Saturday 23 February 2013

NIBIRU - CAOSGON - Album Review

Nibiru are a Psychedelic Ritual Sludge Metal Band from Italy

The members are

RI - bass and liturgic organ
Ardath: guitar & voice
Siatris: drums, percussions & Virus

Nibiru are a band who I came a fan of when they contacted me through our Facebook Page last year asking me to check out their videos. Well I checked them out and I was highly impressed what I had seen. Their music struck a chord with me as it was heavy, brutal, poetic and beautiful all at the same time.

I conducted an interview with the band back in Nov 2012 to find out more about them and they told me they were working on their début album due for release in early 2013. I stated that these guys would be a very special band indeed.

Well I am happy to report their brilliant début album – Caosgon is a stunning album that will astound you with it’s heavy psychedelic riffs and tribal chanting based vocals. Caosgon contains 5 songs and clocks in for an impressive 51 minute blast of out of this world psychedelic ritual sludge metal to crush everything in it’s wake.

Trust me when I say these guys take you on a journey like no other. Psychedelic Tribal Ambient Riffs come crushing all around you from the very first second of amazing opening epic 18 minute track – Invokation 1 – The First Test. An eerie cowbell (yes cowbell) sets the tone of the album before a mid-paced Sludge Metal riff kicks in. This is where your journey starts folks. So strap in as the next 50 mins of your life will be owned by NIBIRU.

Nibiru will show you what their whole musical philosophy is all about. Tribal and Ritual Chanting known as Enochian chanting. Blended in with tribal based psych Sludge Metal riffs. Just wait to you hear the amount of instruments these guys play through out this epic track. It’s everything you love about Sludge Metal but turned on it’s head. It twists and turns the listeners perspective at every opportunity. You don’t know what your listening to but you know it’s something special.

It feels like Nibiru have been raised in a long lost tropical rain forest and are entering the modern world for the first time. As the amount of textures and sounds they place into their music feels from a forgotten and mystical age.

2nd track – Smashanam. The Crematerium Ground of Kali - highlights this philosophy even more as it features even more wonderful tribal based ambient sonic experimentation to intrigue the listener with.

3rd track – Agnes Astor – is where the band take this album onto another album as they fully bring the tribal chant to life which they are obviously experts at. Plus the sonic experimentation is fully turned on it’s head.

I would call this psychedelic post-metal as it features many characteristics with legendary bands such as Neurosis and Isis. Distorted riffs blended in with ambient based passages. But this is something altogether different. It feels like the album is coming alive to warn you of impending danger. The only impending data on show is the amount of psychedelic based riffs and chanting Nibiru throw at you. It’s a wonderful experience you won’t be able to get enough of. This is some of the most finely tuned and out there 12 mins of your life you will ever experience. Absolutely amazing stuff.

Nibiru still have time to surprise you on the remaining 15 mins and two tracks highlighting more weird and wonderful sonic blasts of insane tribal/ritual sludge metal.

Believe me I haven’t told you the full picture of this amazing album. This album is an experience like no other. It destroys everything in it’s path. This is a work of genius on every level. I will say this now but this is my fave record of 2013 so far. I have heard some truly wonderful records such as Kongh, Ancient Vvisdom and A Void Of Sleep amongst others. But this album is on a different level altogether.

It’s beautifully produced from start to finish. It give me a sense of awe and wonder every time I listened to it. I never wanted it to end. Caosgon is simply astonishing and showcases that Nibiru are a band to be reckoned with.

Absolutely Unmissable and Highly Recommended. - Apologies to the band for not using the correct album cover. Am improvising until I do receive the correct one.

You can buy Cosmagon on CD directly from the band themselves.

Check This Great Band Below:


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