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Håkan Interviews Moonbow

The End of Time cover art

Today Håkan is interviewing ace USA Stoner Rockers - Moonbow. Håkan recently reviewed their excellent debut - The End Of Time - and said this about the album.

"This is rock'n'roll as it is supposed to be...full speed ahead, full of riffs and enough grit to break into Fort Knox!

This album came as a very nice surprise because sadly I had no idea the band even existed, so shame on me. However, there's no time to sob about that. Go to CD Baby and pre-order End Of Time if that's possible, if not wait until it is released and order it then. Because if you are into great, heavy rock'n'roll this is a must in your collection and Moonbow are too good to be ignored. Buy it, grab a fifth of Jim Beam and get a case of Yuengling and press will not regret it, not even if you have the hangover from hell the next day!"

1. For those not in the know, who are Moonbow? And how did you get together?

David: Moonbow is a heavy rock/metal/stoner band from Kentucky/southern Ohio area. Matt Bischoff-vocals, David McElfresh-guitar, Ryan McAllister-bass, Steve Earle-drums. Basically Matt and I had known each other from the local music scene and as I was out on tour with Hank3 sometime in 2010, Matt had mentioned that he’d like to do a project together. So we got together when I was off tour and started kicking some riffs around and writing, which led to getting a hold of Ryan of (Valley of the Sun) and hooking up with Steve through some mutual friends.

2. Your debut End Of Time is at the time of writing not released yet. But it will be available from CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon at the end of August. It's very much a DIY effort and is your plan to remain independent or are you looking for a label?

David: When we got together as a band, our goal was to write a bunch of kick ass original music, record and play some shows. See where it goes from there. Moonbow is a very special band, and it is a true honor to be playing in this band. We are totally open to whatever comes our way. Our goal is to keep writing records together and tour and really make music what we do. If that means getting on a label, that must mean it was meant to be. Life is a journey and we are doing what we love no matter what.

3. You utilized Kickstarter to fund the recording of the album and you obviously reached your goal since the album is coming out. But was a close call to meet the deadline to meet the target? Is Kickstarter something you recommend others to use?

David: I think Kickstarter is a really great way to gain funding for any music, movie, art project etc. There is also Indiegogo and I’m sure others that are similar. But I think goals should be realistic, however if you miss your goal you can always start another campaign an lower the amount, or if you believe and love your project.... it may take ones own (bands) help as well to complete funding.

4. What are your immediate plans once the album is released? Is a full tour on the cards?

David: To play a belated album release is on the books for Nov 22nd. Then probably play some regional shows and make some plans for after the holidays to see what we can get going with booking etc.

5. The belated release party you have scheduled for November with American Rail Council and OpposumHoller, will there be any other musical guest that night?

Matt: We will be just having a 3 band bill that night. But I assure you that there will be a nice variety of the musical spectrum handed to the listener by all the bands.

6. It seems to me that Moonbow has a pretty solid fan base. That's pretty impressive since your debut album is about to be released. Have you played a lot of shows to garner all these fans?

David: Actually we have only played about 4 live shows since the band was formed, but having several of us that have been active in music for some time, it always helps “out of the gate” to get that “word of mouth” going.

7. Was it difficult to get John Garcia on board for the song Take It For Granted? After all, Steve Earle played with him in Hermano for quite a few years.

Matt: John Garcia is a dear friend of mine. I met John in 1997 when he was touring with Slo Burn. We have been great friends ever since. To me, John is one of my favorite singers. I asked John if he wanted to sing on our record and he was stoked. ”Take if for Granted” is a real personal song to John. We gave him full control of the song vocally and he killed it. It is a true honor to have John as a part of our debut record.

8. Since doing such an excellent contribution on End Of Time and also being a good friend of the band, do you think there will be more collaborations with John Garcia?

Matt: I definitely think that we will work with John on some future collaborations. John is one of my dear friends and a great singer. All of us love music. We love songwriting. Moonbow is just getting started and I am stoked for the future. It was really cool to hear what John came up with on "Take It For Granted." We gave him the track and gave him full control of vocals. He worked on it in between his busy times with Unida shows and the Vista Chino record. I am super happy with how it turned out

9. The opening 30 seconds of the title track, End Of Time, is straight folk music with nothing but fiddles and an acoustic guitar. Do you guys play that part or is that local folk musicians taking care of that?

David: I played the instruments in the intro. Wanted to bridge an 'old time' sound with the electric heaviness..As very much old time music is pretty damn heavy.

10. Spinning of the previous question a little bit how much of your music is inspired by Kentucky? Is the famous bourbon trail more of an inspiration than local music?

David: I guess there was a bit of inspiration from Ky in some of the music and lyrics. I would say that we aren’t influenced by local music too much. We have all played for a while now, traveled alot and I guess we just write and inspiration really comes from within.

11. How did you come up with the name Moonbow?

Matt: Ah we all were somewhat brainstorming and I had a list of a few names and Moonbow happened to be one on my list. Its from the “lunar rainbow” that can be formed at Cumberland Falls in southern Ky.

12. I know Ryan McAllister is still in Valley Of The Sun so how about the rest of you: Matt Bischoff, David McElfresh and Steve Earle? Are you in other bands as well or is Moonbow you priority?

David: I have played fiddle and metal guitar with Hank Williams III on the road and some studio recording since 09’ and am still an active member. Also, I played in metal band Lethal during the 90’s and have recently played a few reunion shows and festivals.

13. Are all members living close to each other or are you spread out? Valley Of The Sun are from Cincinatti, OH which isn't too far from Dry Ridge, KY if I'm not mistaken.

Matt: We are all pretty close to one another. We all live in the Cincinnati/Kentucky area and jam out in Dry Ridge, KY at The Moon Room. Every week, I drive to Steve Earles house to pick up him and Ryan and we drive out to Davies to jam. It is a nice drive. Beautiful countryside.

14. What are your final words to your fans?

David: Hopefully Moonbow will see YOU very soon at a show!! In the meantime, stop by our web page at give us a listen and tell a friend! Cheers!

Written by Håkan Nyman
Thanks to Moonbow for taking time out in talking to Håkan. Much appreciated guys. Thanks to my good friend Mona for arranging this interview for Håkan.

The End Of Time will be available is available from all good stockists now.

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