Monday 6 February 2012

HUMAN JAIL - The Soul Allegory Album Review

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Human Jail are a 4 Piece Stoner Metal Band From Lille, France

The members are:

Max : vocals
Antoine : Guitars
Etienne : Bass
Chris : Drums

I have to thank Chris for sending me a copy of their great album to review.

Human Jail play fast-paced Stoner Metal which is action packed full of superb riffs. Taking influence from the NOLA Scene especially bands like Corrosion of Conformity, Down and Crowbar.

The band have just released their superb new album “The Soul Allegory”. An 8-song almost 30 minute blast of fast and furious hard hitting Stoner Metal riffs.

Human Jail have released a superb album for all us Stoner Metallers to head-bang to our hearts content. The album is full of great Stoner Metal riffs that will have you begging for more.

The album is superbly produced and has some of the heaviest Stoner Metal riffs I have heard this year. Throw in brilliant Hardcore vocals courtesy of vocalist … and what you have is a top-notch heavy pounding album that really stands out from the crowd.

All the songs are superbly produced and performed by all involved. If you’re a fan of the above bands or the whole NOLA scene then this album is going to speak volumes to you like it did to me.

There is not one bad song on this album. All the songs are brilliantly written and are full of superb heavy Stoner Metal riffs. Especially tracks “Atone”, “Critical Abuse”, “My Tomorrow” and “Lust Or Love”.

Some people might think the guys should of put an extra song or two to make it last longer. But I think the album is on for the right length as has the right amount of heavy pounding riffs to entertain the listener with.

Human Jail prove with their new album is they are one of the best up and coming Stoner Metal bands coming from the French Stoner Metal Scene.

If I review any more French Stoner Metal bands then I will be marking them against this superb album. As Human Jail have the set bar highly for French Stoner Metal.

All in all a truly superb album from a great band that demands your full attention.

Check This Great Band Below: