Sunday 7 April 2013


Beyond the Orange Door Demo cover art

Deaf Proof is a Psychedelic Fuzz/Stoner Rock Band from Freiburg, Germany

The members are:

J. Fredo - Vox & Guitar
JP - Bass
Pedro - Drums

Right before I post the in-depth bio the band have provided me with all I am going to say about this is FUCKING WOW. Beyond The Orange Door is fucking amazing. If your a fan of Kyuss, Brant Bjork and Truckfighters then your going to love this. 

We recently released our "Beyond the Orange Door Demo" (see bandcamp via sig), six songs, playing time is around 45 Minutes. Enjoy! We hope to release some of the current, slightly different songs later this year.

The Band was formed in late 2006 by Pedro (d), Holger (b) and Fredo (v/g), later reinforced by Til (g).

From that point of time they started jamming and working out their ideas. In autumn 2007 the band split up with guitar-player Til who was replaced by Phil. In early 2008 the band decided to substitute Holger and to search for a new bass player. But nevertheless Deaf Proof recorded their first demo that was released in April 2008. The bass on the demo was played by Phil. Deaf Proof found the new four stringer Angus in june 2008. In December the band unfortunately had to search for a new bass player again and in march 2009 JP joined the gang. Together they recorded a 2-track live-demo in July. The combo recorded the "Beyond the Orange Door Demo" from autumn 2009 till winter 2012 and released it in April 2013. In April Phil also left band, but Deaf Proof continue as three-piece.

Since 2010 the band did some local shows with amongst others Stonewall Noise Orchestra (Swe), Snarf, Basel (Ch) and the Small Stone Artists Abrahma (Fr) and Mother of God (Swe). In 2013 Deaf Proof will expand their live radius over whole germany and further."

Beyond The Orange Door is a brilliant album from start to finish. You want fuzz, desert rock and stoner rock riffs to shake your ass to. Well this is the album for you. It's an excellent album you won't be able to get enough of.

First track - Hellride - is a 12 minute blast of amazing riffs to rock the fuck out to with your friends anytime of year. The FUZZ has been cranked upto 11.

Travelpussy Blues and Girls'n'Guns keeps the Fuzz Party rocking with riffs coming at you like an out-of-control machine gun. Just soak up all the mighty riffs on show. It will leave you with a smile on your face through out the album's 46 minute running time.

Yeah this album is brilliant. I loved every minute of it. It's been a long while since I have listened to a great Fuzz/Desert/Stoner Rock album. But thank fuck for Deaf Proof releasing this excellent album.

Look do yourself a favour and headover to BandCamp now as it's available for Free Download. You won't be sorry. How the fuck this is classed as a demo. It's a brilliant album through and through. Production is immense.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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