Monday 27 February 2012


Mammut are a Stoner Metal band from Sweden

Mammut play a fast paced blend of Stoner Metal. Nothing new or original here but Mammut are a great band who know how to play a mighty fine Stoner Metal riff that will have you head-banging in no time.

I have to thank Johan for emailing about his great band's music. Their bio should tell you all you need to know.

Mammut has got it´s roots in 2003 when Johan Hedqvist, Johan Eliasson, Jonas Wedin and Daniel Bergström went to the same school outside of Stockholm, Sweden. They were 15 years old and played some punk and Iron Maiden-covers in a garage. Names and line-ups were changed over the years but the band took it´s final form in 2006 when drummer Daniel Lyngman joined the band. The band name was leChuck, after the computer games pirate, and after loads of demo recordings and live shows the band was playing stoner rock mixed with sludge and doom influences. The lyrics being in Swedish the band name was changed to Mammut in late 2011. Homunkulus, the band´s debut EP, was released early 2012. Influences are Swedish heavy metal band November, Kyuss, Sleep, Neurosis, Kylesa, ISIS and early Iron Maiden among many others. "

They have a superb EP up for free download from their SoundCloud Page. Homunkulus. A 4 song 20 minute action packed Stoner Metal thrill ride that has superb top-notch Stoner Metal riffs from start to finish with great vocals to match.

The EP is superbly produced and you can hear every great stoner riff to perfection.

These guys have a great talent of writing and playing a top-notch modern Stoner Metal riff especially on Grottan and the title track. Heck all of the songs have great Stoner Riffs.

The EP shows Mammut are band with great future and are definitely worth checking out and demands your attention right now.

I would love to hear more of the Hardcore/Sludge Metal based vocals that pops up now and again on this great EP. There is nothing wrong the vocals here as they are very good indeed. Just the harsher vocals would have given this great EP a more hard-edged vibe to it.

But we can’t have everything. So all in all this is a great EP for everyone to check out. Great stuff.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: