Saturday 9 February 2013


Where The Light Is Mute cover art

Oxtongue is an Ambient/Sludge/Doom Metal band from Canada.

All I know about this band is that they are from Canada. I don't even have the band members names. But what I can tell you is their new album - Where The Light Is Mute - is fucking amazing.

The 3 songs and 32 minutes will blow a hole in your pitiful little lives. This is music to re-awaken the dead to. This is the stuff of nightmares are made of. It's gloomy, depressing, brutal and beautifully put together all at the same time.

Check out the 15 minute epic - Humanity, Born In The Way Of Eternal Grief. This track will leave you shaken to the core. It's forged from the vast darkness of humanity and will easily take over your soul until your a firm believer of this great band.

If you are a fan of THOU then you are going to love this as they play the same sort of Bleak, Down-Tempo Sludge Metal that will destroy your fragile mind and the world around it.

This is an album for people who love dark and depressing music. The riffs are played slow, down-tempo and bleak as possible. Throw in vocals that have came from the depths as hell and you have a release that could go down as one of the bleakest this year.

I thought Primitive Man amazing new record - Scorn -was one of the most heaviest and brutal releases of 2013. But damn this release is even heavier and more depressing than that great release.

This is fucking brilliant. End Of. This is a band you need to check out now. What is even better the band are giving everyone the chance to wallow in this sheer brutality of Sludge Metal for free via bandcamp and mediafire.

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