Saturday 4 May 2013


Mea Culpa cover art

Jacknife Holiday is a Sludge Metal Band from North West England

The members are:

Eytan - Vocals
Adam - Guitar
John - Bass
Pete - Drums

Jacknife Holiday are a brilliant and brutal as fuck Sludge Metal band who you don't want to fuck with. Their riffs are lean, loud and angry. The way all great Sludge Metal bands should be. We are big fans of the band here at Sludgelord.

We have featured their latest release - Mea Culpa - on the Facebook Page a few times now. So it's now time to give them proper exposure.

Mea Culpa is a 4 song and almost 17 minute blast of loud pissed of Sludge Metal to seriously fuck up your day. Jacknife Holiday don't hold back from the fury. They play an intense breed of Sludge Metal from start to finish. It's deeply uncompromising but it does have some groove to it.

I have been a fan of this band since their excellent 2010 debut EP - Stinkin & Drinkin. It might of taken them a few years to release their next release but it definitely has been worth the wait.

Check out the amazing angry tracks - Just A Kid and Bad Man. But the guys leave the best track for last. The brilliant 7 minute epic - K-Hole. This track is worth it for the free download alone. A loud and epic pissed off masterpiece. Play this track as loud as you can to piss off any inconsiderate fuckwits you come across in life. Fight Fire with Fire. Exactly what I done recently on public transport. Worked a treat. So thanks guys for the ammunation. HA HA.

But seriously fucks this is brilliant. If you want loud and angry Sludge Metal to shout from the rooftops from then this EP is it. It's available for free download on BandCamp. So you have no excuse. Get downloading now and check out their debut EP while your at it as well.

Superb and Highly Recommended.

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