Wednesday 1 February 2012


II Cover Art

The Hoax Program is a Stoner Metal Band from Slovenia
The members are:

Dean Gnezda - vokal
David Stibilj - bobni
Ivo Lozej - bas kitara
Radovan Lozej - kitara
Jani Jez - kitara

Here is a bio of this superb band:

"Description: The Hoax Program is a hardcore/rock’n’roll/stoner rock band from Ajdovscina, Slovenia. The band started out as an old school hardcore band Low Punch in 1997 but renamed to The Hoax Program after changing musical direction in 2007. They put out two releases - ‘Lost Songs, Forgotten Melodies’ in 2008 and ‘II’ in December of 2011. Members of The Hoax Program are also active in other groups such as Elodea, Iamdisease and Real Life Version."

The Hoax Program plays a superb and intense blend of Punk-Rock and Stoner Metal to great effect to stand out from the crowd.

These guys play fast and furious Stoner Metal music with a sublime Punk Rock edge. They play a mighty fine aggressive riff to blow your world apart.

These guys are seriously superb musicians with a great lead vocalist as well.

The guys have released two superb albums to date.

2009 – Lost Songs, Forgotten Melodies
2011 – II

Both available for free download from BandCamp. The new album is also available at Mediafire which the band has kindly sent me.

Now both albums together have a running time of 51 mins altogether. So both albums are brilliant short and straight to the point Stoner Metal that will get you head-banging in no time.

Both superbly produced and played by all concerned. These two albums left me with a great smile on my face as they are just superb albums in their own right. Both full of fast and furious Stoner Metal riffs with a great Punk Rock edge to them.

II is the probably the best album of the bunch. As it’s more focused, more refined and has tighter riffs than its predecessor. But Lost Songs, Forgotten Memories is a great album as well. It just shows the guys have moved on from their great debut album.

The Hoax Program is definitely a brilliant band in their own right and hopefully will deserve a lot more recognition and gain a few more fans along the way.

Standout tracks from II include “Logos et chaos”, “No Remorse” and “Saints and Martyrs” that will have you begging for more.

All in all two superb releases from a brilliant band that I didn’t know much about but I now consider myself a fan. The Hoax Program has proved they can play great riffs, write great songs and produce two brilliant albums.

So get downloading these great Stoner Rockers now.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: