Saturday, 21 September 2013

Maeth - Oceans Into Ashes

Oceans Into Ashes cover art 

Maeth is a Psych/Sludge/Post-What-The-Fuck-Ever Metal Band from Saint Paul, MN, USA

The members are:

David Ports - Guitar
Boone Epstein - Bass
Jay Schwartz - Drums
Sam Tygiel - Guitar/Flute

Maeth are a band who are very hard to describe as they blend so many different genres into their music. Sludge, Doom, Post-Metal, Ambient and Psychedelic Rock into something quite incredible to listen to.

They have been on the blog before when I reviewed their last excellent release - Horse Funeral. But fuck - the band have outdone themselves here with their brilliant new album - Oceans Into Ashes. An epic 64 minute blast of amazing riffs to check out. 

Though the band make you work hard for the action packed riffs. The album has a very schizophrenic feel. One moment the album is straight out Sludge/Post-Metal and the next it ventures into psychedelic art rock. So don't go expecting a straight forward album. As Oceans Into Ashes is multi-complex affair that you will need your wits about you.

The band have written the perfect blend of epic tracks that will soon get your heart pumping. Check out the grandiose riffs of Nomad, Wolves, Troödon and brilliant Big Sky. Maeth have added a couple of shorter paced tracks strategically placed for the listener to catch their breath before going on another twisted and wonderful musical journey into the unknown.

Oceans Into Ashes is a progressive metal fans wet dream come to life. The amount of ideas that Maeth have included is simply astonishing. It has already given Maeth a considerable fanbase but I can see that growing once this incredible starts working it's way round the Sludge Metal community. It's too good to fucking ignore.

I have been listening to the album for the past couple of weeks now and it simply becomes a better album with each and every listen. You soon start to appreciate the time and effort the band have put into this album. It's a complex listen but once the album has you hooked then there is no escaping.

Oceans Into Ashes is a fucking masterpiece. A truly wonderful experience unlike no other. Just headover to BandCamp and download this now on Buy Now Download. You won't be sorry.


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