Wednesday 1 February 2012


Demonauta - Vol. I (2012)

Demonauta are a Stoner Metal Band from Chile

The members are

Miguel Angel

Demonauta play superb Stoner Metal influenced by bands like Sleep, KYUSS, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu and many other great bands from the Stoner Metal fraternity. But these guys add extra Desert Rock/Fuzz Rock to their hard hitting blend of Stoner Metal.

The guys have just released their amazing album – “Vol 1”. – An 7 song 40 minute thrill ride of epic Stoner Metal riffs mixed in with sublime Desert Rock/Fuzz Rock vibes.

This album feels like your witnessing a legendary generator party that many great Stoner Metal bands used to throw back in the day.

Don’t worry about these guys singing in their native language or being from Chile as these guys capture the essence of the Desert Rock scene perfectly.

The riffs are simply amazing that mix the intensity of Stoner Metal blended in with the Sun-Drenched Riffs of Desert Rock and Fuzz Rock superbly. One minute absolutely heavy and the next some superb Fuzz Riffs.

Especially on tracks like “Jardin Del Sol”, “Lluvia” and the 8.43 minute epic “Demonizador”. These tracks are where Demonauta come into their own. Blending all the genres to superb effect with added superb drumming and vocals as well.

The album is brilliantly produced from start to finish and it captures the bands talent playing top-notch Stoner Metal riffs superbly.

This is another album that has come out of nowhere and impressed me right from the start. This is one of those albums that you will love from the start. I can’t recommend this album highly enough.

It’s a fantastic album in the realm of Stoner Metal that is waiting to be discovered. And shows another brilliant band coming out from South America in the realm of Stoner Metal.

What is even more you can download this brilliant album for free from the band’s SoundCloud Page. You might need to update the MP3 Tag Settings. But here is the list of order of songs for you below.

1. Fumatton
2. Jardin Del Sol
3. Frente Al Volcan
4. Lluvia
5. Demonizador
6. Ufo
7. Desvanecer

This album is a potential contender for one of the best Stoner Metal releases of 2012. Simply brilliant.

Demonauta have proved with “Vol 1” they are a force to be reckoned with and I cant wait for “Vol 2”.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:

Check out the brilliant "Demonizador" from their superb new album "VOL. 1"