Sunday 12 May 2013


Nixa cover art 

NIXA is a Psychedelic Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal band from Miami, USA

The members are:

Valentin Mellstrom-vocals
Anthony Mendolia-guitar
Mike Rodriguez-drums
Andrew Herrero-Bass

Here is a brief bio that I was sent about this great band.

Nixa which is in line with the type of music that you guys feature. We just recorded a live demo at Pinecrest studio in Miami (Ryan Haft of Capsule and Jonathan Nunez of Torche tracked, mixed and mastered it) and are getting ready to start playing out soon. You might recognize our vocalist Valentin Maelstrom from a Swedish band called Deathwolf who shares members with the black metal band Marduk.

So we have a member of Deathwolf who I know quite a bit of. Mainly becuase of Black Metal monsters - Marduk - fronting a Sludge/Stoner Metal band which has been mastered, tracked and mixed by Ryan Haft and Jonathan Nunez.

FUCK - With the talent involved with this, this should be something special. Thank fuck it is.

NIXA is a band you all need to check out now. Their S/T debut demo release is a 2 song and 11 minute blast of insane Psych based Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs.

It's heavy from the word go and it will appeal to all serious Doom/Sludge Metal fans. These guys play some epic riffs to head-bang to. It's just a shame it's only on for 12 minutes as I was seriously getting into it and it fucking ends.

Well like I have always said - It's better leaving the audience wanting more. And NIXA have left me wanting more. As their debut release is a superb demo to showcase their heavy as fuck talent.

Buried In Troth is a 6 minute lesson in brutality. Riffs and vocals are spliced with ambient noises to provide an unflinching and hard-hitting ride of sublime riffs.

Superior is a 4:53 minute track that should appeal to all fans of Neurosis and Mastodon but done on a heavier scale. It has a lo-fi stripped back vibe that suits the song perfectly well.

If you want some heavier Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs to rock out to than NIXA is the band for you. It's available for free download on BandCamp. So headover there now and download this excellent demo.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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