Thursday 23 February 2012

Landforge-Servitude to Earth -Review

Landforge is a instrumental Post-metal/atmospheric doom project of Stephan Carter who also plays in previously Sludgelord featured Leafmulch see Here

Here's a bit of back round info on what Stephan is about.

Combining a number of influences ranging from post-rock to drone, Landforge's music is a melancholic blend of ethereal clean sections and pounding distorted riffs.

Originally conceived in early 2011, the project gained a healthy underground following with the debut full-length, a 40-minute album titled "Creation Cycle". Recorded entirely in a bedroom studio with budget equipment, the album was released in May 2011 and within days had racked up a considerable fan base on The album also received positive feedback on file sharing sites and blogs.

In light of the success of the first release, Stephan started work on the second album shortly afterwards, aiming to repeat the strong points of Creation Cycle while also addressing some of the weaker points, such as production quality. The second album, titled "Servitude to Earth", was released February 15th 2012.

"Servitude To Earth" has done what Stephan hoped to achieve building on his debut and improving. There is so much to take in and enjoy on this album, atmospheric passages , subtle melodies layering of guitars and distorted riffs. Each track packs a mighty punch,heavy riffs, and progressions building an almost cinematic feel at times. The album holds your attention throughout and each listen seems to reveal something you missed last time, a sign of a great multi-textured release.

This is a truly heavy record, though there is plenty to set it apart, Stephan is a talented musician who has crafted a compelling album. His already established fans will love it and it should gain him plenty of new followers.
2012 according to the Mayan calender is the year the world will end. Landforge may just have just released the soundtrack to the (alleged) impending apocalypse. Download it on the name-your-price deal below and check out more on Landforge .