Dust Storm Warning, my friend Luca ask me if i was interested in founding with him a label to produce our friends' upcoming album.

Q3 – Where did the excellent name came from. What inspired for you to call your label – Acid Cosmonaut.

L. As listener, I like to imagine myself as an explorer lost in the immensity of this musical genre. Space is a good representation of its wideness and, since the psychedelia is so strictly connected to hallucinogens, the name came out pretty quickly. Because that's what we are... Acid Cosmonauts travelling from planet to planet in search of great music!

S. it was a Luca's idea. I liked it from the first moment: it recalls in some way both the outer than the inner space.

Q4 – I first noticed your label when you contacted me to check out DSW – Dust Storm Warning and then Lothorian which I rate both very highly. Can you tell our readers how you signed those great bands to your label. Did you know any of the band members before signing them to your label.

L. As I previously stated, I already knew DSW, since all the band are close friends of mine. With Lothorian has been different, I've heard their EP "Welldweller" on Bandcamp in August 2012 and few months later they contacted us to know if we could be interested in release it. Obviously we were, I loved their music since the first listening and since then we've also become good friends.

S. Well, I spend a lot my time with DSW. I knew Lothorian thanks to the blog of a friend.

Dust Storm Warning cover art

Q5 – What is your label's main mission or objective.

L. Spread good psychedelia to all music lovers, making sure to make it available to everyone!

S. First of all have fun. It is also a very rewarding job when people like what you have worked for.

Q6 – How do you decide which bands to sign your label. Is it a complicated process. Or is it more based on luck and talent.

L. I follow a lot of blogs and webzines every day, I always keep an eye open on new bands, also on Facebook... Simply, when I discover an unsigned band that I like, the first thing that I do is to contact it to know if they're interested in a collaboration. Sometimes it's the band that contact us... It's not like we have a scientific method!

S. Sometimes bands contact us, sometimes Luca come to me and say "Hey, you have to listen to this band! It’s great!!", then we contact them to see if they're interested to be produced by us.

Q7 – Do you still have regular jobs to pay the bills or is the label your full time job.

L. I wish it was a full time job, but at the moment it's more something related to passion. Passion is the real motor, so it's good to me, anyway.

S. I’m a freelance graphic and illustrator

Q8 – Are your family and friends supportive of your chosen career and the label in general.

L. Sure, even if it's difficult to explain to some of them (especially my family) that running a label it's not a matter of making money. Apart that, I can't complain, I've met a lot of new interesting people thanks to this activity.

S. Totally. As we said, most of our friends are involved in the project, and the others support us as they can. My family is happy that i've found something that is so special for me.

Q9 – Is is it a struggle running a label nowadays especially with the download culture going around on the Internet..

L. I don't think so, or I guess it's more a problem related to major labels. I'm really happy when I see one of our releases posted on a so-called download blog, to me it means that there's interest around our bands. Hopefully, some of the people that download the album through non conventional channels will become faithful fans of that band.

S."if you cannot beat them join them". I would be a hypocrite if I said that i've never downloaded music or other stuff in my life, but is also true that when i find something interesting i support the artists as i can. Music is basically free, when I buy a CD I buy an object, not the music in it. and ultimately you cannot download a t-shirt!

Welldweller cover art

Q10 – Your releases seem to have received a lot of praise amongst the Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal crowd. Are your pleased with the responses so far.

L. Of course! It's great to see webzines that i daily follow (like The Sludgelord) showing so much interest for our releases and interact with them it's a great satisfaction.

S. Yes i am! It's a sign that we are making good choices and this is a great satisfaction!

Q11 – What are your favourite bands around at the moment. Do you listen to modern day rock/metal or do you just listen to the classic era of Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal.

L. I listen to classics, of course, but I'm more interested in new bands. I'm a bit tired of the reunion phenomenon, I think it's more important to focus on the present, so we can have our classics. This summer I discovered Waning Moon, a young Swedish band that in my humble opinion have a great future in front of itself. At the moment I also liked the last Naam, Blood Ceremony, Cult of Luna, Purson, Windhand, Obelyskkh... and obviously I have great expectations for the new Earthless album.

S.Classics are classics, but there are a lot of new bands out there that I love and follow. In my car there is always a Black Sabbath album (with Ozzy), it's like a lucky charm for me, I have the second album by Black Pyramid stuck in the cd player (fortunately i rescued my Dopesmoker copy before to have this problem), and as mp3 I actually have Asteroid, Ancestors, Kadavar, Blood Ceremony, Blues Pills, Purson, Troubled Horse, Graveyard, High on Fire, Truckfighters, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats…

Q12 – What are your views of blogs such as Sludgelord featuring and reviewing your products, as opposed to mainstream music magazines?

L. I think they're the best possible resource for people that don't want to limit themselves at the music reviews of Rolling Stone and Pitchfork... and that they're the best friends for labels like us, since they share our common passion in great undiscovered music. Beside the Sludgelord, that I daily follow, I take this opportunity to recommend to all the Italian readers the webzine “Son of Flies Magazine”, it’s really well written and updated.

S. I think that if blogs like yours never existed I'd never know my actual favorite bands and maybe Acid Cosmonaut would never existed

Q13 – You're currently focusing on CD's and T-Shirts of the bands on your label. Will you be doing any Vinyl Releases in the future. Or is that too expensive for you to do at this moment in time.

L. We'd like to do vinyls in the future, but at the moment we're more focused in using our (small) resources to enlarge our catalogue. But, it's in project.

S. Vinyl is a very noble format, and we wish to print our next productions in vinyl. Unfortunately, it is also more expensive than CDs, and for now we must be content. Just for now!

Q14 - What are your future plans for the upcoming 12 months or so. Anything we should be excited about.

L. Oooh, we've got the new Manthra Dei coming this October, and I assure you that's an impressive heavy-psychedelic mammuth! Also, until the end of the year, we're gonna release the first EP by Mindwarp, a promising local band, and I hope that soon we can give you news about a new January/February release, we're yet working on it.

Q15 – What are the most and least rewarding aspects of participating with the label.

L. Well, it's always good to receive good feedbacks, from press and from listeners, it means that we're doing a good job and that we're offering the right quality to an attentive audience as that of stoner/doom/psych area. On the other hand, the bureacratic aspects in preparing a new album are always the most annoying.

S. Going in a stranger's home and see that he/she has hanged one of my pictures on his/her wall!!

Q16 – Are you a fan of any other independent record labels currently out there. Or do you just focus on your own label.

L. As a loyal fan, I always follow the work of other labels, such as Tee Pee, Small Stone, Go Down, Southern Lord, Neurot, Supernatural Cat, Seasons of Mist... Since I discovered Mamont, I've became also interested in the work of Ozium Records, they've released great stuff.

16. Most of the music I listen to is released by small labels, like Tee Pee, Small Stone, Go Down…

Q17 – I love guys like yourselves who take the courage in creating an independent record label. As you can tell you guys put a lot of time and effort plus money into making your dream happen. What advise would you give to someone who wanted to start their own record label.

L. Watch “Blood, Sweat + Vinyl: DIY in the 21st Century". It's my greatest source of motivation and inspiration.

S. Quoting one of my favorite movies "if you want it, it’s not a dream".

It’s hard work, sometimes, but in this times there are thousands of valuable bands that are waiting to be produced, it can start as a game with your friends, but when you see that there are some people who appreciate your work you will understand that you are part of something bigger like a music scene, and it's one of the coolest things you can feel.

Q18 – I have to ask this question but it has been a popular one. What is your stance with major league labels closing down blogs and websites that share links.

L. They're just showing their most intimate essence, to be assholes. It's foolish to believe that the removal of a link will stop the phenomenon, it's too well established. Wouldn't be better to understand how to adapt rather than simply repress?

S. I think it is just a gluttony problem. And ignorance, too. Because, as I said, there are many ways to make money and keep music free at the same time. Not to mention that it’s simply impossible to stop file sharing!

Q19 - Finally, Do you have anything to say your fans as I know you have a few amongst ourselves and reader.

L. Thanks for all your support, we can guarantee that we've got new great albums on the horizon! And thank you for this interview Steve, it was an honour be interviewed on the Sludgelord!

S. Thank you all, I hope we can travel together into the acid space for long time!

Well thanks to Luca and Stefano for doing this great interview. A brilliant label ran by two highly passionate people who deserve all the success they truly deserve.

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Monster Magnet - Last Patrol - Album Review


Monster Magnet
Last Patrol

Napalm Records
15 October-21 October 2013

The band:

Dave Wyndorf - lead vocals, guitar
Garrett Sweeny - lead guitar
Phil Caivano - rhythm guitar
Jim Baglino - bass guitar
Bob Pantella - drums

The songs:

1. I Live Behind The Clouds
2. Last Patrol
3. Three Kingfishers
4. Paradise
5. Hallelujah
6. Mindless Ones
7. The Duke(Of Supernature)
8. End Of Time
9. Stay Tuned

Monster Magnet are a band that has been in and out of my life. Discovered them when Superjudge came out but with their two last releases, 4-Way Diablo and Mastermind I bowed out. Those albums didn't do it for me to be honest which is a shame but that's how it goes sometimes. So it was with mixed feelings I hit play to listen to Last Patrol, their brand new wax.

Any fears I had of Monster Magnet not making it the whole distance and beyond were washed away immediately because this is shit hot! Dave Wyndorf and company aren't doing a thing wrong as they mix early Monster Magnet with acid blues, psychedelica, fuzz and a whole lot of groovy no-bullshitting attitude. But also a lot of dark acoustic stuff but fret not because it's awesome and fits the album perfectly. Never really hitting warp speed, they build from the ground up, gradually increasing the heaviness while sonically reducing my ears to dust.

Starting off slow, trippy and mainly acoustic I Live Behind The Clouds is musically spacy, kind of floating on clouds for the most part when Garrett Sweeny isn't soloing til his fingers bleed. Vocally it's more of a claustrophobic feel with a pinch of shizophrenia added to make this song fantastic. The title track, Last Patrol, follows and with it's almost tribal-like drumming mixed with an rampaging riff and solo-fest it comes across as a madman on the loose, especially the way Wyndorf belts out the lyrics.

Donovan's Three Kingfishers follows next and Monster Magnet gives us a lesson in how to record a turning it into something new. It's folky background blended with the band's electric rock makes it sound like Jethro Tull gone sonic on an intense acid trip with Dave having replaced Ian Anderson at the mic. Heavy people, this is heavy!

On Paradise Monster Magnet refers back to I Live Behind The Clouds in that the song is part of the darker acoustic stuff I mentioned earlier. Acoustic guitars back up the lead guitar that soars above it all with only a hi-hat keeping the beat. Beautiful! Seguing into Hallelujah where the band throws down the gaunlet big time. It reminds me of 1000 Homo DJ's version of Black Sabbath's Supernaut gone cosmic instead of industrial. Mindless Ones is next and continues down the fast lane as the band rocks out hard.

They slow it down again on The Duke(Of Supernature) as acid-blues seeps out of the speakers. It's very trippy in all it's beauty and again Garrett plays an amazing solo. End Of Time is by far the fastest track on Last Patrol and it's as if the band is leading us towards armageddon. They are all hammering away on their instruments creating chaos, organized chaos. Stay Tuned is the perfect track to follow End Of Time as it work as as an open end. What I mean is you can see it as what you might experience after armageddon...if you experience anything at all. To me it also poses the question to us listeners..."will there be another Monster Magnet album after this one or is this the end?".

Alright people, Last Patrol is a fantastic album and I am very happy to have re-discovered Monster Magnet. They are in absolute top form and have created a monster - no pun intended - that is one of my top ten releases of 2013. But it's more than that because it will make a lasting impression on it's listeners for years to come. Welcome back to my world Monster Magnet, it is a pleasure to make your aquiantance again!

Written by Håkan Nyman

Well folks another great review from Håkan, Last Patrol is fucking incredible. Simply Unmissable.

Thanks to Jon at Freeman Promotions and Napalm Records for sending us a promo to review.

Last Patrol will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from all good stockists from the dates below.

16.10.2013 ESP/SWE/NOR
18.10.2013 GAS/FIN & BENELUX
21.10.2013 UK/Rest of Europe
15.10.2013 USA/CAN

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Blood Red Water - All The ill's of Mankind - Review

All the Ills of Mankind cover art

Blood Red Water is a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Venezia, Italy

The members are:

Michele: Antisocial vocals disorder
Fiorica: Alcoholic cymbals
Volt: Feedback junkie
Gianluca: Yakuza Bass
Eric: Downunder Guitar

Blood Red Water is a band that I featured before back in 2012 when I reviewed their excellent debut EP. It received praise within the Stoner Metal world for its stylish heavy thick riffs that packed a lot of groove as well. Now 18 months later Blood Red Water back with their new EP – All the ills of Mankind.

A crunching 28-minute blast of heavy Sludge/Stoner Metal Riffs to crush your entire body to. Blood Red Water is back more powerful than ever. They have added a more venomous bite to their music. More hard edged and that little bit more dangerous than their previous release.

First track – A Ride in the Funhouse – is a seriously creepy affair that starts with a sinister bloodcurdling laugh looming in the background before the band unleashes their heavy brutal riffs on the unsuspecting listener. Vocalist Michele comes across as more disturbing and possessed version of Lemmy at his magnetic legendary best. A great opening track from the EP. It shows that Blood Red Water is a band with added menace to match the great riffs on show.

Second Track – Megalophobia – carries on the hard-edged tone the band laid down on the previous. It starts off at a slow pace, cranking up the tension with each passing second before unleashing more violent, crunching head-banging riffs for you to devour. – Crank up the volume and you will be rewarded with some fine instrumental work from the band.

It is cool that Blood Red Water is combining their love of horror movies and heavy pulsating Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal vibes. This is definitely true for the superb 3rd track – Bad Trip In A Toxic Mind – which combines the tension of a classic 70s/80s Horror movie with pummelling brutal riffs. Michele’s vocals have an unsettling deranged feel to them that adds more scares to the music on show. Probably my fave track on the EP as the band has a slight Church of Misery vibe going on.

I have given you a brief rundown on what to expect so am not going to spoil any more surprises for you. However, Blood Red Water have left some of the heavier riffs for the last two excellent tracks – The Outstanding Loss and Thundersnow In Venice. Expect brutal vocals plus riffs and soundbytes to send some unexpected thrills and spills your way.

Blood Red Water are on fine demented form through out the EP. It’s expertly played and produced by everyone involved. This EP marks a natural progression for the band from their last EP. It’s a better record in every possible way. Blood Red Water should be very proud of this EP as it’s going to win them a lot of praise.

On this evidence, I can’t wait to hear what their debut full-length record will sound like. I hope more of the same as the band have found a winning formula hear. Why change with perfection.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

You can now buy – All The ill’s of Mankind – on CD and DD via BandCamp. Thanks to the band for sending me a promo copy to review.

You can download their excellent first EP - Tales of Addiction And Despair - from BandCamp for free. So check it out.

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Mothertrucker - The Power Of Independent Trucking - Review

The Power of Independent Trucking cover art

Mothertrucker is an Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Birmingham/London, UK

The members are:

Charles Butler - guitar
Chris Scrivens - guitar
Tom Moffat - bass
Bruce Goodenough - drums

Mothertrucker have been around for about a decade now. They have released 4 albums during that time with their fourth – The Power of Independent Trucking – being their latest. And I have never heard of them. I only discovered this great band when they contacted me to review their excellent new album.

You think this band with a name like Mothertrucker is some sort of comedy band but nothing can be further away from the truth. As folks – Mothertrucker are an amazing Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal band who should appeal to fans such as Isis, Pelican, Karma To Burn, Earthless and Kyuss.

Yeah the band does have a wicked sense of humour they include in their music, which I will explain more later. But it is their music they truly deserve credit for. The Power Of Independent Trucking is one of the finest examples Instrumental Stoner Metal from the UK I have listened to this year.

First track – Career Ender – is a spellbinding introduction to the world of this loud, heavy and powerful band. Blending post-rock, doom and stoner-metal into something fresh and dare I say it original. Yeah. This is a great track to open the album with. Intense drumming matched against some fine guitar riffs that will have your heart working overtime.

Second Track – Reef do all the work, The Beatles get all the credit – is another masterful track from these ace Stoner Metallers. See I told you these guys had a great sense of humour. Look at the title. (More info about Reef for Non UK viewers) – Joking aside – this tracks starts off like a Pelican track before the band adds elements of Post-Rock and Stoner Metal to the track. There is nothing remotely Beatles-esque on this track. It’s just another superb heavy pounding instrumental track to rock out to.

Third Track – Vigo The Carpathian – may have a demonic title but it’s anything but. It’s another great example on what Mothertucker can do once in full flight or should I say once they are in full delivery mode. And this delivery is an epic order of huge riffs though at a slightly mid-tempo pace. But still highly powerful….

The 2nd half of the album plays out slightly more heavier by adding Sludgy based riffs with a great hardcore edge especially on Duff McKagon’s Kagon Wagon (Another great title) which will definitely go down a storm on the live stage. As it’s the albums standout track. Full of passion and anger to get the moshpit going at full force.

The band have two remaining tracks to impress you with – The Southern Teeth and Crypt Stalker – both excellent tracks that end the album on a high. The Southern Teeth is a 2:47 minute Post-Rock affair showing the bands tender creative side before the band unleash their final sonic assault with Crypt Stalker.

Crypt Stalker starts off as a mid-tempo affair before unleashing an epic barrage of Stoner/Post-Metal riffs to prove finally, what a great band Mothertrucker actually are. It’s the perfect end to close this wonderful album

Mothertrucker have delivered an excellent album that should hopefully win them some more fans and praise within the Stoner/Doom Metal community, as they truly deserve it.

The Power Of Independent Trucking is another superb example of British Stoner Metal music at it’s very best.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

The Power Of Independent Trucking will be available to by on DD/CD/Vinyl from their BandCamp Page on 30th Sept 2013. Thanks to the band for sending me a copy. Much appreciated guys.

If you want to hear more of this excellent band then Mothertrucker have their 3 previous albums up for free download on BandCamp.

2004 - The Last Ride Of Dr Sanchez
2007 - Trebuchet
2009 - Dark Transmi55ions
And I recommend you check out all of them. You won’t be sorry. Epic Riffs. What more could you ask for.

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Black Willows - Haze - Album Review

Haze cover art

Black Willows is a Psychedelic Stoner Rock Band from Lausanne, Switzerland

The members are:

Aleister Crowley: guitar/vocals
Melanie Renaud: guitar
Kevin Richard: bass
Nicolas Monica: drums

Black Willows are not an easy band to categorize as they include may different genres of music into their own unique vision. Doom, Stoner, Psych Rock, Ambient and Eastern Soundscapes combine to portray a band with a haunting vision of noise and depth.

Their excellent album – Haze – was released earlier this year and I have finally had the chance to listen to it. That is no mean feat. It is a 66-minute masterclass of experimental Stoner Rock that will delight and confuse you in equal measure. Black Willows are a highly original band in their own right.

If you are expecting a straightforward Stoner Rock album then please look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for something weird, wonderful and highly original then you are in luck, as Haze will blow you away. The album will take you to the far reaches of your mind with its powerful psychedelic riffs. This is a band that literally belongs beyond Time and Space. Black Willows have written some astonishing riffs that will you breathless.

Black Willows are influenced by Eastern Sounds and vibes as they play a major part of the albums epic running time. It gives Haze a mysterious aura that is instantly hypnotic. The band add more layers of great riffs with each passing moment especially on excellent tracks – Doors Of Perception, Neptune, Haiku, Black Magic and the amazing 14 minute epic – Dead Mantra.

I am not doing a song by song review as I found the album a deeply rich rewarding experience that it you need to listen to in one sitting. If you only listen to certain parts of the album then you are truly missing out on such a brilliant album. It is a hypnotic album full of wonder that is highly addictive.

Black Willows add spellbinding vocals to match the great riffs they have on show here. You may think what lead singer Aleister is actually singing about at times but you will soon start believing every word that he is singing. I forgot to say that Black Willows are actually loud and I mean loud!!!. If you are a fan of Black Sabbath and Monster Magnet then you can hear slight influences of those two legendary bands popping up every now and again.

I don't know what more can I say about this brilliant album. It has already received a whole truckload of praise and you can see the reasons why. Haze is an epic dream-like masterpiece of Stoner Rock that you will be listening to time and time again. The production is immense. You can hear every note and riff thrown at you even if you were located in another dimension. That is how powerful Haze actually is.

Do yourself a favour and check Haze out now. You will not be sorry.

Incredible and Highly Recommended.

Haze is available to buy from Black Willows BandCamp Now. Thanks to the band for sending me a promo to review.

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Saturday 21 September 2013

Woodwall - WoodEmpire

WoodEmpire cover art 

Woodwall is a Psychedelic Stoner Metal Band from Lunigiana, Italy

The members are

Matteo Signanini (Guitar/Vox)
Massimo Cornali (Bass)
Pietro Groppi (Drum)
Paolo Cipolla (Synth/Vox)

Woodwall is a brilliant Psychedelic Stoner Metal Band you seriously all need to check out now. Their debut album - WoodEmpire - is fucking awesome. There is no other way to describe it. It's full of blazing psychedelic riffs to rock out to.

Woodwall are a band that I discovered only the other day but I have already listened to their album at least a dozen times. It's simply that great. If you're a fan of Kyuss, Sleep, Isis and Pelican then this is the album for you. As Woodwall include some great Post-Rock/Post-Metal vibes into their music and it's still sounds so damn fresh and original.

First track - WoodEmpire - is a blazing 8:33 minute epic that will show you what this great band is all about. Epic psych stoner metal riffs that will make you a fan of this great band right away. Play this track at full blast and witness the full power of Woodwall. Matteo's vocals gives this track a cool dream-like hazy vibe.

2nd track - Locrian - starts off with an uneasy drone influenced silence before exploding into life with a sublime psych riff that comes out of nowhere. Just sit back and embrace the fast-paced riffs that Woodwall have at their disposal. You can hear a slight Post-Rock/Post-Metal vibe with the vocals playing in the background. Wait until the last minute when the band unleash a barrage of wonderful riffs. From then on you know this album is something special indeed.

Up next are King Stuste and Red Toad. These are more straight forward Stoner Metal tracks full of groove and heavy atmospherics to embrace the soul to. Though both tracks still have a cool psych rock vibe showing up at different times.

It's the next song which the band deserve all the plaudits for. Walden is an epic 11 minute musical journey that will simply leave you breathless. It's starts off with a drone based soundscape before a slow paced guitar riff comes into play around the 2 minute mark. This is where Woodwall start adding extra layers of sonic riffs to show how wonderfully creative they are. My advice is to let the band take you on a journey full of wonder. It doesn't get any better than this. 

Walden is definitely the best track on the album. It has that WOW factor to prove that Woodwall are definitely a brilliant band in their own right. Though the band have one excellent track left to impress you with.

Holocene/Cambrian is a superb 6:06 minute blast of more top-notch Psych Stoner Metal madness to headbang to. Matteo's vocals are impressive as ever. Adding a grizzled and highly passionate vibe to proceedings. It ends the album on a brilliant high.

Everything about WoodEmpire is simply amazing. The band deserve credit for getting James Plotkin to master the album. No wonder it sounds incredible. But that is probably also down to frontman - Matteo - who also produced the album. He has done a superb job in creating a highly atmospheric album you will be listening to over and over again.

WoodEmpire is simply unmissable. I urge you all to headover to BandCamp and download this now on Buy Now Download. Donate if you can. 

Download it now. You won't be sorry. Trust me. This is the real deal.

Brilliant. End of.

Check Woodwall from links below:

Maeth - Oceans Into Ashes

Oceans Into Ashes cover art 

Maeth is a Psych/Sludge/Post-What-The-Fuck-Ever Metal Band from Saint Paul, MN, USA

The members are:

David Ports - Guitar
Boone Epstein - Bass
Jay Schwartz - Drums
Sam Tygiel - Guitar/Flute

Maeth are a band who are very hard to describe as they blend so many different genres into their music. Sludge, Doom, Post-Metal, Ambient and Psychedelic Rock into something quite incredible to listen to.

They have been on the blog before when I reviewed their last excellent release - Horse Funeral. But fuck - the band have outdone themselves here with their brilliant new album - Oceans Into Ashes. An epic 64 minute blast of amazing riffs to check out. 

Though the band make you work hard for the action packed riffs. The album has a very schizophrenic feel. One moment the album is straight out Sludge/Post-Metal and the next it ventures into psychedelic art rock. So don't go expecting a straight forward album. As Oceans Into Ashes is multi-complex affair that you will need your wits about you.

The band have written the perfect blend of epic tracks that will soon get your heart pumping. Check out the grandiose riffs of Nomad, Wolves, Troödon and brilliant Big Sky. Maeth have added a couple of shorter paced tracks strategically placed for the listener to catch their breath before going on another twisted and wonderful musical journey into the unknown.

Oceans Into Ashes is a progressive metal fans wet dream come to life. The amount of ideas that Maeth have included is simply astonishing. It has already given Maeth a considerable fanbase but I can see that growing once this incredible starts working it's way round the Sludge Metal community. It's too good to fucking ignore.

I have been listening to the album for the past couple of weeks now and it simply becomes a better album with each and every listen. You soon start to appreciate the time and effort the band have put into this album. It's a complex listen but once the album has you hooked then there is no escaping.

Oceans Into Ashes is a fucking masterpiece. A truly wonderful experience unlike no other. Just headover to BandCamp and download this now on Buy Now Download. You won't be sorry.


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Mountain High

Demo cover art

Mountain High is an Instrumental Stoner Metal Band from Philadelphia, USA

The members are: Aaron, Matt, Chris.

All I can say about this band is - Thank Fuck for Mountain High!!!

A superb Instrumental Stoner Metal band who deal in loud, epic and heavy riffs. If you're a fan of Karma To Burn, Sleep and High On Fire then your going to go fucking crazy over Mountain High. Their S/T demo is a fucking blast of blazing riffs from start to finish.

The 21 minute EP will rock you to the core. Huge riffs are waiting to be discovered. So headover to BandCamp and download this now. You know from the opening riffs from Gravity that this is going to be something special indeed. And it fucking is!!!

An epic 9 minute track driven along by a thumping bass line with superb drumming and guitar riffs to match. This is the perfect track to smoke your BONG to!!! - It's a brilliant weed influenced odyssey into the realms of hazy riffs.

Check out the excellent 2nd track - Shroomie - A future Stoner anthem if I have ever heard one. Another great track full of killer riffs. Mountain High rely heavily on the bass guitar once again to give their music a heavy pounding kick.

The final track - Suneater - is a 7:37 minute track blending psychedelic riffs with more top-notch Weedian Stoner Metal riffage. OK it might not be the most original of sounds but I don't fucking care. I just want more of what these brilliant Stoner Metallers has to offer. RIFFS!!!!

Stoners Unite - you don't want miss out on this excellent EP. You can download it free from BandCamp. So headover their now. You won't be sorry.

Light up your bong. Put the volume on your MP3 player to maximum level and press Play. Mountain High are indeed going to get you fucking HIGH!!!

Awesome. End of.

Check the band from the links below



Mirrored Confessions cover art

Pendulous is a Doom/Sludge Metal Band from Los Angeles, USA

The members are:

E.R.M - Vocals
C. Rosales - Guitar
B. Woller - Guitar
Kevin C. - Bass
J. Spitzer - Drums

Pendulous is a brutal dark and heavy band performing epic decaying slabs of Doom/Sludge Metal riffs to fuck-up your entire day. Pendulous belong in the darkness. They revel in it. Their music is a very dark, frightening and violent place.

Pendulous is superb EP - Mirrored Confessions - will no doubt turn some people off right away. As everything about this brilliant EP is fucking bleak. Riffs are played at a violent mid-tempo level. Plus you have the scary-as-fuck vocals of E.R.M who screams at you with such pain and anger, it makes you feel rather uncomfortable indeed.

And that's what gives Pendulous their bleak and dangerous edge. Their 20 minute EP will send chills down your spine especially on the creepy and brilliant almost 10 minute epic - Reflections. A dark and powerful song that will stay with you for a very long time indeed.

Pendulous are a very highly thought of in their local Doom Metal scene. And on this form it's not hard to see why. They are quite frankly an unstoppable force of Doom/Sludge Metal nature once they are in full flight.

Download this EP now if you're into loud, heavy and dark Doom/Sludge Metal as it's available for download on BandCamp Buy Now Deal.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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Three Thrones

Three Thrones cover art

Three Thrones is an Instrumental Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Colchester, UK

The members are:

Simon Rollo - Guitars
Ian Neal - Bass
Ben Harris - Drums

 Three Thrones is a hard-hitting instrumental outfit you all need to check out. They have already received some praise within the Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal community for their style of bombastic riffage.

If you're a fan of Sardonis and Karma To Burnb then you're going to love these guys. As Three Thrones play the same style of awesome action packed riffs. Their 2012 S/T Debut EP is something very special indeed. It shows these guys have some serious talent indeed.

You may start to think - Not another instrumental rock band. Does the world need another band like this. - Well my answer is - Hell Yeah we fucking do if they are great as Three Thrones.

Check out the excellent tracks Fresh Prints and Solar Bear to prove otherwise. Riffs, Riffs and even more Riffs for you to rock out to. One of the EP's highlights has to be the brilliant and powerful drumming of Ben. Damn that dude can hit those drums. I wouldn't be surprised if he goes through a couple of drum kits a year. That's how powerful his drumming is.

Look do yourself a favour - Headover to BandCamp and download this now. You may have just found your new favourite instrumental rock band.

Awesome. Bring on the full length record.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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Thursday 19 September 2013

Håkan Interviews Moonbow

The End of Time cover art

Today Håkan is interviewing ace USA Stoner Rockers - Moonbow. Håkan recently reviewed their excellent debut - The End Of Time - and said this about the album.

"This is rock'n'roll as it is supposed to be...full speed ahead, full of riffs and enough grit to break into Fort Knox!

This album came as a very nice surprise because sadly I had no idea the band even existed, so shame on me. However, there's no time to sob about that. Go to CD Baby and pre-order End Of Time if that's possible, if not wait until it is released and order it then. Because if you are into great, heavy rock'n'roll this is a must in your collection and Moonbow are too good to be ignored. Buy it, grab a fifth of Jim Beam and get a case of Yuengling and press will not regret it, not even if you have the hangover from hell the next day!"

1. For those not in the know, who are Moonbow? And how did you get together?

David: Moonbow is a heavy rock/metal/stoner band from Kentucky/southern Ohio area. Matt Bischoff-vocals, David McElfresh-guitar, Ryan McAllister-bass, Steve Earle-drums. Basically Matt and I had known each other from the local music scene and as I was out on tour with Hank3 sometime in 2010, Matt had mentioned that he’d like to do a project together. So we got together when I was off tour and started kicking some riffs around and writing, which led to getting a hold of Ryan of (Valley of the Sun) and hooking up with Steve through some mutual friends.

2. Your debut End Of Time is at the time of writing not released yet. But it will be available from CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon at the end of August. It's very much a DIY effort and is your plan to remain independent or are you looking for a label?

David: When we got together as a band, our goal was to write a bunch of kick ass original music, record and play some shows. See where it goes from there. Moonbow is a very special band, and it is a true honor to be playing in this band. We are totally open to whatever comes our way. Our goal is to keep writing records together and tour and really make music what we do. If that means getting on a label, that must mean it was meant to be. Life is a journey and we are doing what we love no matter what.

3. You utilized Kickstarter to fund the recording of the album and you obviously reached your goal since the album is coming out. But was a close call to meet the deadline to meet the target? Is Kickstarter something you recommend others to use?

David: I think Kickstarter is a really great way to gain funding for any music, movie, art project etc. There is also Indiegogo and I’m sure others that are similar. But I think goals should be realistic, however if you miss your goal you can always start another campaign an lower the amount, or if you believe and love your project.... it may take ones own (bands) help as well to complete funding.

4. What are your immediate plans once the album is released? Is a full tour on the cards?

David: To play a belated album release is on the books for Nov 22nd. Then probably play some regional shows and make some plans for after the holidays to see what we can get going with booking etc.

5. The belated release party you have scheduled for November with American Rail Council and OpposumHoller, will there be any other musical guest that night?

Matt: We will be just having a 3 band bill that night. But I assure you that there will be a nice variety of the musical spectrum handed to the listener by all the bands.

6. It seems to me that Moonbow has a pretty solid fan base. That's pretty impressive since your debut album is about to be released. Have you played a lot of shows to garner all these fans?

David: Actually we have only played about 4 live shows since the band was formed, but having several of us that have been active in music for some time, it always helps “out of the gate” to get that “word of mouth” going.

7. Was it difficult to get John Garcia on board for the song Take It For Granted? After all, Steve Earle played with him in Hermano for quite a few years.

Matt: John Garcia is a dear friend of mine. I met John in 1997 when he was touring with Slo Burn. We have been great friends ever since. To me, John is one of my favorite singers. I asked John if he wanted to sing on our record and he was stoked. ”Take if for Granted” is a real personal song to John. We gave him full control of the song vocally and he killed it. It is a true honor to have John as a part of our debut record.

8. Since doing such an excellent contribution on End Of Time and also being a good friend of the band, do you think there will be more collaborations with John Garcia?

Matt: I definitely think that we will work with John on some future collaborations. John is one of my dear friends and a great singer. All of us love music. We love songwriting. Moonbow is just getting started and I am stoked for the future. It was really cool to hear what John came up with on "Take It For Granted." We gave him the track and gave him full control of vocals. He worked on it in between his busy times with Unida shows and the Vista Chino record. I am super happy with how it turned out

9. The opening 30 seconds of the title track, End Of Time, is straight folk music with nothing but fiddles and an acoustic guitar. Do you guys play that part or is that local folk musicians taking care of that?

David: I played the instruments in the intro. Wanted to bridge an 'old time' sound with the electric heaviness..As very much old time music is pretty damn heavy.

10. Spinning of the previous question a little bit how much of your music is inspired by Kentucky? Is the famous bourbon trail more of an inspiration than local music?

David: I guess there was a bit of inspiration from Ky in some of the music and lyrics. I would say that we aren’t influenced by local music too much. We have all played for a while now, traveled alot and I guess we just write and inspiration really comes from within.

11. How did you come up with the name Moonbow?

Matt: Ah we all were somewhat brainstorming and I had a list of a few names and Moonbow happened to be one on my list. Its from the “lunar rainbow” that can be formed at Cumberland Falls in southern Ky.

12. I know Ryan McAllister is still in Valley Of The Sun so how about the rest of you: Matt Bischoff, David McElfresh and Steve Earle? Are you in other bands as well or is Moonbow you priority?

David: I have played fiddle and metal guitar with Hank Williams III on the road and some studio recording since 09’ and am still an active member. Also, I played in metal band Lethal during the 90’s and have recently played a few reunion shows and festivals.

13. Are all members living close to each other or are you spread out? Valley Of The Sun are from Cincinatti, OH which isn't too far from Dry Ridge, KY if I'm not mistaken.

Matt: We are all pretty close to one another. We all live in the Cincinnati/Kentucky area and jam out in Dry Ridge, KY at The Moon Room. Every week, I drive to Steve Earles house to pick up him and Ryan and we drive out to Davies to jam. It is a nice drive. Beautiful countryside.

14. What are your final words to your fans?

David: Hopefully Moonbow will see YOU very soon at a show!! In the meantime, stop by our web page at give us a listen and tell a friend! Cheers!

Written by Håkan Nyman
Thanks to Moonbow for taking time out in talking to Håkan. Much appreciated guys. Thanks to my good friend Mona for arranging this interview for Håkan.

The End Of Time will be available is available from all good stockists now.

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Akûma - For The Beloved Bones - Review

For The Beloved Bones cover art

Akûma is a Doom/Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Morelia, Mexico

The members are:

-xVâlx: Guitar
-xFâbriziox: Druns
-xwôntx: Guitarra
-xRîgox: Bass

I will say this now but Akûma are my fave band from the Mexico Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal scene. They impressed the heck out of me with their excellent debut album and EP’s they have released over the past few years. Though Akûma is a very different beast now compared to their debut album.

Akûma back then was a schizophrenic beast waiting to explode at any time. The album was a strange mix of Doom, Sludge, Stoner and Post-Metal spliced into different parts. It gives the album a truly wonderful sound.

Now in 2013 – Akûma are back with their highly anticipated follow up – For The Beloved Bones. Their first release for new record label – Magnetic Eye Records. It’s a more focused affair than their acclaimed debut album. Every riff, note and vocals have been carefully organised into something special.

Akûma have lost their Stoner Metal vibe and replaced it with a more frantic violent Doom/Sludge/Post-Metal edge. First track – According To The Currents – is a 2:11 minute preview on what to expect over the next 38 mins or so. Huge slabs of heavy riffs that will have you on the edge of your seat. Vocals are screamed at you with immense power, anger and fury.

Akûma are going to take you on a wild ride full of thrills and spills. Or should I say riffs as Akûma don’t hold back. They are loud and angry from the very start. So sit back and let Akûma welcome you into their violent and frantic world.

2nd track – Ingolstadt – is where the real Akûma come to life. Blending pummelling fast paced riffs that will leave you breathless. Just listen the to excellent instrumental work that the band have laid down here. You can hear early shades of Baroness, Mastodon and Isis in the background. Though Akûma play a much faster pace. One of the albums standout tracks that’s worth the purchase for the album alone.

3rd Track – Doom & Power – is appropriately named as its all Doom and very powerful as well. This is a fast paced 3 minute monster waiting to be unleashed against you. The results are deadly and highly dangerous. But you won’t care as you will be worshipping the brilliant riffs Akûma have laid down here. Who knows what vocalists is singing about as he is singing at such a fast rate he doesn’t stop for air. This is Akûma at their most primal. It’s not a pretty sight but it’s the perfect opportunity to headbang!!!!.

4th Track – Power – starts with a bone-crunching riff to wake you up from your slumber. Hard-hitting and powerful from the word go. Akûma have written a powerful instrumental track that is full of fiery Mexican anger and passion. The instrumental work is simply superb. Showing that Akûma are equally talented at writing a track that Pelican would be proud to call their own.

Exiled Sons Of Eve is another hard-hitting action packed track that Akûma instantly draw you in with. Excellent riffs and vocals combine for one of the albums heaviest and powerful tracks. And surprisingly it has beautiful tender and sombre moments in the latter stages of the song. Check out the riff around 1:30 minute mark. WOW.

Akûma carry on those quiet moments into a track called Amongst The Vessels. An emotionally driven Post-Rock track with a haunting Drone Rock lurking in the background. A soothing dark mysterious track that is full of intricate acoustic riffs you wouldn’t expect on an album like this. But when have Akûma played by the rules.

That’s all the album tracks that I am going to review. I don’t want to spoil anymore surprises for you. Akûma have delivered a brilliant and powerful album that proves why they are Mexico’s finest Sludge Metal band.

Simply Unmissable.

For The Beloved Bones is available to buy on Magnetic Eye Records from Sept 24th 2013.

Thanks to Akûma for sending ourselves a promo to review. Much appreciated.

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Pyramido - SAGA - Album Review

Pyramido is a Doom/Sludge Metal Band from Sweden

The members are

Ronnie Källbäck
Henrik Wendel
Dan Hedlund
Dan Bengtsson
Viktor Forss

Pyramido have been spreading their Doom Heavy inspired Sludge Metal for a few years now. I became a fan when they released their excellent debut record –. It was a brutal blast of heavy sludge metal riffage with enough power to cause maximum damage to your entire body.

We all know that some of the finest and heaviest Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal bands come from Sweden. It is written into any Swedish bands DNA to be heavy, powerful, and loud and become the best at what they do. Well Pyramido are successful on all levels. As they are back with their excellent hard hitting 3rd album – SAGA. It features some of their heaviest work to date. If you’re already a fan of this great band then you will need no further convincing. However, here are my thoughts on the album anyway…

So SAGA – Pyramido’s eagerly awaited 3rd album is finally upon us. 6 songs. 38 minutes of finely tuned Doom/Sludge Metal riffage that cuts right down to the bone. Their style of brutal paced vocals and riffs means your on the edge of your seat through out. It’s too Pyramido’s credit they add elements of Psych Rock to their music to give it a highly addictive edge.

But Pyramido still include pay respects to their native homeland. All of the song titles are in the bands native language. So I may have to ask our very own Swedish Resident of Sludge/Stoner/Doom – Hakan to translate them for me. But that would take the mysterious vibe behind them. I don’t want to know what the English Translation is. Something will probably be lost in translation anyway.

Something that is never lost in translation is the huge barrage of riffs that Pyramido once again have at their disposal.

First track - Varje steg är ett snedsteg - is a 7 minute plus epic that gets straight down to business of laying down some finely tuned heavy crushing riffs to break your neck to. Ronnie's vocals are quite deafening and I mean that in the best possible way. If you’re a newcomer to the world of Pyramido then this will shake you to the core. If you’re a fan of Thou, EHG, Primitive Man and Cough then this is going to speak volumes to you.

The band is tighter than ever before. All playing as one finely tuned unit to lay down as many heart-pounding riffs they possibly can.

Second track – År av onåd - carries on the doom laiden heavy sludge gospel to a fine art. It may be played at a mid-paced level but it’s still heavy as anything that has came before it. Pyramido have included some top-notch finely tuned Psych Riffs to show the band isn’t afraid to experiment with their sound. Definitely one of the albums standout tracks. Ronnie is at his gut-wrenching best here. His vocals are screamed at maximum levels of pain and agony. This is one highly passionate vocalist who makes you care about what he is shouting at you.

So that’s 15 minutes gone and another excellent 22 minutes of hard-hitting riffs to go. And Pyramido don’t waste a single second on playing those amazing brutal riffs to crush your skull to.

Powerful tracks such as Fosie and Klockrike – carry this heavy bruising encounter into the realm of great albums you need to own. There is no denying this is Pyramido’s best work to date. They have thrown everything into this release and it shows. The results are explosive and just waiting for a bigger audience as possible to discover this excellent album.

Klockrike is a work of psychedelic genius. A track full of beautiful slow paced riffs matched with 70’s based atmospheric psych folk-rock to show Pyramido at their most experimental. Though it’s business as usual for the excellent final two tracks - Ingen människa är en ö & Tiden är kommen

Loud, epic heavy riffs played with a real sense of purpose to bombard the listener with. These two tracks can be classed as one epic final assault on the listener’s senses. Pyramido throw everything at you to make sure you’re brilliantly entertained. And they succeed on every level. Swedish Sludge/Stoner Metal bands are experts at ending albums on a loud epic finish and Pyramido carry on this great tradition.

This is one SAGA I never wanted to end. I wish the guys included one epic final track on the album I was so much into this album. But other than that – SAGA is a triumph on every level. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to the guys for sending us a promo to review. SAGA will be available to buy from October 2013 either from the band or here

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Shooting Guns - Brotherhood Of The Ram - Review

Shooting Guns - Brotherhood of The Ram

Shooting Guns is an Instrumental Doom/Space/Stoner Metal Band from Saskatoon, SK, Canada

The members are:

Jay Loos
Steve Reed
Jim Ginther

Shooting Guns music is a highly dangerous combination of Doom, Space Rock and Stoner Metal held together by epic loud riffs that will leave a lasting impression by all that hear it.

Shooting Guns are about to release their excellent 2nd album – Brotherhood Of The Ram. A 6 song and 40 minute blast of finely tuned Doom/Stoner Metal riffs with a great Space Rock/Krautrock vibe. I only discovered this band as the guys asked for people to review their new album via Facebook. I sent a request and within 5 mins I received my promo copy.

Well 5 mins is all you need to fall in love with the colossal riffs Shooting Guns have in store for you. Brotherhood Of The Ram should be called – Brotherhood Of The Riffs – as the album is full of them. The 6 songs on show Shooting Guns are one of the most inventive instrumental bands I have heard in 2013. The way they blend ambient-based soundscapes with heavy doom/stoner metal riffs is nothing but a work of genius at times.

First track – Real Horse Footage – is a lean, mean groove based affair with plenty of ambient noises to match the fast-paced Doom/Stoner Metal cosmic vibes currently being played out before you. Imagine Karma To Burn coming out of a black hole in space then this is what they would sound like. This track shows what Shooting Guns are truly capable of when in full flight and it is only the first song.

2nd track – Truckers Never Learn – starts off with a groovy spacey rock riff to tell you that the band are going to take you into outer space and beyond. The song is driven along by a superb rhythm section playing at a fast paced to bring this almighty 9:27 minute epic to a wonderful finish. Before that moment arrives, Shooting Guns will expand your mind with sonic soundscapes and psychedelic riffs powerful enough to cause a mini earthquake. So sit back and hold tight as the band take you on a progressive journey into the unknown.

The album does have a trippy vibe that will make you feel you are losing grip of all reality. However, it is the perfect mood for this excellent album. It gives Shooting Guns a very dangerous edge indeed compared to other instrumental rock bands and it is a feeling the band revels in….

3rd Track – Predator II – is one of the albums standout track and one of the shortest. It features some wonderful piano and keyboards playing against the louder, heavier and hazier guitar riffs. This song makes you feel you are in dangerous territory here. Anthemic Post-Rock ambient vibes draw you into a false sense of security before the band lay down some evil heavier riffs to destroy your soul to. Yeah I can see why this song is called Predator II. It starts all beautiful and quiet before the darkness finally takes over. It will leave you breathless from the word go.

4th Track – Go Blind – is another Space Rock/Stoner Metal odyssey taking you on a journey into the unknown. It starts quiet before the superb bass heavy riffs explode into sonic warfare. This is the perfect balance of 60s/70s Psych Rock and modern based Doom/Stoner Metal carnage. Just wait until the 4th minute when the band decides to venture into heavier territory.

5th Track – Brotherhood Of The Ram – is a slow-burning affair that shows the band at their most creative. They have added some great doom and gloom guitar riffs matched against the sublime peaceful Post-Rock vibes. Powerful keyboards and drums add a real sense of unknown danger to this track.

6th Track – No Fans – is the best track on the album. A wonderfully written haunting track full of eerie based riffs that blends elements of Doom, Post-Rock, KrautRock and Stoner Metal to devastating effect. This track is literally jaw-dropping. It will leave you on the edge of your seat. When I heard this track all I could think of was – WOW – where did that come from. It has a lush Post-Metal vibe that Pelican and Isis would be proud to call their own. It is the perfect ending to an amazing album.

Shooting Guns have excelled themselves here in every department. It’s brilliantly played and produced by everyone involved. This is an album you can listen to over and over again.


Brotherhood Of The Ram will be available to buy from October 15th 2013.

Thanks to the guys for sending us a copy to review.

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