Monday 27 February 2012

Banda de la Muerte Album Review

Banda de la Muerte is a Stoner Metal Band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The members are:

Seba Barrionuevo
Guillermo Gómez

Banda de la Muerte play a fast paced blend of Modern Stoner Metal mixed in with elements of hard rock.

This hugely talented band was posted here last year with their brilliant debut album which received acclaim all over the place.

Well these guys were never a band to rest on their laurels and the guys are back with their brilliant new album “Pulso de una mente maldita” due for release in 29th March 2012 just in time when they start their much anticipated European Tour.

I have to thank Banda de la Muerte for sending me an advanced copy of their amazing new album.

The new album is a 9 song and 32 minute blast of superb high energetic Stoner Metal riffs. All sang in the band’s native tongue again as like their previous album. But don’t let that put you off as these guys play a superb modern Stoner Metal riff that can rival any top-notch Stoner Metal band.

The 9 songs on show are all superbly produced and the band has come on leaps and bounds from their debut album. The songs are heavier, more fast-paced and have a great sense of passion around them.

My Spanish speaking skills are next to none but these guys make you really care about the music they are singing about. There are no hardcore/death grunt growls. Just superb clean vocals with high energy and passion all the way through the bands swift running time.

If you’re into fast-paced Stoner Metal then you need to check these guys out right now. As these guys are brilliant musicians and show how to play a mean fast-paced Stoner Metal riff over and over again.

Some people might think the album might be on the short side but I think it’s on the right time. As it has more than its fair share of top-notch Stoner Metal riffs to satisfy the most jaded of listener.

Standout tracks include – “Tiempo Muerto”, “Enspirtu en paz” and the awesome title track which is my fave track on this outstanding album.

As this bulls upon what the band have shown in the previous 8 songs. Brilliant high energetic Stoner Metal riffs with passionate vocals to match.

All in all this is a superb album by one of South America’s finest upcoming Stoner Metal Bands. It’s not hard to see why these guys are getting such a well deserved reputation on the international Stoner/Sludge Scene along with their fellow South American brothers in arms – CULTURA TRES . Who they are doing a few dates with in Europe as well. More Info Here.

If you can catch them on their European Trek I would recommend you catch them now. As these guys are awesome on stage. Well from what I have seen on Youtube.

But back to their outstanding new album. This album should rightly put Banda De La Meurte on the International Stoner Metal Map as a band to be reckoned with.

I urge you all to buy this brilliant album when it’s released in April 2012. These guys are going to become a lot more famous in the next 12 months or so. They have the material to back-up their undeniable talent.

If you want to hear more then go download their brilliant debut album for free from BandCamp and see why the hype is actually justified.

A brilliant album by a brilliant band. Great work guys.

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All The Empires Of The World Are Back!!!

All The Empires Of The World are an Atmospheric Sludge/Ambient/Post-Metal Band from Nottingham UK

The members are:

Mark: Guitar
Damon: Guitar
Josh: Not Guitar

All The Empires Of The World are a brilliant hypnotic Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal band mixing Doom, Drone, Post-Rock and Ambient Rock to brilliant effect.

These guys have been on this blog before. And I included their brilliant 2011 album “Return” as one of my top records of 2011 which I still always rave on about.

The guys proved with “Return” they were indeed masters at mixing the loud heavy sludge/post-metal riffage with superb experimental ambient/post-rock passages.

Well they guys are back with probably their most challenging and most creative work to date – “Old Gods, Old Worlds, Old Wounds” which is available for free download from BandCamp.

This album is a 7 song 42 minute ride into a long-forgotten world that is held together by a huge wall of loud sludge/post-metal riffs mixed in with top-notch experimental ambient drone-based post-rock landscapes.

This album isn’t easily compared to their earlier albums which I instantly fell in love with. As this is the bands most experimental and creative work to date. It’s not exactly Sludge, Post-Metal or Post Rock but a superb mixture of many different genres.

“Old Gods, Old Worlds, Old Wounds” has been stripped back to spell-binding effect. People expecting a loud onslaught of Sludge/Post-Metal riffs might be slightly disappointed. To be fair I was as well especially compared to their last brilliant album – “Return”.

But the more I listened to this the more I began to appreciate this superb album. The band have created a truly haunting and astonishing piece of work that demands multiple listens to get the albums full effect.

The album is more of an odyssey than a collection of songs. Each song has a different story to tell and mostly a different vibe to each individual song.

The band expertly mix Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal with elements of Post-Rock/Drone/Ambient Music to great effect to give the listener an experience they won’t soon forget.

The opening track “Demon Rises” is a 4 minute sombre Post-Rock/Ambient driven affair that slowly builds at its own pace before the next lengthy track kicks in.

“The Lion” is a 10 minute epic which showcases familiar ATEOTW territory. Loud heavy distorted Sludge/Post Metal riffs with a great Droning atmosphere to it. Wait till the riffs kick off near the 5 minute mark.

These two songs tell you what to expect from the remainder of this amazing album. I am not going to spoil it anymore for the listener as I want you to discover this for yourselves.

The production is excellent and you can hear every note played to perfection. Equally both on the loud heavy Sludge/Post-Metal parts and the equally restrained Drone/Ambient/Post-Rock aspects of the album.

As stated before this is not an easy album to listen to. Some people might not give this the chance it truly deserves but if you do you will be rewarded with a brilliant album to listen to time and time again.

OK I might rate “Return” slightly higher but this is still quite frankly a brilliant and astonishing album to listen to.

“Old Gods, Old Worlds, Old Wounds” proves that All The Empires Of The World are probably the best Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal Band the UK has to offer at the moment.

Simply Amazing. You can download this brilliant album for Free Download From BandCamp Right Now. I urge you all to do this.

Highly Recommended!!! Check This Great Band Below:



Resurgens Cover Art

Undead Viking Mafia (UVM) is a Sludge/Stoner Metal band from Atlanta, GA.

UVM play a fast paced blend of Stoner, Sludge and Hardcore Punk to loud, mean and brutal effect. Taking influence from the legendary NOLA scene but adding a great Hardcore Punk vibe to their style of hard-hitting Stoner/Sludge Metal.

All I can say about this band is if you like fast-paced hard hitting Sludge/Stoner Metal with a great social hardcore punk commentary added to it, then UVM are the band for you.

They have just released their superb new album – “Resurgens” – An 8 song 28 minute blast of hard-hitting Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs with intense hardcore based vocals to match.

3 of the songs are studio based tracks while the remaining 5 tracks are from a live gig. So you get the best of both worlds. Studio Based Output along with actual live recordings.

And to tell you what even though the studio tracks are superbly played and produced. This album comes alive when the live tracks kick in. As these guys are seriously a superb live act and these tracks captures them at their undeniable and magnetic best.

Full of superb hard-hitting Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs with great vocals to match. This release is simply a superb blast from start to finish. Featuring a great mix of Sludge//Stoner Metal blended with pure hardcore punk aggression.

All of the tracks are superbly produced and this is a release I recommend you download right now for free from their BandCamp Page. As it’s a 30 minute blast of top-notch Sludge/Stoner Metal thrill ride you will be taking time and time again.

You can also download this superb release from the SoundCloud Page which as a few more bonus remix tracks.

So get checking out this great band now. You won’t be sorry. A great release from another great Sludge/Stoner Metal band to look out for.

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Schematics for Gravity Cover Art

Schematics For Gravity is a Post-Metal Band from Sweden

The members are:

Erik Silverberg - Vocals
Chris Campbell - Guitar
Anders Lundgren - Bass
Martin Nilsson - Guitar
Pontus Landgren - Drums 

Schematics For Gravity play superb hard-hitting Post-Metal that takes influence from the usual crowd of genre crowd-pleasures –  ISIS, Rosetta, Sigur Rós, Explosions in the Sky and Cult of Luna.

But don’t let that think this superb band are mere copycats as they are not. They add some soothing Post-Rock Ambient Guitars to the mix with superb hardcore sludge based vocals which all top-notch Post-metal bands need. And this band falls under that description.

The band have released their superb S/T new release. A 3 song 24 minute blast of finely tuned Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal riffage that boasts superb instrumental work from start to finish.

If you’re a fan of the above bands this is one band you cannot ignore. Their debut EP is simply Unmissable. It’s full of loud, heavy and passionate riffs to get stuck into.

The 3 songs on offer has the right blend of Post-Rock/Post-Metal quiet & loud dynamics you expect from a top-notch Post-Metal band.

It’s superbly produced from start to finish and will have you begging for more when the final seconds are over.

A superb EP from another great Post-Metal Band to keep an eye on.

My fave track is the 10 minute epic “An Entire Ocean Under Scarred Skin” as it showcases this bands talent of mixing Post- Rock, Post-Metal, Sludge and Ambient Noises to brilliant effect .A very haunting experience indeed.

You can download this brilliant release on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal and I recommend you do this now.

Highly Recommended!!! Great Work Guys.

Check This Band Below:


Check out my fave track "“An Entire Ocean Under Scarred Skin" from their outstanding new EP.


Mammut are a Stoner Metal band from Sweden

Mammut play a fast paced blend of Stoner Metal. Nothing new or original here but Mammut are a great band who know how to play a mighty fine Stoner Metal riff that will have you head-banging in no time.

I have to thank Johan for emailing about his great band's music. Their bio should tell you all you need to know.

Mammut has got it´s roots in 2003 when Johan Hedqvist, Johan Eliasson, Jonas Wedin and Daniel Bergström went to the same school outside of Stockholm, Sweden. They were 15 years old and played some punk and Iron Maiden-covers in a garage. Names and line-ups were changed over the years but the band took it´s final form in 2006 when drummer Daniel Lyngman joined the band. The band name was leChuck, after the computer games pirate, and after loads of demo recordings and live shows the band was playing stoner rock mixed with sludge and doom influences. The lyrics being in Swedish the band name was changed to Mammut in late 2011. Homunkulus, the band´s debut EP, was released early 2012. Influences are Swedish heavy metal band November, Kyuss, Sleep, Neurosis, Kylesa, ISIS and early Iron Maiden among many others. "

They have a superb EP up for free download from their SoundCloud Page. Homunkulus. A 4 song 20 minute action packed Stoner Metal thrill ride that has superb top-notch Stoner Metal riffs from start to finish with great vocals to match.

The EP is superbly produced and you can hear every great stoner riff to perfection.

These guys have a great talent of writing and playing a top-notch modern Stoner Metal riff especially on Grottan and the title track. Heck all of the songs have great Stoner Riffs.

The EP shows Mammut are band with great future and are definitely worth checking out and demands your attention right now.

I would love to hear more of the Hardcore/Sludge Metal based vocals that pops up now and again on this great EP. There is nothing wrong the vocals here as they are very good indeed. Just the harsher vocals would have given this great EP a more hard-edged vibe to it.

But we can’t have everything. So all in all this is a great EP for everyone to check out. Great stuff.

Highly Recommended.

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Sunday 26 February 2012

Sunpocrisy -Samaroid Dioramas- Review

Sunpocrisy are a Post/Progressive Metal band from Brescia Italy. Comprising of
Matteo Bonera: Guitars & Art
Carlo Giulini: Drums
Stefano Gritti: Synth & Live Visuals
Jonathan Panada : Guitars & Vocals
Marco Tabacchini: Guitars & Noise
Gabriele Zampieri: Bass & Vocals

They play a highly technical brand of music, full of crushing riffs, weaving rhythms, soaring vocal parts and atmospheric keyboards.
Sunpocrisy also put a lot of thought and work into their music, having an ambitious approach to visuals/artwork and lyrics.
Their latest album Samaroid Dioramas , is a conceptual affair about different elements of the universe and the artwork is based and reflects the story.

The music is reminiscent of great bands like Between The Buried And Me, Burst, The Ocean . They have created an album of high quality that fans of Prog/technical metal will love.


Big Cartel

Saturday 25 February 2012

Good To Die Records-Label Profile.

Its not often I feel compelled to recommend an entire Record Label . The Acts and releases so far from Seattle based Good To Die Records are so good it would be criminal not to.
Founded by Nick Christofferson  , who has been gaining respect for years with his Seattlerockguy blog he has quickly assembled some stunning bands.

GTD first came to my attention through Sandrider , I'd heard the name mentioned and checked them out . They were GTD's second release, and their debut is a must have. Featuring members of the band "Akimbo" Sandrider like Sludgelord favs Summoner assault you with a barrage of riffs and and hook laden songs. In the Vein of Torche and Baroness while also bringing to mind some classic Soundgarden or Mudhoney , I was so impressed by Sandrider that I checked GTD's other artists. See more Here

Monogamy Party are another find, a noise/grind/fuzz attack , a Bass and drums combo bringing to mind Big Business and the alt-punk of These Arms Are Snakes. Listen Here

Next up Brokaw, a truly
amazing band , in style pretty unique, somewhere between the intensity of Unsane and chaos of Jesus Lizard. Their debut is essential . Listen Here

Absolute Monarchs, demonstrate the diversity of GTD, playing a 90's style of alternative indie rock. They have just finished recording their debut with Matt Bayles(Mastodon, Isis,Botch) and is released next month.  Listen/Download Here

Dog Shredder are the newest to the label and Nick has signed another quality band . Their debut pre-GTD is available here , and have their new ep due next month also. Listen/Download Here

Good To Die are putting Seattle back on the map for quality heavy music, this time though no need for lumberjack shirts and converse all-star wearing self-loathing. Just an appetite for face melting music and originality required. Its only a matter of time before everyone is talking about this label and their stunning artists get in early .

Summoner-Phoenix review (part II)

Riff Cannon(Now Summoner) have returned and Steve has already submitted his excellent review. Such is the quality I had to submit my own views on their new album, "Phoenix"

The name may have changed but the "Riff Cannon" is still fully loaded and ready to fire.
I was a big fan of "Mercury Mountain", and when I heard about the name change and a new album I was excited to say the least.
Summoner are now here and their first release under the moniker is "Phoenix", an apt title and a fantastic album.
There are so many catchy riffs, crushing rhythms here your head may explode. Fans of Baroness, Kylesa, Torche will love this album, Summoner have really honed their songwriting and developed their sound . These songs are crying out to be played live, while listening I have an overwhelming urge to see them.  I can envisage packed venues ,beers+fists held aloft in appreciation of the riff-fest.
There is more to Summoner than heads down rocking though. There are some real melodic moments here and a healthy dose of psychedelic trippy moments , maybe reflecting some of their influences like Atomic Rooster and Hawkwind.

Tracks like "Phoenix","Reclaimer" and "Dead Moon" showcase a more subtle approach and some truly amazing guitar work . These songs come after the opening triple assault of "The Interloper"," Winged Hessians" and "Conjuring". A relentless salvo coming across like the bastard child of Thin Lizzy and Motorhead in a bar fight with Torche and Baroness. Summoner have a sound of their own though and enough quality to ensure they stand out from any crowd. The production is warm and fuzzy with a 70's analogue feel, and the musicianship is excellent.

You need this album in your life, the band are working on a CD/Vinyl release but from next week "Phoenix" will be available on Bandcamp. Since I got this album I've listened to nothing else , highly recommended is probably an understatement.


Thursday 23 February 2012



SUMMONER are as Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Boston, USA.

The members are:

Chris Johnson (Vox/Bass)
Scott Smith (Drums)
Joe Richner (Guitar)
AJ Peters (Guitar)

SUMMONER play a heavy blend of Psych, Sludge, Stoner, Doom, Space Rock to outstanding effect. 

You might remember these guys as RIFF CANNON. Well they are back with a new album and a great heavier new sound from their superb 2009 debut album - MERCURY MOUNTAIN. Which was acclaimed all over the place.

Why the change of name. Well I will let the guys tell you.

"Like a Phoenix, SUMMONER rises from the ashes of RIFF CANNON to be reborn and start anew. With the new moniker, came the inspiration and title for the newest album from the Boston quartet. Phoenix. After releasing their first album Mercury Mountain to much acclaim from fans and critics, they found the one downfall of the album was that it didn't capture their high energy live performance, for which they were known." 

So SUMMONER was born. And the guys are about to release their amazing new album -Phoenix on 28th February 2012 via Digital Download. With hopefully Vinyl and CD in the near future.

Well like the famed Phoenix rising from the flames. SUMMONER have risen from the ashes and released an outstanding new album.

It's an 8 song 49 minute blast of top-notch Stoner/Sludge/Doom/Space Rock riffage which the band should rightly be proud of.

It has riffs that Mastodon, Thin Lizzy, Torche would be proud to call their own. But all done in a wholly original way. This album is one cool fucking ride into the Psych Metal World.

The album gets right down to business with "The Interloper". A 4 minute blast of superb Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs that will have you head-banging in no time.

Then "Winged Hessians" comes out of the starting block showcasing riffs that will give Mastodon & Thin Lizzy a run for their money. The song includes amazing psych based prog-sludge dual guitar metal riffs with superb vocals to match.

Next up is "Conjuring". A 4 minute blast which does have shades of Mercury Mountain but blended in with their new Summoner sound. The best of both worlds for to showcase this great bands talent.

The album contains a fucking brilliant 9:15 minute epic "Let The Light In.". A song which shows what this band does brilliantly well. Fusing all of their respective genres into something fresh and wholly original which will have you begging for more.

The remaining 4 songs are just as great as the first 4 tracks especially the 8 minute epic "Dead Moon". A song that soon gets under your skin and doesn't leave until the dying seconds.

I listened to this album non-stop today and I just loved it each and every time that I listened to it. 

The album is superbly produced and you can tell the guys have took their time to create a brilliant album to release upon the world. 

SUMMONER say this album is a true reflection of their live persona. Well if this is the case then I want SUMMONER to come to the UK as I would travel anywhere to see them. They are seriously that great.

Riff Cannon maybe dead. But SUMMONER have risen from the ashes to release an album that will most definitely be considered one of 2012 best releases. 

Whatever you do just buy this album when it comes out. Give the guys all your support and hopefully they will release more amazing albums like this.

All I can say is FUCKING WOW. An outstanding and brilliant release in my humble opinion.

Highly Recommended!!!

(PJSludge will be doing his own review very soon as he is a big fan of this great band as well.)

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Check out the amazing "Let The Light In" from their brilliant new album "Phoenix".


SON.R26 / Unnamed Cover Art

Arms Of Ra is an Atmospheric Sludge Metal Band from France

The members are:

Mathieu - Chant & Synthé
Pierre - Batterie
Pierre Alain - Basse
Simon - Guitare 

Arms Of Ra play a hard hitting blend of Atmospheric Sludge fused with Doom/Crust/Post-Hardcore metal. Taking influence from Neurosis, ISIS, Cult Of Luna to paint a hard hitting take on the genre.

Arms Of Ra have been on this blog-spot before with their 2009 debut EP which I originally raved very highly.

Well Arms Of Ra are back with their stunning follow-up and first full-length album. – “Unnamed” – A 6 song 31 minute blast of sublime Sludge riffs blended in Doom/Crust/Post-Hardcore vibes.

The album feels like twice as long and contains brilliant Sludge Metal riffs to satisfy the most jaded of Atmospheric Sludge Metal fan.

The album is a very haunting and atmospheric work from one of France’s best kept secrets. These guys have taken their time and crafted a superior slice of Atmospheric Sludge metal that you all need hear.

The album starts off superbly with opener “Afterwards” a 5.18 minute blast of superb vocals and riffs to match to get you fully into the mood for Arms Of Ra.

And from then on the album has you in its grip until the dying seconds. The album is full of great songs that will have you head-banging in no time. The album is full of passionate vocals and lyrics to match the hard-hitting riffs on show. A perfect blend of how to do Sludge Metal mixed with Doom, Crust and Post-Hardcore that French Bands are beginning get a great reputation for. Especially by yours truly.

Other great tracks to check out is “I have the right to erase myself”, “Write my name and forget it” and my fave track the 9 minute classic track “To be acknowledged is to exist”.

As you can tell by the song titles this album has a got an intriguing story to it. As put by the band themselves “The story of a man trying to deconstruct himself and disappear from society.”

Not a happy story by any means and the music paints this picture. It’s a deeply un-settling and haunting atmosphere which the band pull of brilliantly. This is what Atmospheric Sludge Metal should be about. Heavy riffs, passionate vocals and a superb concept to match. And Arms Of Ra succeed on all counts on this great release.

Arms Of Ra have turned into better musicians and writers since their last release. The vocals, instrumental work are heavier, louder, angrier and more passionate than ever before.

All in all this is a brilliant album you need to check out now. As Arms Of Ra are giving this album away for free. Well the 192 KPS version from their superb record label Swarm Of Nails via Mediafire also via BandCamp.

If you want a higher bit-rate then you will have to pay it from the BandCamp Page.

So get downloading now. If you like what you hear check out their superb debut EP as well.

A brilliant release from another great French Sludge Metal Band. Highly Recommended.

Check these superb Sludge Metallers below.



The Pledge Of Cain is a Sludge Metal Band

The members are:

Merk0))) S. : BASSDUBBING / VOKILLS (2005-still)
Ren0))) D. : FUZZWAVES / VOKILLS (2005-still)
Arn0))) D. : NOISESCAPES (2010-still)
Jumb0))) C. : DRONEPROPAGANDA / VOKILLS (2011-still)
Ravindranath0))) S-J : DRUMBOMBING (2011-still) 

The Pledge Of Cain is a bleak down-tempo Sludge Metal Band who have been featured before on this blog. And I raved about their brilliant album which you can still download for free.

If you haven’t done so then why not. As you’re missing out on a superb release that shake you to the very core.

Well the guys are back with their superb live album. Live At Carabar, Columbus. A 4 song 40 minute blast of brilliant Sludge Metal riffage that captures this amazing band at their very best on the live stage.

The album is brilliantly recorded for a live release. You can hear every bleak note played to perfection and to a brilliant crowd as well who take to this band in no time.

This release proves why Pledge Of Cain are one of my fave Sludge Metal bands currently around at the moment.

Their music is simply superb on both the live arena and in the studio. This is one hugely talented band that demands your attention now.

This is one of the best live releases I have heard in a very long time. It features the usual Pledge Of Cain classics “Rorschach”, “Carriers” and the brilliant “Magmatic Blood”.

It’s great to see a live release with no over-dubs and where you can hear an enthusiastic audience giving a band a great reception for the set they just played.

TPOC play a storming set and this release makes you feel your right in the thick of the action. You can hear every note played brilliantly well to loud, angry and brutal effect.

Simply a brilliant release from a brilliant band. What is even more you can download this superb release for free. Either from their excellent BandCamp Page and by Mediafire from their superb blog.

The band have even put up their superb debut EP "Doom-Laden Mortarshells" for free download as well from BandCamp. See where it all began as this EP is a great introduction to this superb band.

If you like what you hear check out all their brilliant releases from the links on BandCamp and Blogspot.

 Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:



William English is a Sludge/Thrash Metal Band From Thetfold, Norfolk, UK

The members are:

Vocals: Shane Miller
Drums: Joe Woodbury
Guitar: Daniel Bonfield
Guitar: Damien Taylor
Bass : Ryan Carter

William English play a bleak down-tempo blend of Sludge Metal. Taking infleunce from EYEHATEGOD, COUGH and many other great bands of that ilk but adding a great Thrash Metal vibe to their music.

Wiliiam English have just released their hugely enjoyable 2 song 8 minute demo available for free download from their Facebook and SoundCloud Pages.

If you’re a fan of those type of bands then get downloading now as this is hugely impressive stuff from a band to keep an eye out in future.

The songs are superbly produced and shows what the band can do really well. Great riffs, great vocals show that William English might have a good future ahead of them when they release their debut EP or full length record.

At Loggers Head is the best track of the bunch as its loud, mean, bleak and played with lots of thrash metal gutso you don’t see in a relatively new band but William English pull it off brilliantly well.

So give this band a look. You wont regret it. A superb band with an great demo to back up their undeniable talent.

Highly Impressive Work Guys. Let me know when your proper debut release is ready as I can’t wait to see what these talented sludge rockers have in store.

Check This Great Band Below.



Annabeth EP Cover Art

Tiger Lily is a Sludge Metal Band from Fresno, CA, USA.

The members are:

Bass/Vox- Moose

Tiger Lily play a hard-hitting blend of Sludge Metal mixed together with elements of Doom and Hardcore Punk to great effect.

Tiger Lily have just released their excellent EP called “Annabeth”. A 3 song 18 minute hard-hitting blast of superb heavy pounding fast-paced Sludge Metal music.

I thought I downloaded the EP as I thought I was listening to a Church Sermon of some kind as it has some religious type singing. But I needn’t have worried. Give it a minute and the first track “Heaven/Plagues” kicks into life shall we say with a bang.

And this release stays like this until the very last minute. By then this band have already won you over like they did with me.

Sometimes their music feels a little bit disjointed at times but this really adds to the atmosphere. As one minute you’re expecting a traditional Sludge Metal riff which then bursts into something else. Quite impressive with the different genres on show.

So all in all a great release from a great band to keep an eye on. You can download their superb debut album free from BandCamp.

The EP is superbly produced from start to finish which really shows the bands talents for heavy placed riffs to perfection. A great introduction to a great band. Let’s see what they do with a proper full length release in the future as they have the potential to release something truly special. Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:



Demo'11 Cover Art

Barrow are a Sludge/Post-Metal band from Minsk, Belarus.

The members are:

Maxim - guitar
Dasha - guitar
Maxim - vox
Evgeniy - bass
Nikita - drums

Barrow play a superb blend of Sludge/Post-Metal which is influenced by Pelican, ISIS and Neurosis

Their debut S/T Demo release is a superb offering that hits all the right buttons. It’s a 2 song 20 minute ride of top-notch Sludge/Post-Metal riffs to head-bang to with great vocals to match as well. Well on one of the songs you do – “Lay Me Down To Sleep”. The other song “Immolation In The Light Of Aurora” is a superb instrumental song.

For a demo release it’s superbly produced. It feels like a professional release than a Demo Release. The two songs on show here are great songs that shows what these guys can do. Play the right amount of sludge-based aggression mixed in with top-notch Post-Rock theatrics.

Barrow are top-notch musicians and their music draws you in from the start to give the listener a huge amount of great riffs to rock out to.

This release is available for free download from BandCamp and I urge you all to download this great release now. The band have informed me they are working on their new EP due for release shortly. But they want to get impressions from people first.

Well I am sold. Get that EP released soon guys as I think you have a bright future indeed. Superb Stuff.

So get downloading now. Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:



Zombie King are a Stoner Rock Band from France

The members are: Emeline, Jérôme, Ben, Charly

Zombie King play a fast and furious blend of Stoner Rock mixed with some truly haunting ambient effects. Parts Sabbath, Parts Fu-Manchu and at times Parts Church Of Misery with the haunting ambient effects.

This is a band not afraid to scare the viewer while also having a great time playing some superb Stoner Rock Riffs.

Zombie King have just released their superb 2nd album – Son Of The Witch. An 8 song 26 minute thrill ride of superb Stoner Rock riffs mixed in with a groovy occult soundtrack. Son Of The Witch are a rare breed in Stoner Rock circles. They are lead by a superb female vocalist Emeline who brings some haunting vocals to the table.

The album is full of great tracks to fully rock out. Fast, loud, scary in places but all delivered with a huge smile on your face. Zombie King are seriously talented musicians and prove it time and time again on this great album.

All of the tracks have superb titles which do portray a sense of fear but when you hear them this is like the above bands jamming on the same bill for fun.

The album is superbly produced, Its one of the loudest Stoner Rock records I have heard this year and possibly the most fun as well. Great Stuff. Highly Recommended

So do yourself a favour and check these great Stoner Rockers below:



Exitium Cover Art

Bädr Vogu  is a Sludge Metal band from Oakland, CA, USA

The members are

Justin - Drums
Sean - Vocals
Joe - Guitar
Rob - Bass
Bryce - Guitar
Leo-fill in Guitar

Bädr Vogu  play a heavily stylized brutal blend of Sludge Metal mixed in with Blues, Crust and Stoner Metal to superb effect.

These guys are getting a fearsome reputation in the Sludge Metal scene. They have played with such heavyweights as Eyehategod, Brainoil, Laudanum, Thou, Alaric, Gehena, Impaled, and Oroku.

The band released their brilliant and brutal new album “Exitium” in Summer 2011 and I am going to try to give this great album a review.

“Exitium” is a punishing bruising encounter of Sludge Metal that blends Blues, Doom, Crust Punk and Stoner Metal to superb effect.

This is a 7-song 48 minute blast of hard-hitting Sludge Metal riffs with brutal hardcore/death-metal vocals to match. This album isn’t for the faint of heart.

These guys are masters at writing a top-notch hard-hitting epic riffs. The album does have its fair share of epic tracks. 5 of them run past the 6 minute mark and it’s these tracks where the band comes to life the most.

This is where these guys show why they are getting such a well deserved reputation. These guys play loud, angry and heavy Sludge Riffs right from the start. There is no middle ground with Badr Vogu. You want it heavy all the through. You got it here in spades.

Tracks like “Wolves In The Ruin”, “Soliloquy Of Belligerence” and the 10:45 minute epic track “Extinguished” which happens to be my fave track on this superb album. Are all full of heavy pounding Sludge Riffs you will be pummelling your soul to time and time again.

It’s superbly produced and this has some of the best and loudest bass guitar playing I have heard in the last few years alone.

Bädr Vogu has produced a brilliant album which blends their genres superbly well. Stoner-Metal, Doom, Crust Punk all held together by a superb bleak down-tempo style of Sludge Metal that only Badr Vogu can deliver.

Superb Stuff. I urge you all to check this band out now. Another great addition to the Sludge Metal Underground.

You can buy this great release from BandCamp now

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below



Landforge-Servitude to Earth -Review

Landforge is a instrumental Post-metal/atmospheric doom project of Stephan Carter who also plays in previously Sludgelord featured Leafmulch see Here

Here's a bit of back round info on what Stephan is about.

Combining a number of influences ranging from post-rock to drone, Landforge's music is a melancholic blend of ethereal clean sections and pounding distorted riffs.

Originally conceived in early 2011, the project gained a healthy underground following with the debut full-length, a 40-minute album titled "Creation Cycle". Recorded entirely in a bedroom studio with budget equipment, the album was released in May 2011 and within days had racked up a considerable fan base on The album also received positive feedback on file sharing sites and blogs.

In light of the success of the first release, Stephan started work on the second album shortly afterwards, aiming to repeat the strong points of Creation Cycle while also addressing some of the weaker points, such as production quality. The second album, titled "Servitude to Earth", was released February 15th 2012.

"Servitude To Earth" has done what Stephan hoped to achieve building on his debut and improving. There is so much to take in and enjoy on this album, atmospheric passages , subtle melodies layering of guitars and distorted riffs. Each track packs a mighty punch,heavy riffs, and progressions building an almost cinematic feel at times. The album holds your attention throughout and each listen seems to reveal something you missed last time, a sign of a great multi-textured release.

This is a truly heavy record, though there is plenty to set it apart, Stephan is a talented musician who has crafted a compelling album. His already established fans will love it and it should gain him plenty of new followers.
2012 according to the Mayan calender is the year the world will end. Landforge may just have just released the soundtrack to the (alleged) impending apocalypse. Download it on the name-your-price deal below and check out more on Landforge .

Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Fierce And The Dead- Band Profile

We here at Sludgelord appreciate the heavy things in life, although hopefully like us you also like the quieter side also. The Fierce And The Dead would come in to the latter category, a four piece from London who play compelling experimental post-rock. Let the band themselves give you a bit more back round.

"The Fierce & The Dead came about from a recording experiment that was initially intended for Matt's second solo album, but it started to grow legs and arms and evolved into its own animal. They just feed it now and then and it spits noise back out. The music is based on loose compositions and structures and is improvised from there on in.
Their first EP 'Part 1' (one 19 minute long song) came out in 2010 to unexpected critical acclaim. They released their full length debut 'If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe' in May 2011, it features 10 tracks and guest saxophone performance from Terry Edwards. It is dedicated to the memory of close friend Dan Wilson who passed away during the recording of the album.
The band have played a string of live dates at the end of 2011 and have also recorded a new e.p, entitled On VHS, due for release in March 26th 2012. This will hopefully be followed by a second full length album in the Summer of 2012.

Matt, Kev and Stuart have played together on and off in various guises for over 10 years as well as performing with other bands and as solo artists. With several live dates booked the band welcomed a new member but an old friend, Steve Cleaton, on guitar, keyboards and fx."

Their album "If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe", is a eclectic work full of looped and layered guitars throbbing bass and even saxophone, creating a remarkable instrumental album, that never stands still.
March 26th will see the release of their new E.P. "On VHS", although if you pre-order it you should receive it a week early. Its one I'm really looking forward to and is the first to feature new guitarist Steve Cleaton. The Fierce And The Dead's Matt Stevens is also a talented and prolific solo artist and released the album Relic late last year. Both TFATD and Matt's music feature on Bandcamp and most is available on the popular "name your price" basis,  physical copies in most cases are also available. I highly recommend you check out this quality collection of musicians and their work and look out for future releases.

Monday 20 February 2012

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster - Exegesis Review


Sometimes you can have a Perception of a band while never really checking them out. I am guilty of that in this case having thought TNBD were a Explosions In The Sky style post-rock group. Although I like a lot of bands in that category I hadn't got round to checking them out.

Turns out my perception and failure not to check TNBD out sooner was idiotic. Not only are they a completely different beast to what I thought, I've also been missing out. They have released what I now think will be one of my albums of the year. Yes its early but its not a claim I make lightly, TNBD play an intense style of prog/post metal a mixture of the progressive textures of Tool with the atmospheric weight of Isis and the instrumental muscle of Pelican, although in no way are they generic copyists following well travelled paths. There is enough quality and gathering of ideas on display to ensure TNBD have a sound of their own, and its devastating.

They have excelled on new album Exegesis, creating an album that should see them recognised as leading lights in the UK scene. Album opener Fractal World sets the tone . Atmospheric rhythms building towards melodic guitar work with bass and drums at the forefront of the action also. The musicianship here is superb , there are moments of jaw-dropping brilliance all over the 8 tracks on offer, a blend of instrumental and vocal tracks which work equally well, Black Iron Prison in particular with its repeated cry of "And The Walls Will Come Down" as the song builds to a epic climax is stunning. All the tracks on offer are stand out and this is an album that grabs you from start to finish.

I can't praise/recommend this album enough, if you enjoy forward thinking metal/rock, and bands like Tool,Pelican + Rosetta TNBD might be your new favourite band . More info on this great band can be found below and links to purchase the album.


Friday 17 February 2012

KASPER ROSA - Band To Check Out

First Breath. First Blood. Cover Art

Kasper Rosa are a four-peice from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They play mainly Instrumental Post-Rock/Progressive metal.

They are a four piece featuring

J Ryan McCormick
Steven Butler
Dave Shannon
James 'Tree' Bruce

Kasper Rosa formed around 2009, they quickly started impressing even scoring a support slot with drone/doom titans Earth after only a few months.

They have toured/played with the likes of Vessels,65daysofstatic,Maybeshewill and many more. They have upcoming festival appearances and gigs planned throughout the year.

Kasper Rosa have released two Eps so far and more recently the singles , Coronal Mass Ejection and First Breath First Blood. The releases are available from their Bandcamp site the Eps being available on the Pay what you want deal. This band really stands out from the Post-Rock crowd, mainly due to a wide range of influences from Mastodon to Oceansize ,Radiohead and Opeth

The tracks have a real organic feel to them including at times acoustic guitar passages and gentle synth effects. The songs are never repetitive and although some approach 10 minutes in length they hold your attention throughout. It would be pointless to single out individual tracks for praise as they all are high quality though Scaling Mount Improbable is a particular live favourite.

Recently the tracks , Coronal Mass Ejection and First Breath, First Blood have included vocals. This only adds to the uniqueness of Kasper Rosa's sound and blend perfectly with the textures of intricate sounds and stomping rhythms . They are currently writing and planning for their first full length ,one that is high on my list of anticipated releases. Do yourself a favour go check these Belfast lads out right away, if you enjoy Progressive/Post Rock they will not dissapoint .



Zero Hour Cover Art

First up for me is a Two-girl instrumental Sludge/experimental/noise group from Portland. Palo Verde

Read more about them here,

These Girls don't mess about they record in a improvised manner and although they adopt a plug in and play philosophy it betrays the quality and cohesion of the tracks. What you get is slabs of Monolithic heavy guitars / wails of feedback and head crushing heavy drum fills.

Tracks though long pass easily constantly changing and although "improvised" have a structure while also evolving from the start . This album has excellent musicianship/production and for a two piece make an almighty noise. 

My Personal favourite is opener "Dark meadow for long night". With a spiralling opening riff giving way to a tribal-like drum beat and crashing Cymbals the drumming here reminds me of Kylesa, except they have two drummers this girl is pounding her kit herself, a sludge thick riff kicks in and from there the track ebbs and flows through passages of jaw-dropping heaviness and stop start grooves.

The four tracks here show what a talent these two have for crafting songs that hold your attention while pounding your brain with heavy grooves.

Recommended for fans of sludge/doom metal and bands such as Kylesa and Karma to Burn

At 4 songs and around 43 Minutes this is an album I'll be coming back to time and again and I'll be looking forward to more from this two-girl face-melting crew. 

The album is available here , with links to order in Various formats . 

Highly Recommended.


Hi all. Important News. A new member is joining Sludgelord to help me publish and promote all the superb bands in the Stoner/Sludge/Post-Metal/Doom/Black-Metal/Psych Realm.

He is called PJSludge and I have mentioned him a few times as he has recommended some great bands to me over the last few months or so. So I will let PJSludge now introduce himself.

"First of all allow me to introduce myself , I'm Phil you can find me on twitter@Pjsludge

I've known Steve (sludgelord) for some time and will be posting reviews,features as and when I can. My musical taste represents what's covered here everything sludge/stoner/post-rock/metal/electronica/doom."

I know you will all welcome Phil with open arms to the team. Normal service will be the same. Promoting brilliant bands to our loyal readers. Phil is going to write then next two articles. Enjoy!!!




Atavist of Mann Cover Art

HUATA are an Occult/Stoner/Sludge/Doom/Drone Metal Band from France

The members are:

Ronan Grall : Summon
Benjamin Moreau : Invoke
Christophe Marconato : Worship
Alexis Darnoux : Adore 

HUATA play a truly haunting and spell-binding blend of Stoner/Sludge/Doom/Drone Metal Music mixed with amazing Occult Psych based rock. This is becoming quite popular to great bands like Ghost and Ancient Vvisdom.

But HUATA are probably the best band I have heard so far in the Occult Rock Scene. The guys came onto the scene last year with their brilliant debut EP which got a few rave reviews. I stupidly didn’t post this at all even though it’s still available for free download. I urge you all to download this brilliant release now.

If you’re into Church Of Misery, Ghost, Ancient Vvisdom, Electric Wizard and Ramesses well you’re going to love this band. As HUATA play the same bleak type music but add a superb Psych Drone Metal vibe to proceedings.

They have just released their astonishing debut full length record – Atavist Of Mann. A 6-song 62 minute masterclass in Occult Driven Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal.

Atavist Of Mann blends classic Doom Metal/Stoner Metal with modern Sludge/Drone Metal influences brilliantly well. Throw in bleak down-tempo Occult Rock and you have a masterpiece of the genre.

This is an album that is not easy to define. You need multiple listens to determine what genre it falls under. I have listened to this about 4 times now and I am still discovering new pieces of this classic and amazing album.

Full of hypnotic riffs and sublime ambient vocals littered through out the albums running time.

This is a really challenging album to get into but if you stick with it you will find something extraordinary here. Believe me HUATA are going to be massive. This is where the hype is actually justified.

Don’t believe me. Well these guys have been invited to play Roadburn 2012 because of this superb album and the reputation they have forged in the short time they have been around. Catch them while you can. As like GHOST these guys will be one of the next big bands to check out.

The songs on show are simply classic examples on how to blend the many genres superbly and all done in an original way.

3 of the tracks run past the 12 and 15 minute mark and it’s these tracks where this album comes to life. With the tracks showcasing brilliant riffs, vocals and lyrics to match.

My fave tracks are the epic tracks especially the 15 minute epic “Thee Imperial Wizard”. My fave track is the 12:40 minute track “Fall Of The …”

If you’re into epic heavy albums then Atavist Of Mann will blow you away like it did with me. My mouth just dropped to the floor after I listened to this. I even commented on the guys Facebook Page I would do a review and that I needed a lie down in a dark room to get over this. And I meant every word of it.

This album just floored me. It really did. All I can say is HUATA deserve as much praise they can get for this brilliant, hypnotic and classic album. Just WOW.

This really is a true masterpiece of any genre and I can’t wait to see what these guys will release in the future. They have the potential to become your favourite new band.

French Stoner/Sludge Metal is in a really great place at the moment. They are throwing the baton to over countries to follow suit as the country to beat for Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal Music. First CROWN and now HUATA. 2012 is really becoming a great year for amazing albums so far.

You can buy this amazing album on Vinyl Here (I have already bought mine). Rumour is the might be a free download coming later this year of this superb album. When its here I will publish it and recommend you all to download it right away. 

You can download their guys Debut EP "Open the gates of Shambhala" for free from BandCamp. 35 mins of crushing Doom, Stoner and Sludge in the filthiest possible way. Another superb release.

Simply Unmissable.

Check This Amazing Band Below:


Check Out The Superb 8 minute epic "Lord Of The Flame". Brilliant Stuff.


Vulgaari Cover Art

Vulgaari is a Sludge/Thrash/Stoner/Death-Metal/Doom from  Minneapolis, MN USA

Vulgaari is the work of two crazed insane geniuses called  Zack Kinsey and Brent Hedtke who have blended their favourite Metal genres into one big melting pot and they have came up with this brilliant and amazing S/T album.

Vulgaari is a 9 song 57 minute masterpiece of Stoner/Sludge Metal music. What they have done is got all the best aspects of  Sludge, Stoner, Thrash, Death-Metal, Doom and put their own unique brilliant creative spin to release one of the best Crossover Sludge/Thrash/Stoner Metal debut releases I have had the pleasures to hear.

This album is just described in one word. Amazing. I love this release. And so do a lot of other blogspots and websites as this has popped up all over the place.

Zack only emailed about 3 or 4 blogspots and I was one of them. This is what blogging is all about. Spreading the word of a brilliant and individual band/artist and that’s what Vulgaari is. Their music has gone into the stratosphere with this amazing debut album.

So don’t take my word for it. Take every other top-notch Metal Blog/Website. They cant all be wrong.

The album is full of amazing songs. Especially the epic tracks “Lie”, “Match” and “Outride The Reaper”. Some of the best Sludge/Stoner/Thrash Crossover Metal tracks you will hear this year.

This album is like all of your favourite bands in the many genres on show here forming to create a supergroup. This would be the twisted end result so congrats to Vulgaari in creating a masterpiece of Modern Sludge/Stoner Metal as these are the two genres that is the glue that holds this brilliant album together.

Full of amazing riffs you can shake your fist at. Vulgaari are brilliant musicians. The instrumental work is just simply astonishing on this amazing release. Not one note out of place.

It’s a brilliantly produced effort that you will be listening to time and time again.

What is even better is Vulgaari is giving away this brilliant album away for free from BandCamp right now. But hurry up I think the 200 downloads on BandCamp will soon be used up.

But if those run out you can download it all over the place. Just do a quick internet search and see why this brilliant album has became something of a fave with the underground metal crowd.

Brilliant, Brillliant, Brilliant. Get Downloading Now!!!

Zack is also in the process of putting a live band together for this project. Check out the bands already involved with this project when Zack pulls this off.

"The live band will feature members of Sourvein, Witchden, The Mighty Nimbus, Powermad and Bastard Saint"

This is one band I want to see live as these songs will go down a storm on the live venue.

Well I have gone on like a love sick teenager long enough. Get downloading. Brilliant, Amazing, Superb, Classic, Masterpiece.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:


Morality Crisis - Band To Check Out

Morality Crisis is a Post-Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band from Minnesconsin. USA

The members are:

Jordan Kasey Pete Christ

Morality Crisis plan an intriguing blend of Post-Hardcore with brutal Sludge Metal riffs with great vocals to match as well.

These guys play brutal fast and furious Sludge Metal blended with surprisingly less angrier Post-Hardcore riffs. They have just released their new EP - "North". A 4 song 15 minute blast of heavy riffage that will last long in the memory.

The EP is full of superb epic Sludge Metal riffs blended in with outstanding Post-hardcore elements that you need to check out now.

This EP will have you begging for more. It really shows what this hugely talented band does so well. Blending both genres to outstanding effect.

All tracks are superbly played and produced which all need to be played really loud to get the desired effect.

You can buy this superb EP from the guys BandCamp Page and I recommend you do this now. You can download their suberb Debut EP for free right now from BandCamp as well.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below


Horrors That You’ve Seen

Breaking Hearts Cover Art

Horrors That You’ve Seen (HTYS) is a Doom/Hardcore Punk/Stoner Metal band from Edinburgh, Scotland.

The members are:

Graham Caldwell - Vocals
Kieran Higgins - Guitar
Niall Robb - Guitar
Chris Hewer - Bass
Alain Baron - Drums 

Horrors That You’ve Seen play a great blend of Hardcore Punk, Doom and Stoner Metal to get you head-banging in no time.

The guys have just released their outstanding debut album – “Breaking Hearts”. A 11 song 45 minute masterclass of Stoner Metal with great Doom and Hardcore Punk vibes running through it’s veins.

HTYS play their music fast and furious so you better try and keep up with them as there are no slow numbers at all on this brilliant album. This is balls-to-the-wall Stoner Metal with attitude that you don’t hear too much these days especially when they mix Hardcore Punk and Doom Metal to their great music.

The album is full of potential anthems for us jaded Stoner Metallers who are fed up with Radio Friendly artists trying to be metal where they are so fucking not!!!

Its great to see that these guys have a snarling lets fight anybody who gets in our way type attitude. And their music is better for it. This album makes you feel alive and gives you a reason to stand up for what you believe in.

Especially on superb tracks “Reality (Is All I Have)”, “Sinking Ships”, “Graves” and the superb “Worthless Idols”.

I really can’t compare this superb band to anyone else currently on the scene at the moment. If anyone can let me know as I want to check more bands like this.

I hear a lot of bands that I don’t publish that really get me down and jaded with the music scene in general. As they are badly produced and not worth publishing. But every now and again there is a gem of an album that restores my faith in the Sludge/Stoner Metal underground that makes me feel alive again. And Horrors That You’ve Seen fit that scenario.

This album just blew me away. The album cover doesn’t give you a true reflection what to expect. It’s a cool album cover but what you get is so much more.

It’s brilliantly produced and played by all concerned. How come these guys are not signed to a label as they can give their major league counterparts a run for their money.

“Breaking Hearts” is a triumph. Full of superb Stoner Metal riffs blended brilliantly with Hardcore Punk/Doom Metal to great effect. This is one album I recommend you all to download now.

You can download this brilliant album for free from the guys BandCamp Page. I recommend you all do this now If their their monthly 200 downloads limit is exhausted as this is going to go in to time at all the download from the following Mediafire link which the band have kindly provided.

So get downloading now. You won’t regret it. Simply superb stuff.

Check this brilliant band below:


self titled Cover Art

Grime is a Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Italy.

The members are:

Chris - drums
Lorenzo (Tubo) - guitar
Marco - vocals, guitar
Paulo (Cougar) - bass guitar

Grime play a down-tempo blend of Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal to superb effect. Taking influences from Electric Wizard, Church Of Misery, COUGH and other bands of that pedigree. Grime add a cool modern day Stoner Metal vibe to proceedings.

Grime have recently released their superb S/T debut album. A 6 song demonic beast of an album that runs for about 35 mins or so.

If you’re into the above bands then you’re going to love every minute of this. The album is full of superb bleak down-tempo Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal riffs done in best possible possessed way.

This isn’t an uplifting album by any means. Grime by name and Grime by nature. This is for all of us down-tempo Sludge Metal fans who need some bleak Sludge Metal worship riffage. And this album has it all.

The 6 songs show this band are hugely talented as they know how to write & play a superb demonic riff to match the best of them.

It’s full of great tracks to check out. Especially the 8 minute epic “Chasm” which shows the band at their most creative. Full of passionate vocals and riffs to match. This is my fave track off this superb album.

This is another album I haven’t stopped listening to since the guys emailed me originally a few weeks ago to check them out. And I have to thank them for contacting me.

This album has been getting a lot of praise from the other top blogspots and it’s not hard to see why. This is superb stuff for everyone to check out now.

If you’re into down-tempo Sludge/Doom Metal with a demonic twist but fused with modem Stoner Metal then this album is for you. You can buy this now from Grime’s BandCamp Page now!!!.

A great album from a great band.

Check these superb Sludge Metallers Below:



Cerber - Mad At The Soul [ep] (2012)

Cerber are a 3 Piece Stoner/Sludge Metal Band from Poland.

Cerber play an intense blend of Sludge/Stoner Metal to great effect. Influenced by a whole range of bands but bringing their own style of hypnotic Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs with great hardcore vocals to match.

Cerber have been mentioned on this blog before. And I raved about them as a band to keep an eye out for.

Well Cerber are back with their brilliant 2012 Release – “Mad At The Soul”. A 5 song 31 minute blast of top-notch Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs that will thrill your senses time and time again.

Cerber promised they would be back in no time at all. And they weren’t kidding. This is a superb release for everyone to download right now. As the guys are letting people download it for free from the following Mediafire link which is from the guys Facebook Page.

The EP is a total blast from start to finish and shows the guys talent at writing a superb modern-day Sludge/Stoner Metal riff fusing with outstanding vocals to match.

The 5 songs on show are superbly written, performed and produced. You can tell a lot of time has gone in writing this great release. The guys have created and crafted great songs they should rightly be proud of.

Cerber are getting a lot of praise from other blogs and it’s not hard to see why. They have released a great release which showcases their outstanding talents to great effect.

There is not one bad track on this EP and it’s hard for me to pick a favourite as they are all equally superb. Which is a great sign in my book.

Don’t let the fact the guys sing in their native tongue for most of the running. You will be missing out on some impressive riffs from these hugely talented Sludge Rockers.

So get downloading now you won’t be disappointed. A brilliant release from a great band that will hopefully become better known in the Sludge/Stoner Metal scene.

That is me done. Cerber have done it again. They have released a superb release that I can’t recommend highly enough.

Get Downloading Now!!! – Highly Recommended

Check This Great Band Below.



Carnaval are a Stoner Rock Band from Slovenia

Carnaval play a great blend of Blues/Hard-Rock/Stoner Rock with a great psych loud heavy edge to their music. The band take influence from many bands but play their own great style of Stoner Rock/Metal that is instantly very catchy and has more riffs you can shake a bong-pipe at.

The guys have been around for a since 2004 and have released 3 albums so far. And I am going to review their 3rd album – Tennis Football Basketball.

I haven’t heard of these guys before but I wish I had done. As their new album is an 8 song 45 minute brilliant blast of Blues/Funk/Grunge/Heavy Rock joined together with superb modern Stoner Rock Riffs.

The album is full of superb riffs with great lyrics to match. I can’t compare these guys to anyone around at the moment. I could say they are influenced by Kyuss, Clutch and QOTSA but even that doesn’t come close to this great band.

Tennis Football Basketball is a sublime album with some great laughs to have along the way. Mainly due to the highly inventive and original lyrics which the guys sing with great passion. This is a band that don’t take themselves too seriously and have a great sense of humour to their music.

But the guys know when to play a damn fine Stoner Rock riff to impress the listener with.

The album is full of potential classic stoner rock tracks that had me smiling from beginning to end. Especially on tracks like – “Tennis Football Basketball”, “Sugar and Sweets”, “El Caracazo” and my fave track the 8 minute plus epic “Universe” which shows what this great band does so well mainly blending their respective genres so well to something you don’t hear much of these days.

I have listened to Carnaval’s other great releases mainly their debut album “2” and follow up “1”. Both great releases in their own right but “Tennis Football Basketball” is where the band have come into their own as a great top-notch Stoner Rock band to check out. And hopefully to gain more fame and exposure in the process.

You would think Carnaval are from the Desert Sun of the Californian Desert rather than Slovenia. They have the Stoner Rock vibe spot on that most bands can only dream of.

All in all a great album which is superbly produced and played by all involved. This is one album you can listen to time and time again and you will never get bored.

My final verdict. Tennis Football Basketball – is a winner on all counts. An outstanding album by a brilliant band I am now a definite fan of. Great Work Guys.

You can buy this brilliant release from the guys BandCamp Page. The guys have informed me this brilliant release will roll back to  0 in two weeks (27 feb) so get it then if you want to wait.  Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:



Tales of addiction and despair Cover Art

Blood Red Water is a Sludge Metal Band from Venezia/Padova, Italy

The members are

Michele: chronic amphetamine vocals
Fiorica: rheumatic alcoholic cymbals
Volt: feedback junkie
Dodi: the hand of doom

Blood Red Water play good old-fashioned straight up Sludge Metal with a couple of influences of Stoner Metal for great effect.

The band has just released their superb debut EP – “ Tales of Addiction and Despair”. A 5 song 23 minute ride of heavy pummelling riffs from start to finish and great hardcore vocals to match.

If you just want a fast thrill to the senses delivered by some top-notch Sludge Metal then Blood Red Water is the band for you.

I can hear influences of many great bands to Blood Red Water’s music. EHG, Crowbar and even Motorhead at times. Especially on superb track “Avoid The Relapse”. A great 3 minute stomping Sludge/Stoner Metal track that will have you head-banging in no time.

This EP is superbly produced with a slight DIY feel to it that really draws you in from the start to the final hard-hitting moments of this great release.

So do yourself a favour go over to the band’s BandCamp page and download (for free) this heavy-loud-angry Riffing Blast of top-notch Sludge/Stoner Metal.

Great Stuff and Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:



Drama Cover Art

Anna Coralie is a Post-Metal Band from Minsk, Belarus.

The members are:

Artyom Slabodich | guitar (ex-Inside My Hope)
Anton Berezovskiy | guitar (Frequence Diversity)
Vadim Apanasovich | vocal (ex-La Petite Mort)
Nikita Boriskevich | bass
Igor Kovalyov| drums, vocal (Frequence Diversity, Untitled Story)
Olly Soroko | Keys

Anna Coralie plays Atmospheric Post-Metal mixing Hardcore and Post-Rock themes to superb original effect.

Anna Coralie is a hugely talented band which they prove time and tine again on their outstanding debut album – “Drama”. A 9 song opus on 55 mins or so.

The album is full of hard-hitting Post-Metal riffs with a truly haunting atmosphere to it. This is one Pos-Metal album to stand out from the crowd and shows a band with a lot of things to say.

Superbly produced from start to finish. You can hear every loud passionate and angry note from start to finish.

The instrumental work is just amazing on this great release. The band never put a foot wrong. They know when to play a loud heavy riff to impress the listener with and when to hold things back to add some calmer moments when the time calls for it.

The vocals blend from calm, quiet and tender to loud and angry with apparent ease. The album is full of superb tracks. Some of them quite epic which is the norm for top-notch Post-Metal bands and Anna Coralie are no exception.

Check out tracks “Lead Rivers”, “Plastic Angel”, “Waves” and “Fur” which all show a band at the top of their game.

This is one outstanding release which has come out of nowhere and it demands your full respect and attention now.

Drama is an action packed Post-Metal album that will have the most jaded of Sludge/Post-Metal fan astonished with the brilliant music on show.

You can download this brilliant album for free via BandCampor Mediafire.You choose. Just download this superb album right now. Highly Recommended!!!

Check This Great Band Below.


Saturday 11 February 2012


The One Cover Art
Crown is a two piece Atmospheric Sludge Metal Band from France

I have to thank the band for contacting to review their brilliant band’s debut release – “The One”. A 5 song 32 minute masterpiece of Atmospheric Sludge Metal.

"Crown was formed in the Summer of 2011 and comprises of two men, two guitars, a voice and machine." 

And that is how Crown describe themselves. But even that description doesn't prepare you for what is in store. 

The band play an intense blend of Sludge Metal mixed in with elements of Post-Metal that paints a truly haunting picture of loud heavy riffage that goes across elements of Ambient Post-Rock as well.

The One is full of original and superb Sludge/Post-Metal riffs with great vocals to match. For a debut release this album shows what a truly talented band Crown actually is. Their music makes you feel alive when listening to it. It has a great sense of purpose to it and has more ideas flowing through it that you care to imagine.

Crown are not afraid to experiment with their music by blending different ambient noise effects with loud and angry Sludge/Post-Metal riffs kicking in now and again. For a two man band these guys are loud as anything I have heard this year. Probably the loudest Sludge/Post-Metal duo I heard since Talbot.

But Crown are their own band. They have their own ideas on how to play their own blend of superb Sludge/Post-Metal music. Crown bring an amazing fresh experimental take on Atmospheric Sludge Metal.

The 5 tracks on show are superb examples of how to do Sludge/Post-Metal brilliantly and most importantly - Originality. It’s full of passionate riffs and vocals from a band not scared to take risks with their music.

The instrumental work is simply a master class of Sludge/Post-Metal. Especially on tracks “Mare”, “Cosmogasm” and the brilliant 9:30 minute epic “Orthodox”.

Crown are a band brimming full of ideas and they show only a small percentage of that on this superb release. This is a band that rightly could be going places. They have produced an album that totally astounded me with my first listen. Truth be told I loved this album from the first time I listened to it and I haven’t stopped listening to it since.

It still impresses me with each and every listen. At times it feels I am discovering a part of the song I missed before. Its a very multi-layered release that makes you think to what you are listening to. So you will need more than one listen to get the bigger picture. But when you do your like Neo discovering The Matrix for the first time.

As that classic film says “You have to see it for yourself.” Well the same goes for this. “You have to feel and listen the music for yourself”. But by then your hooked and it’s pretty hard to get out.

Hopefully Crown will be gaining a lot more exposure due to this superb album. The guys deserve so they can make more brilliant releases like this one.

The album is brilliantly produced especially with all the ambient noises mixed in with the more traditional Sludge/Post-Metal riffs on show. This is another brilliant reason why 2012 is shaping up to be a great year for underground Sludge/Post-Metal music so far.

This is without a doubt my fave release of 2012 so far. I know its early and I have raved on about Behold The Monolith, Bezoar and Rituals (which all will definitely make my Top Albums of 2012) but Crown’s The One is my fave album of the year so far.

Simply an amazing release that totally blew me away. Simply Awesome and Highly Recommended.

You can buy this great release digitally now and physical release in March 2012 and I recommended you all do.

Check this great band below:



Stubb Cover Art

STUBB are a 3 Piece Hard-Rock Band from London, United Kingdom

The members are

Jack Dickinson- Guitar and vocals
Christopher West- Drums
Peter Holland-Bass

STUBB are a Hard Rock Band mixing Psych, 60’s and 70’s Rock N Roll with a great modern hard rock sensibility. These guys have got a fearsome and well deserved reputation in the UK who have toured with some big-hitters of Stoner Rock.

STUBB have just released their brilliant S/T new album. An 8 song almost 40 minute ride of hard-rocking tunes I haven’t this great in a long, long time.

This album is an absolute blast from start to finish. Brilliantly produced which provides brilliant riff after brilliant riff all delivered in the best possible way.

The album is full of standout tracks that takes you back to the golden age of 60’s/70’s hard rocking bands such as Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, The Who and many bands of that classic genre.

If STUBB were around in the 70s there is no doubt these guys would be big hitters on the world stage. This album is simply sensational. The guitar work is a wonderful thing to listen to. Incorporating Blues, Hard-Rock, Psych and modern day Rock and Roll.

The vocals are another highlight. Full of passion and intricate energy not seen in many bands. This album is a master class of UK Hard Rock. It really is great to see a band like STUBB bringing 60’s/70’s Hard Rock riffs blended in with modern day Stoner Rock influences.

I cant fault this brilliant album one bit. It leaves you with a big smile on your face and a warm feeling inside. This is a superb album to clear away all of these winter blues that everyone is having. This is an album you can listen to anytime this year and it will still bring a smile to your face.

As stated before the album is full of superb tracks like “Road”, “Flame”, “Hard Hearted Woman” and the brilliant 7 minute epic “Galloping Horses” which showcases this bands talents at its finest. Blending all of their musical genres to take you onto a far out trippy journey.

All in all this is a brilliant album from one of the very best up and coming UK Hard Rock bands. I urge you all to check this out as you can download this on  BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

Or if you want the physical release then you can get it from here from the awesome SuperHot Records. So get checking this great band and be prepared to be blown away. Brilliant and highly recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: