Wednesday 27 February 2013

SLUDGELORD - Paralysis Vol #1

Paralysis Vol #1 cover art

Right People. Here it is our free download. Our Gift to you. The best bands we have featured on the blog over the last twelve months or so.

This mother-fucker is HUGE. 50 separate tracks from 50 amazing bands everyone fucking loves at the blog.

So headover to BandCamp and download this bitch now. It's free. Plus it features the best bands and artists across the globe.

You want Stoner, Sludge, Stoner, Doom, Post-Metal and every other type of music we feature here. Then get downloading now.

It's free on BandCamp at the moment - so please download now. You know what BandCamp is like. - So share, download, post - Spread the mother-fucking word.

SLUDGELORD - PARALYSIS VOL #1 - is finally here...

Enjoy. If BandCamp Free Downloads run out and is defaulting to a charge of £7 you can download from DropBox here....

This is the 2nd Sludgelord compilation. It features 50 tracks of the finest filth from around the globe brought together as one free download. Exclusively for the readers of The Sludgelord, please Download it, share it, promote it. Enjoy! Worship the Riff!

released 27 February 2013 

Artwork by : Judd Madden visit

Special thanks to JM for the amazing artwork, the bands and labels for allowing The Sludgelord to share their music. Also, special thanks to Steve, our amazing writers (you know who you are) and anybody else who has contributed to this awesome adventure. Finally thanks to you guys,the readers of The Sludgelord. We are nothing without you Horns up. \m/

Monday 25 February 2013

Rotten Sound - Species at War (Album Review)

Rotten Sound is a 4-piece Finnish Grindcore act formed in 1993. 

Their line-up consists of: 

Q - Guitars
G - Vocals
Sami Latva - Drums
Kristian Toivainen - Bass


1. Cause - 00:58
2. The Game - 00:52
3. War - 1:41
4. The Solution - 1:43
5. Salvation - 1:32
6. Peace - 1:17


Rotten Sound started ripping shit up sometime in 1993 out of Vaasa, Finland. The members were formerly known by one-letter names ( Q, G, H, and K ). They have released a plethora of material over the years of exceptional quality, setting this band apart from the rest. Their lyrical theme revolves around politics and violence. Some bands of similarity are Nasum and Wormrot.


The musicianship on 'Species At War' is truly something to marvel at.  The fact that this middle-aged Finnish quartet can, after 20 years, still sound tighter, hungrier, and unique is the most awe-inspiring quality of this release.  The fact they've been able to churn out amazing release after amazing release is phenomonal.

Rotten Sound went into the studio pissed off, refreshed, and ready to prove they still have what it takes to dominate this style of music while the imitators keep failing miserably at trying to recreate what this band pulls off seemingly with great ease.

The first thing to catch your attention upon first listen is the frantic guitar work by Mika Aalto.  Every riff on this EP proves why this man is one of the greatest guitar players in this genre.  He pulls off different styles while not making them sound forced or thrown in just for the sake of having them,  which most bands have a tremendously difficult time achieving. The guitar work is truly the tie that binds this release together.

The drums are fast, frantic, and most importantly memorable. If you're not careful you will unknowingly start tapping your foot along to the beat. The foundation of a killer band like this is SICK ASS BLAST BEATS!

The vocals are just as angry and defining as ever on this release. Keijo Niinimaa sounds just as, if not more, amazing than he did 20 years ago.  Most frontmen begin to lose some of their luster in their voice after that many years, but Keijo's vocals, like fine wine, age very gracefully and compliment this EP extremely well.

Rotten Sound are playing relentlessy as we speak alongside acts such as Martydød and Enabler with the intentions of  fucking the rest of  Europe up shortly, along with Asia and Australia. An overview of upcoming shows can be viewed HERE from their official site.

The EP is only 5 fucking bucks on Bandcamp, so you would be considered mildly mental if you don't pick this gem up immediately. You can also purchase directly through their label  Season of Mist and Relapse Records.

 Upcoming Gigs: ( Canada / US )

 Rotten Sound North American Tour 2013:

May 09 - Seattle – Highline w/ Black Breath
May 10 - Vancouver - Funky Winkerbeans
May 11 - Portland – Branx w/ Black Breath
May 12 - San Francisco – DNA Lounge w/ Early Graves
May 13 - LA – The Joint w/ Early Graves
May 14 - San Diego – Club Soda w/ Early Graves
May 15 - Phoenix - Rhythm Room w/ Early Graves
May 16 - Chicago - Reggies w/Enabler
May 17 - Detroit -TBA
May 18 - Toronto – Hard luck
May 19 - Montreal – Il Motore
May 20 - Boston- Elks lodge
May 21 - Philly – Barbary w/ Kromosom, Hellshock
May 22 - NYC – Acheron w/ Kromosom, Hellshock
May 24 - Baltimore - Maryland Deathfest
May 26 - Richmond – Strange Matter w/ Abigail
May 27 - Raliegh – Kings Arcade w/ Abigail, Speedwolf
May 28 - Atlanta - 529 w/ Abigail, Speedwolf, Kromosom
May 29 - NOLA - Siberia w/ Abigail, Speedwolf, Kromosom
May 30 - Houston - Walters on Washington w/ Abigail, Speedwolf
May 31 - June 02 Chaos in Tejas w/ Absu, Integrity

Rotten Sound - Species at War (2013)

Tomahawk - Oddfellows (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 28/1/2013
Label : Ipecac Recordings
Oddfellows, album tracklisting
1) Oddfellows 3:30
2) Stone Letter 2:52
3) I.O.U. 2:38
4) White Hats/Black Hats 3:22
5) A Thousand Eyes 2:41
6) Rise Up Dirty Waters 3:07
7) The Quiet Few 3:48
8) I can Almost See Them 2:42
9) South Paw 4:08
10) Choke Neck 3:58
11) Waratorium 3:34
12 Baby Let's Play__ 2:43
13) Typhoon 2:16
Tomahawk is an experimental alternative metal/alternative rock supergroup from the United States. They formed in 2000 when Fantômas, ex-Mr. Bungle and Faith No More singer/keyboardist Mike Patton and ex-The Jesus Lizard guitar player Duane Denison started swapping tapes with the intention of collaborating. Duane Denison then recruited ex-Helmet drummer John Stanier (currently playing with Battles), while Mike Patton brought Melvins/Cows bass player Kevin Rutmanis into the fold. Three phenomenal recordings came from this formation. Kevin left the band in 2007, taking his place is Trevor Dunn, ex-Mr. Bungle, Fantomas player. 
Mike Patton
Duane Denison
John Stanier
Trevor Dunn


Tomahawk's fourth album starts with the sound of a real drum kit being played by a real person; John Stainer, formerly of Helmet, to be precise. Mike Patton is also involved as are Jesus Lizard and Melvins members. Instead of focusing on the people involved, let's look at the music on offer here. The riffs start discordantly, the bass holding things down with the drums. Patton offers up a kind of spoken/whispered vocal as things quickly become uncategorisable.

Stone Letter sounds like Iggy Pop in one of his better recent outings or even Therapy? Towards the back stretch. IOU continues the eclectic nature of the record with piano, echoing drums and an almost Nick Cave-esque vocal from Patton. It is at this point that I thought, how much I was enjoying the record on first listen. Odd stuff for sure- but eminently enjoyable.

White Hats/Black Hats gives us a sort of noise rock/rock n roll workout while an infectious vocal is delivered. A Thousand Eyes has a sinister timbre to it from the off, but the vibe is as much mellow  as it is threatening. Jazz patterns usher in Rise Up Dirty Waters but the track is schizophrenic in style and delivery- totally unpredictable and of no genre in particular. I Can Almost See Them gives the listener another eclectic mix of styles all cloaked in darkness. It must be stressed here that the songs on offer are relatively short (2-4mins) and although genres may skip around even in the same song it all hangs together very well. It is a non-uniform unified approach with the vibe (if I can use such a  term...) being consistent throughout.

The Quiet Few uses an odd time signature (¾ alternating with 5/8?) that then gets blown away by a  four on the floor stomp. South Paw boasts a drum intro and appropriately mixed verse vocals (left and right speaker alternating). It breaks the four minute mark to good effect. Again, the track is schizophrenic in delivery and there are nice percussion overdubs to be heard amongst the layered guitars in the attentive production and mixing.

Choke Neck switches the pace again with lyrics about a thin neck and a divorce (?!) coupled quiet/loud dynamics. Waratorium provides a pun, a groove in odd time and some jazzy touches from the players. Baby Let's Play ____ is seemingly not a reference to the Elvis classic, but instead of rockabilly , giving the aural equivalent of listening to the Lynch series Twin Peaks done in an alternative metal/rock style. Typhoon closes this odd record in style with some pace and skanking rhythms mixed with eerie effects and a quirky vocal delivery.

Overall, the record is enjoyable, odd, genre defying and well worth your time. Ignore the big names involved- just listen and enjoy.
Words by: Richard Maw

Check the links for more info on the band below. Record is available to buy at all popular stockists and DD at the usual places.  You must own this record. It is an essential purchase.


Sunday 24 February 2013

Primitive Man - "Scorn." (Album Review)

By: Matt Fitton

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 31/1/2013
Label: Throatruiner || Mordgrimm ||
Relapse Records (Reissue) || Tartarus Records

My pick of the bunch is 'Astral Sleep'. Speaker-destroying chugging that could induce psychosis, is lent even more weight by rock solid percussion. Perfectly placed as the album closer, you get the feeling that all roads purposely lead to here.  By the time it starts to wrap up it disintegrates into a frenzy right before exhausting itself and just rolling over in a haze. I love it.
“Scorn”CD//DD//LP tracklisting
1) Scorn. (11:44)
2) Rags. (4:36)
3) I Can't Forget. (3:26)
4) Antietam. (9:07)
5) Black Smoke. (3:06)
6) Stretched Thin. (2:55)
7) Astral Sleep. (4:52)

The Review
Primitive Man are followers of the school of thought that if it's very slow and very heavy then it most definitely is not broken. So don't you dare try to fix it? Their debut LP is titled 'Scorn', and with great reason. It's the perfect word to conjure up images of the unholy racket that they produce. Like an earth mover with two broken caterpillar tracks; It's gonna get there, but it'll take its sweet damn time about it, and it definitely won't be pretty.
The opening track is a beast that clocks in at an impressive near 12 minutes. It's like somebody scored the end of the world. All magma and lava and insanity. It moves across its sonic landscape at such a lethargic march that it's a wonder it isn't moving backwards. Gigantic, monstrous riffs and HUGE drum blasts compete with each other for control of what's left of the charred planet they created, purely out of spite for one another. Very impressive for volume lovers. Feedback is a key weapon in their arsenal and they wield it with surgical precision.
That weapon and an obese bass line signal the arrival of track 2, 'Rags'. Again, the pace never creeps above the mid-range and you pray that it never will. They continue the mission statement laid out at the beginning of the album and stick to their guns. Hugely atmospheric in nature, almost mellow towards the end, even taking into account the background squealing like their amplifiers are about to croak.
'I Can't Forget' is positively eerie. Evocative of master noise-merchants Neurosis, it features discordant noises that punctuate a low fuzz throughout. It's horrible in a tremendous way. 'Black Smoke' is similar in its experimental construction. You get the feeling that both tracks exist purely just to throw you off guard.
My pick of the bunch here is 'Astral Sleep'. Speaker-destroying chugging that could induce psychosis, is lent even more weight by rock solid percussion. Like all their instruments are made out of granite. Perfectly placed as the album closer, you get the feeling that all roads purposely lead to here. I can see this being a live staple for years to come. By the time it starts to wrap up it disintegrates into a frenzy right before exhausting itself and just rolling over in a haze. I love it.
I cannot recommend this album enough, for all fans of drone/doom. Primitive Man deserves all the support they will inevitably win, or take by sheer force.

Band info: Facebook || Bandcamp

Sideburn - IV Monument (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 03/10/2012
Label : Transubstans
IV Monument, album tracklisting
1) Diamonds 6:04
2) Fire and Water 6:09
3) Tomorrows Dream 4:07
4) Crossing The Lines 6:25
5) The Last Day 7:05
6) Silverwing 7:27
7) The Saviour 6:52
8) Bring Down The Rain 5:11
9) Monument 7:44
SIDEBURN is a Classic hardrock/Doom/Blues/Progressive/Stoner band out of Stockholm SWEDEN
Morgan Zocek - Guitar, Background vocals
Jani Kataja - Lead vocals, Guitar
Martin Karlsson - Bass, Organ, Background vocals
Fredrik Haake - Drums, Percussion
Although this is the first time I’ve come across them, Sideburn have actually been around since 1998, and since then have released a number of demos/singles, and four full-length albums, of which 2012s ‘IV Monument’ is the most recent. The album combines a powerful stoner metal sound reminiscent of bands like Black Label Society and Godsized with a beautiful touch of progressive influence from prominent 1970s bands like Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash. This creates a very interesting and original take on the traditional stoner sound, which is especially recommended for fans of Mastodon, Black Label Society and Baroness.
In ‘IV Monument’, Sideburn explore various different parts of their extensive genre, from the energetic groove of tracks like ‘Diamonds’, the album opener, and ‘Tomorrow’s Dream’, to the slower, doom-influenced riffage of ‘The Last Day’ and ‘The Saviour’. The band even venture into more peaceful territory that fans of fellow Swedes Graveyard will definitely appreciate in ‘Crossing The Lines’. Production throughout the album is tight, crisp and generally excellent.
A progressive edge to song writing definitely proves to be a good thing for Sideburn, as, despite an abundance of crushingly heavy riffs, they seem to have gone out of their way to avoid any of the dull, repetitive breakdowns that modern bands seem to resort to all too often. Having said this, I find myself wishing that Sideburn’s guitarists would take a similarly progressive attitude towards their solos, which, despite a few notable exceptions, are a little too predictable for my tastes. Equally, while vocalist Jani Kataja has a supremely powerful voice that rings out monolithically above heavier tracks, its weakness is exposed by quieter tracks like the beautiful, grunge-influenced ‘Silverwing’.
Having said this, ‘IV Monument’ comes highly recommended from me. Sideburn have managed to artfully combine stoner rock with prog, maintaining the balls of the former, and the fragile beauty of the latter, to create something that is truly original.
Words by: Tal Fineman
Check the links for more info on the bands here. Record is available to buy here and DD at the usual places.  Thanks to Morgan Zocek of Sideburn for hooking us up with this record. 


Saturday 23 February 2013

CULTURA TRES - New Album and Tour Details.

Now I am a massive fan of Cultura Tres. We have featured them a few times now. Reviews and Interviews. So here is some cool news about their new album and forthcoming tour.

CULTURA TRES Unveil New Album Details And Artwork. Announce European Tour Dates.

The Venezuelan psychedelic sludge act Cultura Tres will release their new album entitled “Rezando Al Miedo” on May 15th 2013. The cover artwork for the band’s third full-length is taken from the painting “Day of Judgment” by the remarkably talented artist Damian Michaels.

“Rezando Al Miedo” doesn't walk away from the mood their previous record “El Mal Del Bien” had, yet the songs tell a different story. Darkness exhausts itself into depression; the album is a journey inside the collective subconsciousness, a walk on the edges of sanity, between the illusive religious relief and acceptance of death as a clear end. Music explores the extremes of the artistic expression, more dynamic than ever, from the harshness of the thrashing roots of the band to the polyphonic movie soundtrack approach that characterizes Cultura Tres. The band has never been afraid to take chances and this album proves it. The brooding cocktail of classic psychedelic rock, 90's death metal and gloomy grunge makes their South American Sludge a unique recipe.

The eight songs orchestrate to the detail the emotions of every word sang, yet this isn't a record that comes to tell a full story. Instrumental parts often let the thoughts of the listener ask their own questions, give their own answers, explore their own fears.....

The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Alejandro Londono and recorded in Cultura Tres studios by Juan De Ferrari and Alejandro Londono. ”Rezando Al Miedo”, will be released on CD in UK by Devouter Records ( and in South America by the Argentinean label Cumpa Records. The digital version of the record will be available on the same date as well.

The dates for the Cultura Tres’ first European performances for 2013 can be seen below. Stay tuned for further updates as more shows get confirmed!

20.03 - The Netherlands, Amsterdam @ The Cave
22.03 - Germany, Cologne @ MTC Cologne
23.03 - Czech Republic, Cheb @ Jazzrock Café
28.03 - Austria, Vienna @ EKH
30.03 - Luxemburg, Dudelange @ Why not?
31.03 - France, Paris @ Les Combustibles
09.04 - France, Saint-Etienne @ Thunderbird Lounge 42
13.04 - Spain, Barcelona @ Be Good

For more information visit:

Check out more Damian Michaels works at:

NIBIRU - CAOSGON - Album Review

Nibiru are a Psychedelic Ritual Sludge Metal Band from Italy

The members are

RI - bass and liturgic organ
Ardath: guitar & voice
Siatris: drums, percussions & Virus

Nibiru are a band who I came a fan of when they contacted me through our Facebook Page last year asking me to check out their videos. Well I checked them out and I was highly impressed what I had seen. Their music struck a chord with me as it was heavy, brutal, poetic and beautiful all at the same time.

I conducted an interview with the band back in Nov 2012 to find out more about them and they told me they were working on their début album due for release in early 2013. I stated that these guys would be a very special band indeed.

Well I am happy to report their brilliant début album – Caosgon is a stunning album that will astound you with it’s heavy psychedelic riffs and tribal chanting based vocals. Caosgon contains 5 songs and clocks in for an impressive 51 minute blast of out of this world psychedelic ritual sludge metal to crush everything in it’s wake.

Trust me when I say these guys take you on a journey like no other. Psychedelic Tribal Ambient Riffs come crushing all around you from the very first second of amazing opening epic 18 minute track – Invokation 1 – The First Test. An eerie cowbell (yes cowbell) sets the tone of the album before a mid-paced Sludge Metal riff kicks in. This is where your journey starts folks. So strap in as the next 50 mins of your life will be owned by NIBIRU.

Nibiru will show you what their whole musical philosophy is all about. Tribal and Ritual Chanting known as Enochian chanting. Blended in with tribal based psych Sludge Metal riffs. Just wait to you hear the amount of instruments these guys play through out this epic track. It’s everything you love about Sludge Metal but turned on it’s head. It twists and turns the listeners perspective at every opportunity. You don’t know what your listening to but you know it’s something special.

It feels like Nibiru have been raised in a long lost tropical rain forest and are entering the modern world for the first time. As the amount of textures and sounds they place into their music feels from a forgotten and mystical age.

2nd track – Smashanam. The Crematerium Ground of Kali - highlights this philosophy even more as it features even more wonderful tribal based ambient sonic experimentation to intrigue the listener with.

3rd track – Agnes Astor – is where the band take this album onto another album as they fully bring the tribal chant to life which they are obviously experts at. Plus the sonic experimentation is fully turned on it’s head.

I would call this psychedelic post-metal as it features many characteristics with legendary bands such as Neurosis and Isis. Distorted riffs blended in with ambient based passages. But this is something altogether different. It feels like the album is coming alive to warn you of impending danger. The only impending data on show is the amount of psychedelic based riffs and chanting Nibiru throw at you. It’s a wonderful experience you won’t be able to get enough of. This is some of the most finely tuned and out there 12 mins of your life you will ever experience. Absolutely amazing stuff.

Nibiru still have time to surprise you on the remaining 15 mins and two tracks highlighting more weird and wonderful sonic blasts of insane tribal/ritual sludge metal.

Believe me I haven’t told you the full picture of this amazing album. This album is an experience like no other. It destroys everything in it’s path. This is a work of genius on every level. I will say this now but this is my fave record of 2013 so far. I have heard some truly wonderful records such as Kongh, Ancient Vvisdom and A Void Of Sleep amongst others. But this album is on a different level altogether.

It’s beautifully produced from start to finish. It give me a sense of awe and wonder every time I listened to it. I never wanted it to end. Caosgon is simply astonishing and showcases that Nibiru are a band to be reckoned with.

Absolutely Unmissable and Highly Recommended. - Apologies to the band for not using the correct album cover. Am improvising until I do receive the correct one.

You can buy Cosmagon on CD directly from the band themselves.

Check This Great Band Below:


Check Out The Amazing - Invokation I, the acid skull

MOTHERSHIP - S/T Album - Review

Mothership cover art

Mothership is a Hard Rock/Stoner Metal Band From USA

The members are:

Kells Juett- Guitars/Vox
Kyle Juett- Bass/Vox
Judge Smith- Drums

Mothership is a band who is starting to receive a lot of exposure for their great blend of Hard Rock and Stoner Metal riffage within the Stoner Metal community. Well is it time for myself to be transported to a galaxy far, far away. Well not quite but what you do get is transported back in time when the riff was king.

Mothership harvests the energy, passion and aggression of great bands from the 70s/80s – a great and magical era for bands such as The Who, Led Zepp, Sabbath, Motorhead and Thin Lizzy. Imagine those bands given a modern day Stoner Metal makeover and no doubt, you will end up with Mothership. As their excellent debut S/T album is a hard rocking blast from start to finish.

I can see why one of my fave record labels – Ripple Music – signed these guys to their excellent roster of bands. As they, both have the same vision for epic riffs that transcend any hard-rocking genre. You know if a band is signed to Ripple Music your in a for a great time. No edgy dark based riffs. Just good old-fashioned head banging and rocking out to some wonderful and action packed tunes.

First track – Hallucination – is a 5-minute instrumental track setting the scene in what is to come over the next 45 mins or so. Great riffs aided along by some brilliant drumming. This is a great opening track for this excellent album. Some cool spacey sounds lurking in the background.

The 2nd track is where the album truly comes to life – Cosmic Rain. A track that gets straight down to business with excellent vocals telling a cool sci-fi based story. Though the riffs are the main selling point. If you are a fan of old school hard rock from the 70s then you will be right at home here. Throw in great modern Stoner Metal riffage with some of the most frantic guitar solos you will hear on a debut album.

The album only has eight tracks but every one them is a work of hard-rocking genius. Mothership worship at the church of the almighty riff. These cosmic spacelords know what needs to be done and rocking out they do so brilliantly well.

City Nights is a track that will go down a storm with Thin Lizzy fans like myself. As they have managed to harness, the energy of that legendary band but still maintaining their own identity to the song. It is a song that I rank as one of my fave tracks on the album due to the sheer amount of fun on offer here.

Other great tracks to check out are – Angel of Death, Win or Lose and Eagle Soars. All highlighting Mothership’s talent of playing excellent riffs with great drumming to match. The drumming is definitely one of the albums strong points and I would consider it as Mothership’s secret weapon of spreading the word of ROCK to the world.

The track where Mothership truly comes to life and into their own existence is the amazing 8:13 minute epic – Lunar Master – as it is an action packed tale from start to finish. Blending in what has came before it with more amazing Stoner Metal riffage to rock out to. It ends this album on an almighty high.

The album is expertly played and produced by everyone involved. It’s a huge sounding album that will win a lot of fans and admirers in the Stoner Metal community like its currently doing now. Mothership is a band you will be hearing a lot more of in the years to come. And on this evidence, I hope they are here to stay for a very long time to come.

Awesome and Highly Recommended.

You can buy Mothership Debut Album on Ripple Music. (Though the Vinyl Record has now sadly gone)

Check This Great Band from the Links below.


Inferno (XII) - Call of Kia - Review

Call of Kia cover art

Inferno (XII) is a Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Sweden

The members are:

Bob Ruben - Drums
Johann Göransson - Guitars
Martin Åstrand - Guitars
Lars Jönsson - Vocals, Guitars

Inferno (XII) is a new entity to myself. They released their debut album a couple of years back to acclaim within the Sludge/Stoner Metal community. I am honest to admit I missed the band first time round but not this time as their stunning 2nd album – Call Of Kia

A 60-minute opus of sublime psychedelic based Sludge/Stoner Metal riffage blended with an un-healthy dose of modern based Doom Metal.

We all know how the Swedes are the master of all things extreme metal especially Sludge/Stoner Metal Bands. Well Inferno (XII) is another band to add to the ever-growing list of great Sludge/Stoner Metal Bands to check out.

Title track – Call Of Kia – gets down to business right away in showing you what to expect. The 9:40 minute monster is driven by a machine gun like Sludge/Stoner Metal riff that will claim as you it’s next targets. This feels like a more lo-fi stripped back version of Mastodon at their creative best. Though Inferno (XII) still add their own vibe to proceedings. Mainly the doom based and unpolished vocals of ace vocalist Lars – who adds some creepy and eerie tension into the mix.

It is good that the band mix things up a bit through the entire album. Each song has a different vibe to each other. All full of sublime riffs for you to rock out to. Phantom Hold feels like a rediscovered lost 70s classic with a touch of Sabbath and Vitus given a modern day makeover. Creepy lyrics add to the overall feel and atmosphere of the album.

Call Of Kia gets spookier and spookier with each passing second. Haunting ambient sounds hover over like a dark vengeful spirit on Halloween. The album does take its time in getting you into the mood and overall feel of this pulsating album. But when it does your hooked until the dying seconds. For me it was the excellent 3rd track – Spawn In The Tear. An 11-minute plus magical opus that has some of the best riffs on the entire album.

By now, I was sold on how great – Call Of Kia – actually is. It makes you think of the world around you and remember to check behind those dark corners, as it is a rather spooky affair done with excellent vocals and superb Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs.

Inferno (XII) have an excellent DIY based vibe to their music. Their music stands apart from their major league competition as they play truly from the heart and pack a lot of emotion in their instrumental work. There is no professional wizardry going on. You can tell Inferno (XII) are the real deal. Their music packs a mean punch that will bowl you over at different times.

If your into YOB, Mastodon, Sabbath, Vitus and Sleep then you going to love this. I know I am not doing a straightforward review. Well Call Of Kia is not a straightforward album. It is an album that conveys many great moods that are very hard to describe. I can say hard rocking, action packed, creepy and an uplifting haunting vibe all in one insane crazy superb experience.

This album requires multiple listens to experience the full effect, as one listen is never enough. You will be amazed to find out what you missed first time around as I did. Riffs, haunting vocals and ambient tones that give Call Of Kia a life of its own.

Inferno (XII) are a band firmly rooted in Dark Progressive Sludge/Stoner Metal territory as they take you on a journey through the eternal darkness with music as your only guide. Call Of Kia is a masterclass of occult and creepy based Sludge/Stoner/Doom metal that should win Inferno (XII) a whole legion of new admirers.

Excellent and Highly Recommended. A must have for all Sludge/Stoner Metal Fans.

You can buy Call Of Kia from Inferno (XII) BandCamp Page

Check This Great Band Below


The Trollenberg Terror

Dahlia cover art

The Trollenberg Terror is a Death Metal/Grindcore/Sludge Metal Band from Germany.

The members are:

Bass / Vocals: Joan Dark
Drums / Vocals: Oggy
Gitarre / Vocals: Neutrum

Right folks here we have a band with a true schizophrenic nature. The Trollenberg Terror are a band forged in a Mental Asylum where the patients have truly taken over the asylum. And the patients are these sublime and fucked up Sludge Metal band forging Grindcore, Death Metal as a truly bitter pill to swallow.

And it fucking works BIG TIME. As The Trollenberg Terror are a brilliant band you should all check out now. Their blend of Sludge Metal or Sludgecore as they call it, is most definitely fucked up but damn it's got some great fucking riffs.

Their two releases available on BandCamp - Dahlia and Orchid - will show you what they can do. Playing fast paced grindcore beats mixed with Sludge Riffs and aided by Death Metal growls.

Orchid cover art

Even though the music is quite brutal at times they do have a great fucked up rock and roll edge to them. Their music is quite catchy at times but with a slight dangerous edge.

So if you want something with a bit more kick and an edge to your Sludge Metal then you can't go wrong with The Trollenberg Terror. A superb band with two excellent releases to check out. Both available on Pay Now download.

Check out great tracks - To The Tomb, Dead People Don't Die, Nice Day For A Headdive and From The Womb.

So do yourselves a favour and make an appointment with these slightly deranged Sludge Rockers.

Excellent Stuff.

Check The Band From The Links Below:


The Gentlemen Bastards cover art

The Gentlemen Bastards are a Stoner Rock Band from Huntsville, Alabama, USA

The members are:

Will Quinn
Bill Barry
Dave Stanley
Böðvar Böðvarsson

The Gentlemen Bastards might be based in Alabama home of all things Southern Rock but don't be expecting a 2nd rate Lynnard Skynard rip-off. These guys have been schooled in the hard rock university of Soundgarden, Clutch, QOTSA and Sabbath.

When you have members from USA, Canada and Iceland - you know this is going to be one hard rocking affair. And these hugely talented bastards just do that.

Their music is a mix of 70's Hard Rock. Southern Boogie Rock 'n' Roll and Stoner Metal to great effect. So you know these guys know how to play a damn mean fine riff. Their S/T debut album is a 52 minute juggernaut of riffs to rock out to with your friends with a few bottles of beer.

They might not be adding anything new to the mix but damn these guys know how to have fun. Just relax and rock out big time with this great band.

The Gentlemen Bastards will show you a good time from start to finish. If your a fan of the bands above then your going to be in Stoner Rock heaven especially on ace tracks - Last Rites, Motorcycle Song, Take A Ride and NWR.

The Gentlemen Bastards have been blazing a mighty damn reputation amongst the Stoner Rock community. See the impressive reviews on their BandCamp Page to see how great these Stoner Rockers are.

It's not the most original  of sounds but it's great to listen to a band having a great time and playing what comes naturally to them.

All in all this album is a fucking blast from start to finish. It will leave you with a warm fuzzy glow inside and that's what a great Stoner Rock album should do.

The Gentlemen Bastards is available on BandCamp Pay Now Deal and CD's can be bought as well

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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Bellua cover art

Bellua is Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Los Angeles, USA

The members are

Jonathan Heuer - Guitar, vocals
Ryan Janke - drums

Bellua are a superb Sludge/Stoner Metal band which I have been listening to a lot recently. Their debut EP has 5 great tracks that runs for 22 mins or so.

Bellua don't play to a particular style of Sludge/Stoner Metal. They have a slight Karma To Burn vibe running through their veins on excellent track - Take The Reins.

They they harness the energy of a fast and furious Mastodon style vibe on brilliantly titled - The Darker Side Of Fondue. Adding cool ambient based guitar work into the mix before unleashing in a fury of progressive sludge guitars.

That is just two sides to this great band as it shows that Bellua are a band who like to experiment with their music. They play around with the listeners expectations on each excellent track. You don't know what to expect next. Just great Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs from this hugely talented duo.

You might not like at first but give this a few spins and you will be rocking out to Bellua in no time at all. Their release is a little bit under-produced but it still has many great moments to check out for.

You can download this excellent release from BandCamp Pay Now Deal.

Excellent and Highly Recommended. 

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_ cover art

Witch Ripper are a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Seattle, USA

The members are

Curtis Parker,
Pete Clarke (Drums for the Album)

Well what can I say about Witch Ripper. Well I did say this about them recently on the Facebook Page. Should do the trick here:

"Believe me people this is fucking awesome. Witchripper will fuck your shit up. Download now. Wow. Just fucking wow."

And I am sticking to this original assessment. Witch Ripper will definitely fuck your shit up. If you miss the good old days when Baroness and Mastodon were lean, mean sludge wrecking machines then Witch Ripper is your band. There is no fucking about with these guys.

What you see is what you get. Just brilliant no-nonsense brutal and intense Sludge/Stoner Metal which will have you begging for more.

Their self titled debut maybe only 4 tracks long and lasts for a mere 20 mins but what a 20 minute ride it is. Epic riffs mixed with even more epic riffs to invade your pitiful little life too.

Don't fuck about people just download this now as this is a brilliant release from an extremely talented band. It's available on BandCamp Pay Now Deal but I don't expect so for long.

If you ever wanted to know what Mastodon if Scott Kelly took over the reins well this is your chance. But it's still damn original in it's own right. Yeah I loved this release. Can't wait for a proper full length from these guys as they are going to be one the big-hitters in the years to come.

Awesome and Highly Recommended.

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Póstumo - Band To Check Out

EP cover art

Póstumo is a Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Buenos Aires.

The members are:

Nicolas - Guitar/Vocals
Lucas - Guitar
Gustavo - Bass
Juan - Drums

Póstumo are a superb Sludge/Post-Metal Band full of action packed post-metal riffs that pack an almighty punch to their sound.

Their debut ST EP is currently streaming now on their BandCamp Page and showcases what these guys can do. If your a fan of Isis, Cult Of Luna and even Baroness then you will surely dig this excellent band.

As the 7 tracks and almost 30 minutes showcases another great South American Band to check out. They have written some superb riffs to rock the fuck out to. I know our very own Teabag is a big fan of these guys and I can see why. 

They use whatever is needed at their disposal. Vocals are shouted you like a finely tuned weapon. Even when they are sung in the band's native tongue. You can feel Nicolas pain and fury in any language all held together by violent outbursts of sublime Sludge/Post-Metal.

Check out great tracks such as Parasomnia, Catarsis and Audiodrome. All showing what these guys do brilliantly well. Rocking The Fuck Out - which is what we love here at Sludgelord.

So headover to BandCamp and check these guys out. You will be pleasantly surprised in what you hear.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Burnsred - S/T (Album Review)

Burnsred is an active 3-piece atmospheric Sludge / Doom outfit from San Francisco, USA. 

Their line-up consists of:

Robin - Guitar / Vocals / Keyboards
Ryan - Bass / Keyboard / Programming
Kevin -Drums / Vocals


1. Mirror - 7:26
2. Standby - 6:57
3. Cleanse CMXCIX - 9:43
4. A Sentence - 8:48
5. Scissors - 7:06
6. Beartrap - 8:26


This trio is based in San Fransisco, California, and are fairly new to the scene, having formed in 2007. They are unsigned, touting this as their first self-released full-length. Attributing influences on their sound include acts such as: Neurosis, Burning Witch, Asunder, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.


This outfit delivers a textured sound which is rich with atmosphere, galvanizing elements of sludge, post, black, and doom. With melodies cascading ambiently between calm and harsh, they have acquired quite the range in sound. I was impressed with the production and quality of this release alone, being the first under their belt.

Personally, they remind me of blackened sludgers Eibon and Ensorcelor. Both  rank top-notch in my book and are sure to catch the ears of anyone into this style. The track I'm drawn to the most is 'Cleanse CMXCIX' - incorporating groove and that down-tempo riffage we all know and love - which ties the rest of the album together nicely.

The vocals, albeit not terrible, seem more well suited for a traditional black metal band, boring an audience to tears in some shitty underground club, complete with spike arm bands and leather clothing. They are not terrible in the least, but do no seem to compliment what Burnsred are trying to pull off.  Put those same vocals with an up and coming Norwegian black metal band still hopelessly clinging on to the days of what made the scene so great, and they would fit perfectly.

Burnsred pull off the sludge genre pretty flawlessly with one small minor complaint.  The way they seem to meaninglessly throw in these sections that fit nowhere in the song, tends to bug me a bit.  They seem to be doing it more or less to say they did it instead of letting the song flourish into it's own beast.  Call me crazy, but the release would have been far better off without those sections. Still, this is just a small issue I have, which really doesn't bring down the flow of this album too much.

What Burnsred accomplish with their self-titled release is an excellent notch in the belt of the sludge metal genre. Granted it's nothing new or exciting, it's just really good music which is all anyone can ask for nowadays. In a time where it seems the more extreme forms of music are getting more mediocre releases, Burnsred are definitely doing great things. The main problem with sludge releases is how they can suddenly become boring out of nowhere. Burnsred keep things fresh and interesting throughout the whole album.

The release was put out in mid 2011. You can check them out on Bandcamp and acquire this in either CD or digital format for a mere 5 bucks. Teabag Approved!

Upcoming shows:

4/20/10 - 8 PM Kimo's - San Fransisco - (Lidtoker, Hazzard's Cure, Nine Worlds )

9/13/09 - 6 PM Annie's Social Club - San Fransisco - (Mendozza, Damnweevil, Litany for the Whale) 

4/16/09 - 9 PM Annie's Social Club - San Fransisco - (The Secret, Early Graves, Arise)


Burnsred - S/T (2011)

Headless Kross & War Iron - Split (Review)

By: Matt Fitton
Album Type: Split 7inch
Date Released: 5/1/2013
Label: Independent

First up out of the blocks is the charmingly monickered 'Crater of Needles' by Headless Kross, Galloping along at hefty pace, it's just the right mixture of sludge and doom. Think early High on Fire, that kind of Sabbathy inspired punk/metal hybrid. There's a ripper of a solo mid way through that really is the icing on the cake. The second half of this split is occupied by War Iron and their offering, the evil puntastic 'Angelgrinder', Close your mouth when you listen to it or your fillings may come loose. Throw in some viciously gargled vocals and you may need to stare at some pictures of kittens for an hour afterwards just to lift you out of the mind fog these dudes can inflict. Now that's powerful.
“Headless Kross/War Iron” Split  tracklisting
The Review:
I like split releases. They're a cost-friendly and usually highly collectible way to discover like-minded bands, all neatly wrapped up in the same parcel. And it's bargain day here at doom central - where it's always 'Black Friday'...
First up out of the blocks is the charmingly monickered 'Crater of Needles' by Headless Kross. I love the raw production on this track; it conjures images of long haired teens tape trading in the mid 80's, staring at walls in their bedrooms because of how much their minds have been blown. Galloping along at hefty pace, it's just the right mixture of sludge and doom. Think early High on Fire, that kind of Sabbathy inspired punk/metal hybrid. There's a ripper of a solo mid way through that really is the icing on the cake. And just like High on Fire these guys really do prove how much beautiful noise a well-honed power trio really can make. It's quality, not quantity.
The second half of this split is occupied by War Iron and their offering, the evil puntastic 'Angelgrinder' (who doesn't like an evil pun?). The first thing you notice after letting this piece kick you in the teeth is the bass. And the reason for that is that there are TWO bassists. And NO conventional six-strings. Think about how heavy that must be for a second. Well, you're wrong. It's even heavier than that. I used to believe that nothing could come close to how bleak 'Streetcleaner' by Godflesh is, but this is damn close. Close your mouth when you listen to it or your fillings may come loose. Throw in some viciously gargled vocals and you may need to stare at some pictures of kittens for an hour afterwards just to lift you out of the mind fog these dudes can inflict. Now that's powerful.
Overall a great showcase for some great home-grown talents. The future is bright for doom and sludge right now. And ironically its groups like Headless Kross and War Iron that are keeping it healthy.
“Headless Kross/War Iron”available to buy here and DD here



Tuesday 19 February 2013

Slomatics - "The Future Past" EP (Review)

By: Matt Fitton

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 16/2/2013
Label: Self Released


This is all killer, with zero of the filler. Pounding drums, great vocals and gargantuan riffs. Embrace Slomatics, and succumb to the impending neck pain with open arms.
“The Future Past” track listing

1) The Running Battle (5:10)
2) Son Of Ampbreaker (4:47)

Slomatics is:

Marty | Traps, timpani, Intergalactic Channelling
Chris | Bulldog, SuperBee, Green
David | Warpig, Meathead, Orange

The Review
This new Slomatics is heavy. And I mean HEAVY. If you could embody these two tracks I imagine it would take the form of a nuclear war survivors' worst fears about what is waiting for them, should they choose to open the bunker door to the remains of the outside world.
The first track of this dual-pronged sensory assault is 'Running Battle', It opens with what can only be described as the desperate tones of an oscilloscope trapped in a washing machine drum, before it gives up the ghost after being confronted by one of the mothers of all droning riffs. This thing is pure filth. A neck-snapper in the first degree that could move mountains from its path. It's almost too effective; it could be argued that it muffles the vocals out of the fight, but I believe it augments them. They come across as wise words rather than purely just aggressive howls. Not that howling is ever a bad thing, but it appears that wisdom was the best choice here.
The second offering here is the joyously titled 'Son of Ampbreaker'. If the riff for 'Running Battle' is Godzilla, then this thing is his nasty older brother who just got out of jail for crimes against amplifiers. The two blend seamlessly into each other but the sheer monolithic scale of it is a game-changer. It drones, wails and fuzzes at a slightly (and I mean only slightly) quicker pace, but it's enough to logically build to a close with some tasty Hawkwind-esque atmospherics swirling in the background. Right before it lurches off into the sunset. Having trampled your house in the process.
Whatever you do, DO NOT be put off by the fact that there are only two tracks available for consumption here. They bring more than enough to the table for any fan of drone or doom. I enjoyed this offering more than some albums I've heard in recent times that were packed to the gills. This is all killer, with zero of the filler. Pounding drums, great vocals and gargantuan riffs. Embrace Slomatics, and succumb to the impending neck pain with open arms.
“Future Past” is available here.


Band info: Official || Facebook || Bandcamp