Sunday, 1 September 2013

Electric Ruin

Electric Ruin cover art

Electric Ruin is a Stoner Rock Band from Ottawa, Canada

The members are:

Eric Dickman - Drums
Jason "Wookie" Wickware - Bass
Phil Champagne - Guitar
Ray Dickman - Guitar
David Touchette - Vocals

Well here is a great new band by the name of Electric Ruin. If you're into Brant Bjork. Kyuss, Clutch and other legendary Stoner Rock bands then you're going to dig this a whole lot.

Read their superb bio:

"Electric Ruin began life in 2012 as an a capella polka outfit called Acapolka. Quickly becoming embittered by the politics of polka they chose to move on to greyer pastures. However, grazing on those grey, mushroom covered pastures resulted in a week long hallucinatory nightmare. Relentlessly pursued by a 10 foot tall, purple, snarling, drooling, three-headed tuba player, the boys ran for seven days straight, with only more mushrooms for sustenance. "No one leaves Polka!", two heads would scream while the middle one blew a chilling, though titillating, constant low B-flat on his tuba.

Most of the details of this week are still sealed in the heads of those involved. But after extensive plastic surgery and new names, the boys did just what that monstrous tubist asserted they could not. They formed Electric Ruin... and not a hint of polka remains."

So these guys have a great sense of humour to match the excellent riffs on show on their S/T EP. This is straight forward Stoner Rock full of groove and hard kicking riffs. 

The EP has a strong Psych Rock vibe. If you were disappointed by the last QOTSA album then the Psych Stoner Rock jams of Jettison will restore your faith once again. Some sublime vocals matched with excellent psych riffs gives Electric Ruin a great rocking edge.

But the main reason to download this excellent EP is the 7:46 minute epic - Yawning Gods. Probably one of the finest Blues/Stoner/Psych Rock songs you will hear this year. The band are on fine form here laying down riff after riff.

Yeah this is an excellent EP indeed. Electric Ruin will brighten up your day with their superb blend of Psych/Stoner Rock riffs. I can sense a brilliant full length record coming from these guys in the not so distant future.

You can download Electric Ruin on Buy Now Download. Don't miss this.

Simply Unmissable. End Of.

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