Sunday 19 May 2013

Myopic Empire

Myopeia cover art

Myopic Empire is a superb two-man Doom Metal band from Southend On Sea, UK

Now this is a rare thing for a band to send me a bio and an interview they recently done. But am going to post the entire thing as it should tell you what to expect from superb demo release - Myopeia. Available for Buy Now Download on BandCamp.

Their EP fucking rocks big time. Great to see a Doom Metal band with some blistering Alice In Chains vibes. Download this now!!!!

We are Myopic Empire and we would be very glad if you could feature us on your blog.

We have a free download of our demo available at

Myopic Empire are a doom metal band from Essex, England, UK. You don't get bullshit with Myopic Empire - we are hardworking people that enjoy making music.

We write heavy riffs and in the words of Dean, the vocalist: "you can make a cup of tea between some of the notes." Maybe this phrase is the most peaceful English thing anyone has ever heard but our music isn't so peaceful.

With our songs you get hints of grunge and classic metal and a massive smack in the face of doom.

Below is an interview recently conducted with Music

How did you come up with your name?

Dean: It's a Triptykon song, from the Eparistera Daimones album. We chose it because it reflects the short-sightedness of many of the governments of the world.
Most of our songs are about the way humanity has messed up and destroyed its own future.

How many members are in the band?

Dean: There are two of us - Dean Derron and Tom Weber. We share bass, guitar and programming duties during recording but I do all the lyrics and vocals.
 Tom: In a live setting Dean will handle vocals and bass and I play guitar. We're looking for a live drummer but at the moment we might use a drum machine!

How long have you guys been together and when did you meet?

Dean: We've been friends for a few years. It started when Tom bought a bass and amp off me and we started jamming Black Sabbath and Judas Priest songs for fun after work and on weekends and talking about our ambitions. One day we decided to write some songs and Myopic Empire was born.

Tom: We also used to do a fair amount of drinking and BBQ meat in the summer. 

Dean: Yeah... Tom used to do the cooking. I'm vegetarian now... Co-incidence?

Your inspirations?

Dean: Well, as I said, the name came from a Triptykon song, and there's probably some musical influence from them as well, although I am most influenced by the stoner-doom scene - bands such as Grand Magus, Electric Wizard, Down and Reverend Bizarre. I'm a big fan of Candlemass and I love their method of writing simple but heavy riffs. I prefer simplicity to technicality.
Tom: As a band we're mostly influenced by the bands Dean just said, but personally our influences dont just come from metal.

Dean: Yeah, I listen to prog rock, funk, drum n bass, classical, folk. Music is music to me.

What gear do you use?

Tom: For recording we've both got the same set up, we use the Line 6 ux2 and the POD farm amp software, so we record everything digitally. For our next release we're going to experiment with more analogue recording. Instrument wise we mostly use ESP guitars and Ibanez basses. As for amps and effects I use a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 40 and a few pedals like a flanger, we don't really use a lot of effects to be honest. Dean uses a Line 6 Lowdown 150 bass amp without any pedals.

What's doom metal to those who don't know?

Tom: The abosolute epitome of metal!

Dean: It's slow, it's heavy, and it's all about the riffs. You have time to make a cup of tea between some of the notes.

What's your favourite music venue?

Dean: Well we haven't played a gig together yet. We will announce a gig soon, though. I prefer small venues - in fact I've never been to an arena gig!
The Underworld is fantastic, as is a venue called the Arts Centre in Colchester - it's an old church that's been converted. We'll be doing some gigs soon, and who knows, perhaps you'll see us at the Underworld!

Tom: I've only ever played one gig, with a band i used to be in about 3 years ago, It was at Chinnerys on southend seafront. My favourite venues would probably be the Underworld and the Forum on Kentish Town, we've seen some wicked bands there together over the years.

Tell us a fact?

Dean: It's technically possible to bring a woolly mammoth back from extinction by reconstructing its DNA, using an elephant as a surrogate mother. Scientists are currently debating whether it's ethical to this. I say go for it!

Tell us a joke?

Tom: How many goths does it take to change a lightbulb?... none!

Any other news?

Dean: We plan to release a proper EP in the summer.