Sunday, 1 September 2013

Buddha Sentenza - South Western Lower Valley Rock

South Western Lower Valley Rock cover art 

Buddha Sentenza is a Psych/Stoner Rock Band from Germany

Buddha Sentenza are a brilliant Psych/Stoner Rock Band with a difference. They add many different elements to their music and that makes them very hard to categorise.

Check out their bio:

"After a seemingly random sonic collision over the city of Heidelberg in late 2008, the constellation of *Buddha Sentenza* began to form during the darkest hours of that cold and silent winter. Deep under the earth, in the hidden bowels of the Klonlabor tunnel complex, the searing strings and pounding drums condensed rapidly to form a nebulous cloud of loosely jammed, spaced-out, rocking riffs. 

Rotating freely around some of the most ancient soundscapes - from the astral end of the Pink Floyd to the depths of galaxies such as Black Sabbath - Buddha Sentenza has continued to expand, drawing energy from contemporary constellations as well. Thus, its elements follow the trail of early rock psychonauts and modern riffrockers alike, fusing droning riffs, screaming solos and cosmic harmonies into an instrumental sound experience that defies any strict genre boundaries. The result is a texture that combines the raw massiveness of rock with the infinite possibilities of outer space."

If you're a fan of Earthless, Karma To Burn, Monomyth and 35007 then you're going to go fucking crazy for these Cosmic Space Rockers. As they take the Stoner Rock genre and turn it on it's head by adding as many different elements as they can.

They have finally released their amazing debut album - South Western Lower Valley Rock for free download. It's an album starting to win praise all over the Stoner Rock world for its shear creativity and originality. Plus the riffs even define time an space. They have a truly cosmic/space rock vibe not many bands can match.

Check out excellent tracks - Time Wave Zero, Arrested Development, Debris Moon and Psychonaut.

All I can say is that South Western Lower Valley Rock is a work of insane genius. I loved every spaced out second of it. Plus one listen is never enough as you will miss a lot of ideas and riffs on your visit with Buddha Sentenza.

So strap yourselves in as these cosmic space rockers are going to take you on an intergalactic ride  you haven't experienced before.

Buddha Sentenza have this album up for free download from the following links. So you have no excuse for missing this brilliant band.

Official - You can download the other excellent releases from the band here as well. Including some excellent live sets to jam/rock out to.

BandCamp - You can buy CDs and Vinyls of this excellent album from BandCamp

Amazing. End Of.

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