Thursday 18 April 2013

Defeated Sanity - Passages Into Deformity (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 5/2/2013
Label : Willowtip Records

Passage into Deformity. Album track listing:
1) Initiation 1:15
2) Naraka 5:07
3) Verblendung 4:45
4) Lusting for Transcendence 3:46
5) The Purging 4:59
6) Verses of Deformity 4:17
7) Perspectives 6:49
8) Frenzy 2:36
9) Martyrium 4:50
With Passages Into Deformity, fans can expect another quality release from Defeated Sanity. Without compromising the brutality of their sound, the band has stepped it up in terms of the overall production. The album has a more old-school vibe to it, with a lot of early ‘90s inspired riffs and slams, but Defeated Sanity made it a point to not get away from the technical and progressive stylings they are known for. Be prepared for the best Defeated Sanity album yet!

CD comes bundled with a bonus DVD that features a making-of documentary of Passages Into Deformity, plus studio performance videos, and interviews.

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Line up :
Konstantin Lühring - Vocals
Christian Kühn - Guitar
Jacob Schmidt - Bass
Lille Gruber – Drums
The spate of quality death metal being slung my way by them Sludgelord dudes continues at full speed. It's like a campaign against my senses this end. I'm sure they're trying to make me snap - and I love them for it. Next up on the chopping block is Germany's Defeated Sanity, and their latest release 'Passages Into Deformity'. It's a dirty, horrible and vile affair. But enough initial praise, let's get to the meat and bones of this thing.
9 tracks of just pure hatred and noise commence with 'Initiation', and you get the feeling it's referencing a serial killer cult of some kind. Gigantic blast beats and hyper speed chainsaw riffery combine with a surprisingly up-front and experimental at times bass element. A short, sharp shock to the system and an ideal pace setter for the onslaught that awaits.
'Naraka' slows down the pace substantially more at various points, but it's no less of a juggernaut. Like an 18 wheeler stuffed full of corpses - you ain’t stopping it, and nor would you really want to. The brakes are out and the steering wheel is covered in spikes. Give up already. The double bass on this track is pummelling, all concussion blasts and insane rolls. It's really quite clear that DS take themselves seriously as musicians and you get the feeling that they would be just as comfortable playing experimental jazz as brutal and hostile DM. It's not just about crazy speed, it's about variation too.
Crazy speed does not go wanting however, and 'Lusting for Transcendence' will go a great distance towards satisfying velocity lovers out there. Played at a rate that would give Slayer a run for their cash (and they have a lot), it could successfully leave Earth's orbit if aimed toward the sky properly. But when it drops it does feature more of that trademark bass and groove right at the forefront of the mix. The riffs are cavernous. Brilliant stuff.
'Perspectives' is an ambitious number that clocks in at nearly 7 minutes, full of variation and delivering on the potential hinted at throughout the LP up to this point. It's really dynamic, and a terrific showcase of the skills of the entire band, including vocalist Konstantin Lühring who has the trademark death growls as always but manages to be somewhat clearer in delivery than the standard fare. A true master of his craft.
The verdict, then? 'Passages Into Deformity' is a complete and rewarding death metal experience, for the die-hards and recent converts to the sound alike. Crammed to gut-busting with razor sharp riffs and drumming presumably native to the seventh circle of hell, it's sure to bring a smile to the face of any death freak. Highly recommended.
Words by : Matt Fitton

As always show your support to the band. You can buy the record here. Thanks to Hammerheart records who are distributing this record for the hook up.