Tuesday 12 February 2013

Komatsu - Manu Armata - Review

manu armata 300x300 Komatsu   Manu Armata

Komatsu is a Psych/Stoner/Sludge Rock Band from Netherlands

The members are:

Mo Truijens: Guitar+ Vocals
Stephan Quint: Guitar + backing vocals
Martijn Mansvelders: Bass + backing vocals
Miriam Bekkers: Drums

Komatsu are a superb hard rocking Sludge/Stoner Rock Band who we originally featured back in 2011 when I featured their excellent S/T debut EP. It was an excellent release that found a lot of fans within the Sludge/Stoner Rock. It made it’s way onto my best records of 2011 list.

The EP was a collection of hard-rocking Stoner Rock riffs that showcased Komatsu’s talents of writing a great riff and cool lyrics to match. Well almost 18 months later Komatsu are back with their excellent debut album – Manu Armata. A heavy slab of pure psychedelic sludge/stoner rock brilliance.

Komatsu are a different band to their last EP as everything is louder, heavier and definitely more psychedelic. If your into Torche, Mastodon and Monster Magnet then your going to dig this great album.

Manu Armata is an album you should experience time and time again to get the full effect. As the album has a wide range of ideas for you to get through. Wait till the band start mixing the psych based Sludge/Stoner Rock riffs with excellent ambient trance like rock passages. Something you wouldn’t expect on an album like this. It easily blows your mind.

Lead vocalist Mo is a superb lead singer who sings with such authority that you will listen to every word he has to say. Full of passion and anger when the time calls for it.

The album plays out like a greatest hits set rather than a debut album. It’s a rare case where all of the songs are as good as each other. I wish I could pick out a fave track I can’t. I think one minute it could be Lean On Me then my mind changes again to Beat You To The Punch before it changes again to Too Rare To Fly.

I am sort of stuck on Too Rare To Fly as this is where Komatsu show their most spellbinding creative talents. Blending haunting ambient style vocal creepy recordings with their blend of Psych Sludge/Stoner Rock. This is a track that will creep you out and head-bang in equal measure.

Manu Armata is an action packed album of sublime Sludge/Stoner Rock riffs and showcases why Komatsu are on the forefront of Dutch Stoner Rock. It’s brilliantly put together and it’s another album I have been listening to religiously for the last 7 days or so. If Roadburn Festival Organizers are looking for a great local band to add to the bill then they should check this album out now. As Komatsu would go down a storm with the audience on their own backyard.

Manu Armata is a triumph on all levels and an album that will be featuring on many best of 2013 lists including mine.

You can buy this great album from end of Feb 2013.

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