Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mojo Waves - Lo And Behold!

Lo and Behold! cover art

Mojo Waves are a Garagedelic Rock Band from Vantaa, Finland.

The members are:

Arttu Kantola - Vox & Fuzz
Juuso Leinonen - Bassteroid
Mikko Matikka - Groove

So these crazy bastards from Finland are back with their brilliant and blistering debut album - Lo and Behold!

Mojo Waves have been on the blog a few times before as I am a huge fan of their crazy blend of Garage, Fuzz, Stoner and Pyschedelic Rock. It's a perfect blend of out-there riffage to get your boogie-ing on down to the dance floor. Or head-banging to your hearts content.

Mojo Waves debut album - Lo and Behold! - is fucking superb. There is no denying about that. Though it's very schizophrenic in nature. One minute you could have a straight forward riff and the next the band throw a spanner in the works that you wouldn't expect. So don't go expecting a straight forward album as that isn't Mojo Waves style.

Arttu's vocals are fucked up as ever but in a brilliant cool and original way. He has the perfect voice to lead these insane bunch of rockers. Tracks such as Shout and Skylights will show you what to expect for the rest of the album. Great tunes from a highly passionate band.

The album does have an insane 60s Psych Rock vibe screaming to get out and once it does it gives the album another huge sense of fun. All told through the power of riffs. Mojo Waves have excelled themselves here and it should expand their fan base quite considerably.

The album maybe on a relatively short 26 mins or so but it's such a blast you will be pressing play to repeat the fucked up carnage all over again. Insane riffs from a truly great band indeed.

Lo And Behold! is a blast from start to finish. You can't but help loving the music Mojo Waves have created here. It proves that Finland are one of the best countries providing awesome bands at the moment in the realm of Stoner/Sludge Metal - Domovoyd, Demonic Death Judge, Baulta and now Mojo Waves.

So headover to BandCamp and download this now. You won't be sorry. Mojo Waves fucking rule!!!.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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