Thursday 23 February 2012


William English is a Sludge/Thrash Metal Band From Thetfold, Norfolk, UK

The members are:

Vocals: Shane Miller
Drums: Joe Woodbury
Guitar: Daniel Bonfield
Guitar: Damien Taylor
Bass : Ryan Carter

William English play a bleak down-tempo blend of Sludge Metal. Taking infleunce from EYEHATEGOD, COUGH and many other great bands of that ilk but adding a great Thrash Metal vibe to their music.

Wiliiam English have just released their hugely enjoyable 2 song 8 minute demo available for free download from their Facebook and SoundCloud Pages.

If you’re a fan of those type of bands then get downloading now as this is hugely impressive stuff from a band to keep an eye out in future.

The songs are superbly produced and shows what the band can do really well. Great riffs, great vocals show that William English might have a good future ahead of them when they release their debut EP or full length record.

At Loggers Head is the best track of the bunch as its loud, mean, bleak and played with lots of thrash metal gutso you don’t see in a relatively new band but William English pull it off brilliantly well.

So give this band a look. You wont regret it. A superb band with an great demo to back up their undeniable talent.

Highly Impressive Work Guys. Let me know when your proper debut release is ready as I can’t wait to see what these talented sludge rockers have in store.

Check This Great Band Below.