Saturday, 21 September 2013

Mountain High

Demo cover art

Mountain High is an Instrumental Stoner Metal Band from Philadelphia, USA

The members are: Aaron, Matt, Chris.

All I can say about this band is - Thank Fuck for Mountain High!!!

A superb Instrumental Stoner Metal band who deal in loud, epic and heavy riffs. If you're a fan of Karma To Burn, Sleep and High On Fire then your going to go fucking crazy over Mountain High. Their S/T demo is a fucking blast of blazing riffs from start to finish.

The 21 minute EP will rock you to the core. Huge riffs are waiting to be discovered. So headover to BandCamp and download this now. You know from the opening riffs from Gravity that this is going to be something special indeed. And it fucking is!!!

An epic 9 minute track driven along by a thumping bass line with superb drumming and guitar riffs to match. This is the perfect track to smoke your BONG to!!! - It's a brilliant weed influenced odyssey into the realms of hazy riffs.

Check out the excellent 2nd track - Shroomie - A future Stoner anthem if I have ever heard one. Another great track full of killer riffs. Mountain High rely heavily on the bass guitar once again to give their music a heavy pounding kick.

The final track - Suneater - is a 7:37 minute track blending psychedelic riffs with more top-notch Weedian Stoner Metal riffage. OK it might not be the most original of sounds but I don't fucking care. I just want more of what these brilliant Stoner Metallers has to offer. RIFFS!!!!

Stoners Unite - you don't want miss out on this excellent EP. You can download it free from BandCamp. So headover their now. You won't be sorry.

Light up your bong. Put the volume on your MP3 player to maximum level and press Play. Mountain High are indeed going to get you fucking HIGH!!!

Awesome. End of.

Check the band from the links below