Saturday 18 May 2013

Survival - S/T Album Review

Survival is an Alternative Metal Band from USA

The members are

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix
Greg Smith
Jeff Bobula

Band Bio

"Survival, the Brooklyn based trio of Hunter Hunt-Hendrix (of Liturgy), Greg Smith, and Jeff Bobula, are a rock band of the highest order. Pitchfork Advance will be streaming their self-titled debut album in its entirety this week. Survival utilize syncopation, undeniable heaviness, and abnormal time signatures to create surprisingly meditative music that occupies a space between math rock, prog, and even gothic folk. The band sings collectively as one voice, often invoking chant-like melodies that only serve to increase the album's sinister mood. Stream the album in its entirety below.

Survival will be celebrating the albums' release this Thursday, May 9th, at The Acheron in Brooklyn with Alan Watts, STATS, and Vaporizer. The band will also be performing this September at the Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina along fellow Thrill Jockey acts Golden Void, Future Islands, Matmos, and Dan Friel. Liturgy is in the process of writing and recording a new album to be released in 2014."

Survival is an Alternative Metal band blending a wide range of genres such as Math, Prog, Noise, Doom, Hardcore and even Goth to portray a band that is very hard to describe but very easy to lose yourself into.

Their S/T debut album is one of those albums that make you question what did you just listened to. This album is quite simply an astonishing debut album. It is hard to believe that one of the members is Hunter Hunt-Hendrix of Post-Black Metal Sonic Warriors – Liturgy.

This is very different from Hunter’s most famous work. It feels that Hunter has undergone a whole 180 transformation in musical styles. There is not an ambient Sludge/Black Metal riff in sight.

First track – Tragedy Of The Mind – will show you what to expect for the next 40 mins or so. Out of this world progressive dreamlike riffs and vocals, portraying a sad and eerie story that sort has a slight uplifting vibe to it as well. This track proves that Survival have created a rather special album indeed.

Second Track – Original Pain – starts with a mid-paced guitar riff before the hollow earthly chanting start singing “Pain” before adding more vocals and lyrics, which transcends genres and even reality. Survival take you on an emotional journey as well as a spiritual one. Original Pain is one of those tracks which can be classed as one the albums most pivotal and defining moments.

The way the band blend the different genres is such a revelation that every time I listen to the album it takes me on a different journey compared to the last one. I might concentrate more solely on a riff than a vocal. Then vice-versa for the next listen. It is an album full of awe and wonder that one listen is never enough.

Survival have written an outstanding collection of individual tracks that it is hard to pick a favourite one. You need to check out Freedom 1, Second Freedom and Freedom 3 to prove what a highly original and unique band Survival actually are. Hypnotic trance like vocals with action packed riffs to match.

Another highlight of the album are the lyrics. Some truly inspiring and insightful lyrics will welcome you with open arms while making you feel that little bit on edge at the same time.

This is one of the hardest albums I have had the pleasure to review this year. As Survival are a hard band to categorize. Maybe that is the point. Survival just want to be known as Survival. Original, hard hitting and forging their own path in the realm of Rock Music.

Well they have succeeded on every level as Survival can be classed as a truly forward thinking rock band that everyone needs to check out now. Their debut album is simply brilliant and one that can be classed as one of the best debut albums of 2013.

Simply Unmissable.

You can buy Survival S/T Debut Album on Thrill Jockey Records now. – Thanks to Jamie at Thrill Jockey for sending me a copy to review. Very much appreciated.