Saturday, 28 September 2013

Blood Red Water - All The ill's of Mankind - Review

All the Ills of Mankind cover art

Blood Red Water is a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Venezia, Italy

The members are:

Michele: Antisocial vocals disorder
Fiorica: Alcoholic cymbals
Volt: Feedback junkie
Gianluca: Yakuza Bass
Eric: Downunder Guitar

Blood Red Water is a band that I featured before back in 2012 when I reviewed their excellent debut EP. It received praise within the Stoner Metal world for its stylish heavy thick riffs that packed a lot of groove as well. Now 18 months later Blood Red Water back with their new EP – All the ills of Mankind.

A crunching 28-minute blast of heavy Sludge/Stoner Metal Riffs to crush your entire body to. Blood Red Water is back more powerful than ever. They have added a more venomous bite to their music. More hard edged and that little bit more dangerous than their previous release.

First track – A Ride in the Funhouse – is a seriously creepy affair that starts with a sinister bloodcurdling laugh looming in the background before the band unleashes their heavy brutal riffs on the unsuspecting listener. Vocalist Michele comes across as more disturbing and possessed version of Lemmy at his magnetic legendary best. A great opening track from the EP. It shows that Blood Red Water is a band with added menace to match the great riffs on show.

Second Track – Megalophobia – carries on the hard-edged tone the band laid down on the previous. It starts off at a slow pace, cranking up the tension with each passing second before unleashing more violent, crunching head-banging riffs for you to devour. – Crank up the volume and you will be rewarded with some fine instrumental work from the band.

It is cool that Blood Red Water is combining their love of horror movies and heavy pulsating Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal vibes. This is definitely true for the superb 3rd track – Bad Trip In A Toxic Mind – which combines the tension of a classic 70s/80s Horror movie with pummelling brutal riffs. Michele’s vocals have an unsettling deranged feel to them that adds more scares to the music on show. Probably my fave track on the EP as the band has a slight Church of Misery vibe going on.

I have given you a brief rundown on what to expect so am not going to spoil any more surprises for you. However, Blood Red Water have left some of the heavier riffs for the last two excellent tracks – The Outstanding Loss and Thundersnow In Venice. Expect brutal vocals plus riffs and soundbytes to send some unexpected thrills and spills your way.

Blood Red Water are on fine demented form through out the EP. It’s expertly played and produced by everyone involved. This EP marks a natural progression for the band from their last EP. It’s a better record in every possible way. Blood Red Water should be very proud of this EP as it’s going to win them a lot of praise.

On this evidence, I can’t wait to hear what their debut full-length record will sound like. I hope more of the same as the band have found a winning formula hear. Why change with perfection.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

You can now buy – All The ill’s of Mankind – on CD and DD via BandCamp. Thanks to the band for sending me a promo copy to review.

You can download their excellent first EP - Tales of Addiction And Despair - from BandCamp for free. So check it out.

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