Saturday 25 February 2012

Summoner-Phoenix review (part II)

Riff Cannon(Now Summoner) have returned and Steve has already submitted his excellent review. Such is the quality I had to submit my own views on their new album, "Phoenix"

The name may have changed but the "Riff Cannon" is still fully loaded and ready to fire.
I was a big fan of "Mercury Mountain", and when I heard about the name change and a new album I was excited to say the least.
Summoner are now here and their first release under the moniker is "Phoenix", an apt title and a fantastic album.
There are so many catchy riffs, crushing rhythms here your head may explode. Fans of Baroness, Kylesa, Torche will love this album, Summoner have really honed their songwriting and developed their sound . These songs are crying out to be played live, while listening I have an overwhelming urge to see them.  I can envisage packed venues ,beers+fists held aloft in appreciation of the riff-fest.
There is more to Summoner than heads down rocking though. There are some real melodic moments here and a healthy dose of psychedelic trippy moments , maybe reflecting some of their influences like Atomic Rooster and Hawkwind.

Tracks like "Phoenix","Reclaimer" and "Dead Moon" showcase a more subtle approach and some truly amazing guitar work . These songs come after the opening triple assault of "The Interloper"," Winged Hessians" and "Conjuring". A relentless salvo coming across like the bastard child of Thin Lizzy and Motorhead in a bar fight with Torche and Baroness. Summoner have a sound of their own though and enough quality to ensure they stand out from any crowd. The production is warm and fuzzy with a 70's analogue feel, and the musicianship is excellent.

You need this album in your life, the band are working on a CD/Vinyl release but from next week "Phoenix" will be available on Bandcamp. Since I got this album I've listened to nothing else , highly recommended is probably an understatement.