Tuesday 28 May 2013

ENTRAILS - Raging Death - Review

 Entrails - Raging Death

Entrails is a Death Metal Band from Sweden

The members are:

Jimmy Lundqvist, Guitars
Mathias Nilsson, Guitars
Jocke Svensson, bass & Vocals
Adde Mitroulis, Drums
Fredrik widigs "sessiondrummer" on album "Tales from the morgue"


Sweden's Entrails play a murky old brew of death and thrash, much in the vein of their native Entombed, or Seattle's stalwart new breed, the mighty Black Breath. Theirs is a sound sicker than a bag full of maggots left out in the sun, and heavier than a giant's headstone. That's pretty heavy, because giants are really big. Hence the name.

Enough about tall people, let's get down to the riffs on new album 'Raging Death'. The good news is that they're rock steady and have more chug than a German beer hall. These bad boys crash like a hammer blow, execution style.

'Carved to the Bone' features a tasty intro with some steady double bass, before it becomes a raging slab of groove, only to speed off the beaten path into full-fat death n' roll turf. Leather jackets and studded belts ahoy. This thing is a beast, and should come with a Surgeon General's warning. Pictures of broken necks plastered all over the side. Actually, fuck that, we should be trying to get more teens headbanging. Tell your kids to listen to this!

'Headless Dawn' shreds it's way out of the gate at speed. A full-on ripper of gore and grief, it only relents to break out some mad skills in the atmospheric solo department. Eerie sounds abound, and only complement the graveyard motif. The feel on this record is immense, and even though it would be easy to fake they've taken the honourable route and carved out that path themselves.

'Cadaverous Stench' is more of the same, that groove-death template that Entombed pioneered. The riffs buzzsaw, the drums hold steady and vicious, and the vocals are deranged and rough, yet clear enough to really interpret the malicious intent behind the track. And the intent is MALICIOUS.

'Death League' ups the tempo considerably, and shifts away from shuffling graveyard ghoul to psychotic gravedigger running after you. The sheer speed and concussive blast of the drumming here will knock you off your feet. Still doesn't stop it from descending into another steady rhythm of madness though. Brilliant stuff.

Gold star goes to 'Chained and Dragged'. THOSE riffs. If you can't raise horn to this then there is something significantly wrong with you. It's so very, very heavy in the good old-fashioned traditional sense (i.e. NOT just loud). That ominous feeling still permeates throughout. It positively reeks of it, like sweat and fear.

If you're a fan of nasty, dirty, putrid riffery then look no further than this latest offering from Entrails. It'll track your ears down and massacre the ever-loving shit outta them. Highly recommended, pick up a copy ASAP!

Written by Matt Fitton

Thanks to Metal Blade Records for sending ourselves a copy to review. Much appreciated.

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