Wednesday 8 May 2013

Erlen Meyer - S/T Album Review

Erlen Meyer - S/T Album

Released May 20th 2013
 The members are:

Oliv': Chant
J: Guitare
Pierre: Guitare
Djab: Basse
Karol: Batterie

About Erlen Meyer

Based in Limoges, France, Erlen Meyer create dark and ferocious musical landscapes, with vicious, throat-shredding vocals erupting over raging guitars - snarling with every discordant twist and turn – reminiscent of Will Haven’s legendary “El Diablo” or Vision of Disorder’s “Imprint”. Produced by Cult of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg in Stockholm Sweden – it was only days before recording that the group was devastated with the untimely death of their drummer, Romain Djoudi, due to a tragic motorcycle accident. Erlen Meyer’s resulting savage debut encapsulates the events both in the music and album artwork - the raw and sobering emotion is unlike anything we have encountered, and together with the masterful production, Erlen Meyer’s debut has the potential to be one of the year’s most important and significant heavy releases.


Anybody up for some French Sludge? No need to get Greenpeace involved - I'm talking about Erlen Meyer, and the release of their debut, self-titled album on the most excellent Shelsmusic label. Still down for some heavy hijinks? Come on then, you.

'Gamla Stan' is a nice little opening piece, which builds into proper opener 'Nuit' . Bold as brass and heavy as hell, this thing feels like an Anaconda that just ate a small moon. There is no way it's managing to consume all of that, but you admire it for trying. The riffs on this thing are THAT big. The drums pound and your skull rattles. Mission accomplished.

'Agatha' is a slow burning mini-epic that builds nicely and moodily, before it explodes into post-metal / sludge bombast. Melodic at times, but offset by wailing vocals and never dormant for long. This thing would sink a ship if it sailed into it.

'Temple du Cri' features a similar aesthetic, and is just as welcome. The guitars linger and there is definitely more of a doom vibe going on here. It only ever ups the pace slightly, but it's enough to make the variation interesting. An ability for songcraft is being displayed throughout, and that's essential if you're going to be making heavy shit that is pushing the ten minute mark.

'Bouche Cousue' is another slab of volume and pure weight being dragged across the sonic landscape by a tribe of devotees to the almighty riff. That kind of sheer brute force that we lovers of the sludge cannot devour enough of. Droning, demented sermons that are beaten out over time and space. This track is just so primal, between the drums and the bass augmenting the charge against your senses. A prime example of the genre executed well.

Erlen Meyer have a bright future ahead of them, especially if they continue to produce sounds that are this essential and vital. A true international prospect, despite the language barrier. This music transcends such limitations - it's always understood. The message is heavy, and the message is loud.

Better pay attention.

Written by Matt Fitton

Thanks to Matt for writing a brilliant review.  This album is a fucking must for all serious fans of Sludge/Post-Metal. Buy it when it comes out.

Thanks to Lisa at Hold Tight PR and Shelsmusic for the promo copy. Much appreciated.

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