Saturday, 28 September 2013

Mothertrucker - The Power Of Independent Trucking - Review

The Power of Independent Trucking cover art

Mothertrucker is an Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Birmingham/London, UK

The members are:

Charles Butler - guitar
Chris Scrivens - guitar
Tom Moffat - bass
Bruce Goodenough - drums

Mothertrucker have been around for about a decade now. They have released 4 albums during that time with their fourth – The Power of Independent Trucking – being their latest. And I have never heard of them. I only discovered this great band when they contacted me to review their excellent new album.

You think this band with a name like Mothertrucker is some sort of comedy band but nothing can be further away from the truth. As folks – Mothertrucker are an amazing Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal band who should appeal to fans such as Isis, Pelican, Karma To Burn, Earthless and Kyuss.

Yeah the band does have a wicked sense of humour they include in their music, which I will explain more later. But it is their music they truly deserve credit for. The Power Of Independent Trucking is one of the finest examples Instrumental Stoner Metal from the UK I have listened to this year.

First track – Career Ender – is a spellbinding introduction to the world of this loud, heavy and powerful band. Blending post-rock, doom and stoner-metal into something fresh and dare I say it original. Yeah. This is a great track to open the album with. Intense drumming matched against some fine guitar riffs that will have your heart working overtime.

Second Track – Reef do all the work, The Beatles get all the credit – is another masterful track from these ace Stoner Metallers. See I told you these guys had a great sense of humour. Look at the title. (More info about Reef for Non UK viewers) – Joking aside – this tracks starts off like a Pelican track before the band adds elements of Post-Rock and Stoner Metal to the track. There is nothing remotely Beatles-esque on this track. It’s just another superb heavy pounding instrumental track to rock out to.

Third Track – Vigo The Carpathian – may have a demonic title but it’s anything but. It’s another great example on what Mothertucker can do once in full flight or should I say once they are in full delivery mode. And this delivery is an epic order of huge riffs though at a slightly mid-tempo pace. But still highly powerful….

The 2nd half of the album plays out slightly more heavier by adding Sludgy based riffs with a great hardcore edge especially on Duff McKagon’s Kagon Wagon (Another great title) which will definitely go down a storm on the live stage. As it’s the albums standout track. Full of passion and anger to get the moshpit going at full force.

The band have two remaining tracks to impress you with – The Southern Teeth and Crypt Stalker – both excellent tracks that end the album on a high. The Southern Teeth is a 2:47 minute Post-Rock affair showing the bands tender creative side before the band unleash their final sonic assault with Crypt Stalker.

Crypt Stalker starts off as a mid-tempo affair before unleashing an epic barrage of Stoner/Post-Metal riffs to prove finally, what a great band Mothertrucker actually are. It’s the perfect end to close this wonderful album

Mothertrucker have delivered an excellent album that should hopefully win them some more fans and praise within the Stoner/Doom Metal community, as they truly deserve it.

The Power Of Independent Trucking is another superb example of British Stoner Metal music at it’s very best.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

The Power Of Independent Trucking will be available to by on DD/CD/Vinyl from their BandCamp Page on 30th Sept 2013. Thanks to the band for sending me a copy. Much appreciated guys.

If you want to hear more of this excellent band then Mothertrucker have their 3 previous albums up for free download on BandCamp.

2004 - The Last Ride Of Dr Sanchez
2007 - Trebuchet
2009 - Dark Transmi55ions
And I recommend you check out all of them. You won’t be sorry. Epic Riffs. What more could you ask for.

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