Thursday 11 April 2013

Kruger - 333 (Review)

KRUGER-333-cover.jpg-KRUGER - "333" 10" vinyl EP - PREORDER
Album Type : EP
Date Released : 4/4/2013
Label: Pelagic Records

333, EP tracklisting:
1) The Wild Brunch
2) Herbivores
After a few months spent raising the kids, earning real money, finding a reliable second guitar guy and writing new music, KRUGER are finally back with new material: a gorgeous very-limited-handnumbered-collector-coloured 10'' vinyl containing two brand new songs.
Two songs only, kidding me? Nope. Swiss quality, not quantity – and this should be enough to put the Lausanne-based noisemongers back in the post-metal panorama they contributed to shape. Shows are planned through Europe in the spring of 2013, including a number of support shows with GOJIRA in France and an appearance at PELAGIC FEST in Berlin on May 10th.
Line up
Blaise - Bass
Raph - Drums
Margo  -Guitars
Reno - Vocals
Raul - Guitars

Kruger is putting out some new material, a two track 10 inch vinyl by the title of '333'. It's always a big deal when these Swiss noise-mongers birth some new tunes and this is no exception. Equal parts Noise Rock and Post-Metal, this group kicks out the jams. They may be from Switzerland, but there is absolutely nothing neutral about their sound.
The first side of this release is occupied by 'The Wild Brunch'. Right away it's no nonsense approach - pummelling drums and shrieking six-strings abound. Lyrical tales of rogue hells' angels and roaring vocals permeate the track. It rarely gets melodic for long, and its low-end weight is intimidating. Plenty of opportunities crop up to sing along and you'll find yourself doing so with ease. It's a strange example of opposites when a band capable of being so heavy can also be so accessible.
The flip side belongs to 'Herbivores'. This has a far more quirky feel to it, but is just as easy to tap your feet along to. The drumming throughout is almost jazz-worthy, and you can hear each facet of the recording exceptionally clearly in the mix. Nothing is drowned out. A lot of acts worship at the altar of sheer volume, and while there's nothing wrong with that (I adore the stuff) just as much can be said for clarity. This is a composition full of twists and turns, highs and lows - and you can hear every moment of it. You can feel every moment of it.
If this small sample is any indication of forthcoming stuff from Kruger then fans of the band will have nothing to worry about, other than how long it may take to materialise. There are reportedly European shows in the works for coming months, so let's hope they hone their instincts and their chops even more, and get back in a studio for a new full length. This small yet brilliant appetizer will do more than suffice in the meantime though. Pick up your copy as soon as you can.
Words by: Matt Fitton

333 will be released on a limited, hand-numbered edition of 333 copies of coloured vinyl or digital download, both available through the bands bandcamp site here or directly from Pelagic Records here.  Thanks to Robin @ Pelagic Records for the hook up.  This is a brilliant release.