Monday 15 April 2013

Euphoric Defilement - Ascending To The Worms (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released: 19/2/2013
Label: Unique Leaders Record/Hammerheart Records

Ascending to the Worms, album track listing:
1. Intro (Quietus)
2. To Postulate Unconditional Perversions
3. Fragment Of The Paradigm
4. Rending Shades Of Deformity
5. Abolishing The Divine Structure
6. Dysfunction
7. Echoes / Deprivation Of The Quintessential Source
8. A Peaceful Descent (Instrumental)
9. Consume to Defile
10. Ascending to the Worms
11. Virulent Affliction
Los Angeles based Brutal Death Metal band Euphoric Defilement release their long awaited debut full length album “Ascending to the Worms”. For fans of Disgorge, Severed Savior, and Decrepit Birth, this album will prove to you that Euphoric Defilement will become the next installment to an elite list of ultimate brutality. With inconceivable speed and accuracy, crushing riffs, and an overall sound to make any sane person lose their mind, “Ascending to the Worms” is a must have release by Unique Leader Records/Hammerheart Records. You can expect the same mind blowing intensity Euphoric Defilement is known for, along with technicalities and surprises to shed a whole new light on what this band will become.
Recommended if you like: Disgorge, Severed Savior, Decrepit Birth

Line up:
Andrew Villarreal-Vocals
Juan Hernandez-Guitar
Gabe "T-1000" Lopez-Drums
Tom Myers-Bass
So far this year while reviewing for the blog I've been sent a batch of some pretty impressive Death Metal albums that have made me gain more interest in the sound. For the longest time I have been guilty of pretty much having my ears dominated by Sludge / Doom, but the boys here have been expanding my palette (hey, that even sounds like a DM track title, no?). So it is with great pleasure I submit unto you fine people one of the best DM albums I have ever had inflicted upon me: Ascending to the Worms by the truly mighty Euphoric Defilement. This young LA group have unleashed a ripper of a debut, full of foul stench and putridity. Sounds killer too.
After a menacingly calm intro track, things get instantaneously hateful with To Postulate Unconditional Perversions.  Just pure bludgeoning beats and evil riffs, the very embodiment of truly brutal DM. It's full of down tempo groove and rhythm too though for opportune moments to bang your head until your brain resembles a slush puppy.
Fragments of the Paradigm is more spitfire solid gold, with double bass so badass it'll feel like somebody trying to drill out of your head from the inside. The vocals are more guttural than a herd of pigs charging full pelt into a meat grinder. It's just so fierce and aggressive, even for a DM record.
Dysfunction is cream of the brutal crop for me, a highlight among many. Slow and brooding to begin with and then manic and oppressive within a hair of each other, this is top echelon stuff. I love the guitars on this record. They're so clear and laden with weight behind them. Completely ominous in tone, and impossible to resist the urge to throw down to. BEAUTIFUL.
Echoes / Deprivation of the Quintessential Source is another eerily slow starter, but once that beat drops this is straight up murder music. That crawling, chugging riff will ring through your ears and down your spine for a week after listening to it. It's more contagious than the common cold. As par for the course it loses its shit completely further on too. I fucking love this album.
Another standout cut is Consume to Defile. Most of this LP sounds like a nuclear meltdown at a plant run by psychopaths. They actually want Armageddon to occur, and this song is further proof. The double bass contained within, sounds like the gallop of the four horsemen at the end of the world, speeding toward your demise. It's an absolute mauler on every level.
I cannot stress how much you need to acquire this debut album by ED enough, and I'm sure that my praise hasn't afforded it the true justice it actually deserves. The fact that this is just the beginning for this group is enough to make any fan of extreme music salivate at the potential jams they may be capable of pounding out. An absolute must for Death Metal - grab it immediately, or miss out on the start of something very special.
Words: Matt Fitton

As always show your support to the band. You can buy the record here. Thanks to Hammerheart records who are distributing this record for the hook up.