Saturday, 14 September 2013

Domovoyd - Oh Sensibility - Review

Domovoyd is a Drone/Doom/Psych/Stoner Metal Band from Finland

The members are:

Oskar Tunderberg - clamor, low frequencies
Niko Lehdontie - oscillations, low frequencies
Dmitry Melet - lower frequencies
Axel Solimeis - pulse

Domovoyd’s blend of Heavy Psych/Doom/Stoner Metal is not new to this blog. I featured them back in 2011 when I featured their excellent debut EP - Mythoanut - that won some considerable praise amongst the Doom/Stoner Rock community.

Well 2 years later Domovoyd are back bigger and louder than ever with their frankly astonishing debut album – Oh Sensibility. A 54-minute blast of heavy drone based Psych/Doom/Stoner Metal riffs that will shatter your eardrums right from the start.

Oh Sensibility is a rather misleading title as their nothing sensible about this album. As Domovoyd play at such a loud and angry pace that these guys could give Sleep and High On Fire a run for their money in the loud volume stakes. Plus the riffs are epic through out. This is one of the heaviest Psych/Stoner Metal albums I have had the pleasure to hear this year.

Domovoyd’s use of Drone is put to brilliant use. It gives their music such a dangerous edge that it should come with a government health warning. Highly Explosive Riffs!!!!

First track – Introduction – is a haunting 2-minute drone track full of ambient noises and effects that plays a major part in the albums evolution to greatness. But from this moment on. Domovoyd will astound you in what to expect next. The press bio stated that Domovoyd plays out as Hawkwind jamming with Matt Pike and that is a very good description indeed.

Second Track – Incarnation – is a heavy fuzz laiden affair driven by heavy slabs of Drone based Doom/Stoner Metal riffs, which you will be rocking out to in no time at all. Domovoyd show their true power here. So embrace the heavy and loud angry sonic warfare exploding right in front of you.

Third Track – Taking Breath – is a great title for this track. As the band quite literally leave you breathless. The sonic vibes can be classed as a weapon of mass destruction as it is a very heavy track blending elements of Doom, Psych Rock and Stoner Metal to devastating effect. Guitars feel they are being bled dry out of existence. I am surprised the band can play at all after this track has finished. As they throw everything at you at such a frightening pace. The guitar reverb/feedback loops would make the legendary BORIS jealous. It would not surprise me if the band played this track live the amps would probably be destroyed.

 Are you getting the picture now folks. Domovoyd are loud and I mean loud!!! So if you are into loud psychedelic drone based stoner metal then this is the album for you. We are only 3 songs in and we have 3 songs left. What possibly could Domovoyd throw at us now!!! – Well quite a lot if you must ask.

4th Track – Lamia is another heavy sonic assault on the senses but with Domovoyd adding some impressive disturbing vocals that will send chills down your body. Once Domovoyd are in full sonic flight then you are in for a rude awakening as the band adds a sinister tone to their music.

They carry this sinister creepy tone over to the brilliant 5th track – Effluvial Condenser – Yeah I do not have a clue what the title means either but it’s an epic 13:37 track to pulverize your senses with. Domovoyd are more experimental here adding sonic noises and tones against distorted riffs and vocals that could test some listener’s patience to the limit. Though I loved the crazy vibe the band are laying down here. This feels like an all out sonic war between the individual band members. All vying for musical supremacy. Things do calm down for a few moments near the end where the band adopts a more restrained Droned out approach. Noises are played at a more restrained pace. But you know something epic and dangerous is waiting to happen.

The final track – Argentum Astrum – is a beautifully written and haunting 17-minute track that preys on the listeners sensibilities through different atmospheres and emotions. Domovoyd prove what an incredible band they are by blending intricate riffs played at a quiet melodic level for the first few moments or so. Then the band let loose for one epic final assault on the senses. All of the different styles combine to give the listener an incredible audio experience that you will not forget.

And that brings an end to this incredible album. It may put some listeners off but if you are looking for a different type of Psych Rock experience then I cannot recommend this highly enough. Domovoyd have released a brilliant album that should win praise from both fans and critics.

Awesome. End Of.

Oh Sensibility will be out on CD/Vinyl via Svart Records on Oct 11 2013. Thanks to Nathan for sending ourselves a promo.

You can check the band from the links below.

BandCamp - Headover to BandCamp where you can downlod their brilliant EP's for free.