Friday 17 February 2012

Morality Crisis - Band To Check Out

Morality Crisis is a Post-Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band from Minnesconsin. USA

The members are:

Jordan Kasey Pete Christ

Morality Crisis plan an intriguing blend of Post-Hardcore with brutal Sludge Metal riffs with great vocals to match as well.

These guys play brutal fast and furious Sludge Metal blended with surprisingly less angrier Post-Hardcore riffs. They have just released their new EP - "North". A 4 song 15 minute blast of heavy riffage that will last long in the memory.

The EP is full of superb epic Sludge Metal riffs blended in with outstanding Post-hardcore elements that you need to check out now.

This EP will have you begging for more. It really shows what this hugely talented band does so well. Blending both genres to outstanding effect.

All tracks are superbly played and produced which all need to be played really loud to get the desired effect.

You can buy this superb EP from the guys BandCamp Page and I recommend you do this now. You can download their suberb Debut EP for free right now from BandCamp as well.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below