Wednesday 8 May 2013

Vinyl Corner : Salem's Pot - Watch Me Kill You/Run The Night (Review)

Watch Me Kill You/Run the Night cover art

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 1/2/2012
Label : Easy Rider Records

Line up:

Skoog - Cult leader
Peter - Bass
Knate - Guitar/Howls
Direktörn - Drums


"When Lucifer started growing dope in ol' Salem, strange things started to happen. Witches returned from their graves, screaming for vengeance. The smoke would awaken the dead, turning their souls into long-haired freaks with no future."
I'm attracted to band names referencing weed like I am too....well, like I am to the smell of weed. I'll most always check it out, at the very least. "Is that what I think it is?"

With Salem's Pot (Sweden) I got exactly what I thought: the slow and heavy, mind-altering stuff. Haunting tunes, resin-coated riffs and grooves that will expand the lungs so far you'll cough and get off. I'm getting the feeling this shit might even be soul-stealing. What I didn't expect were the great vocals - and the fact that the band's second release is now on vinyl from a DIY U.S. label. That's right. Let me say that again: DIY and VINYL.

I was fortunate enough to snag a clear die-hard edition before they sold out from Easy Rider Records, which put out the undead slab of heaviness, Watch Me Kill You/Run The Night, earlier in April. I know...I almost missed it because no one told me. Come on! Oh well, I'm thankful I got lucky this time but if I don't keep a closer eye on things I might not get a chance for the next heavy die-hard release from a new and truly DIY underground record label.

This one sounds fucking killer. Only 2 songs here but together, they're long enough for me to smoke a bowl through the bong, revisit moments from the vampire book/movie 'Salem's Lot', and still have time to sacrifice a goat in the back yard. Perfect.

Side A. "Watch Me Kill You". Opens with severe feedback and hairy riffs. Plodding grooves throughout and soaring, echoing vocals. Tempo picks up at about the 3-minute mark, giving way to psychedelic guitars before returning to the crustiness from which it opened. That happens a couple times, actually, and it's seemless. After 10 minutes the pace quickens dramatically and so does that of my head-banging. A sweet 70's style solo and a smooth transition back to fearing the dark. Ends in psychedelic bliss. Hell yes - stoned and diggin' it.

Side B. "Run The Night" (Wicked Lady cover) Many of you are probably way too young to know this great song by the English psych/doom metal band Wicked Lady, first recorded at about the time I was born. I'm not gonna tell you, Google that shit. Salem's Pot added a couple minutes or more to the original by slowing it to a near-crawl and they also threw in TONS of heavy fuzz, somehow making an already catchy tune catchier, at least to me. It also helps that the signature Salem's Pot vocals are much, much better. Oh, and the solos. I gotta mention the awesome guitar work.

The music comes first of course but I'm all about the very-limited vinyl with the special hand-screened sleeves. You know the ones with amazing artwork that could contain the DNA of the artists themselves. The one’s unlike many others in the world. As a collector, I get giddy for a record like this one and you should too.

Easy Rider Records pulled out all the stops for Salem's Pot: test-pressing/die-hard packages; clear (30), purple (75) and classic black (150) color variations. Unfortunately for you, both the test-pressings and die-hard clear records with the extra hand-screened sleeves are completely gone from the label but you can still find a standard purple or black vinyl version - if you look.

You'll want this. Trust me. Check the label's website ( first because I know there's about 20 purple and 40 black left. If those are gone by the time you see this, then Roadburn Records might have some or could have a few copies too, the label told me. The band will also have a limited amount. If all else fails, check eBay but expect to pay. Damn record-flippers.

Support the underground.

Words by :  Heddbuzz

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links and buying their merch. This record is available as name your price DD here and limited vinyl here. Thanks to Heddbuz for another superb review.  This really is a must have record!  So go buy it before they're gone.