Sunday 17 February 2013

GODSTOPPER - What Matters

What Matters cover art

Godstopper is a Noise/Sludge/Doom/Pop/Rock Band from Canada

The members are:

Miranda Armstrong- Bass
Mike Simpson- Drums
Phil Miles- Guitar
Tobin Simpson- Guitar

Now I am going to publish the press release which tells you all about this fucking brilliant album.

"Godstopper (Toronto, Canada. ex Column Of Heaven) are finally releasing their debut album of sui generis sludge after some well received demos. They've created their own sound rather than just knocking together some hackneyed Eyehategod riffs for instant satisfaction. There's a lot of depth to this particular cesspit of noise.

After a month of listening to it on repeat on my commute to work I thought it'd make a great first release for Milgram Records. Absurd Exposition, Anthems Of The Undesirable, city17 and Insulin Addicted records are helping out as well.

Some people have already had kind words to say about the album:-

"doomy, dissonant noise rock, which also includes elements of sludge and is reminiscent of the Melvins at times. Beautiful melodies and catchy hooks are also prevalent, particularly on the Pixies-esque Clean House." Exclaim.Ca

"Maddened and uncaring, Godstopper channels melody through a concentrate of full-blooded sludge. And while the remnant influences of Today is the Day and Swans are still clear, What Matters is such a cathartic, unpredictable listen that it defies pigeonholing."

"A friend described them as a cross between Today Is The Day and Weezer. It's in that weird world of Harvey Milk and Mare and Torche where doom meets pop. However, Godstopper are slightly more on the sick and twisted side of the riffage and also quite super tuneful. Oh yeah, chuck in some Melvins as well.""

Well after reading the above advert I downloaded the album and started to listened to it right away.

All I can say is FUCKING WOW. What Matters is a stunning and brilliant release of epic doom-pop riffs. Fans of Harvey Milk and Torche will be in Sludge Metal Heaven. As this album fucking rules from start to finish.

Delicious dark and violent Doom-Pop done at it's most twisted and finest. What Matters is an astonishing release. If I heard this back in 2012 it definitely would of made my best of 2012. Top 10 contender for sure. It's seriously that brilliant.

It's already starting to get quite a buzz amongst the Stoner Metal fraternity. Now headover to BandCamp now as it's available on Pay Now Deal. 

Milgram Records BandCamp - Download on Pay Now and Buy Record on Vinyl.

Just download this now and be prepared to be blown away. Awesome and Highly Recommended from all of us at Sludgelord.

Check This Great Band Below