Sunday 7 April 2013


Self Titled cover art

Cold Blue Mountain is a Sludge Metal band from Chico, California, USA

The members are:

Daniel Taylor, Will McGahan, Sesar Sanchez, Brandon Squyres, Adrian Hammons

Cold Blue Mountain may sound like a hard-hitting Sludge Metal band from the first track from their excellent S/T debut album. Branch Davidian Compound is full of brutal heavy pounding Sludge Metal riffs with bleak vocals/lyrics to match.

However, appearances can be deceiving as Cold Blue Mountain actually add layers of Doom, Post-Metal and Stoner Metal through out the albums fast-paced 30 minute running time.

Branch Davidian Compound is just a rouse to get you into a false sense of security as Cold Blue Mountain toy with your perceptions of riffs as even though things are undeniably heavy from the start.

Time Flies Like An Arrow – follows the brutal heavy pounding stylings of Branch Davidian Compound. Hardcore-based Sludge Metal riffs with hard-to-understand at first vocals. Don’t go expecting the following tunes to follow this style of bleak based Sludge Metal as Cold Blue Mountain wisely start to experiment with their sound.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and White North see Cold Blue Mountain adding Post-Metal riffs to the party. As both tracks feature thumping bass lines and awesome drumming to prove that all the band are hugely talented. Now Cold Blue Mountain is starting to feel like a Post-Metal band with real substance.

MK Ultra - throws the listener another curve ball by adding beautiful Post-Rock ambient vibes as well. This is one the albums standout tracks as the song has a real sense of purpose to it. It is creepy, dark, heavy and very atmospheric as well. A brooding experience you have to listen for yourself.

You would think that the band would not change styles again. Right. Well. No you would be wrong as the band even add a Torche style riff to Lone Pine.

Cold Blue Mountain is a band who deserves your attention now. The album is a masterclass on how to blend different genres and moods to brilliant effect. The songs have the perfect balance of Sludge, Stoner, Doom and Post-Metal riffs blended together, which is a very hard thing to pull off. However, Cold Blue Mountain have succeeded on every level.

I loved every second of this brilliant album. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Just buy a copy when it is released on Vinyl via Gogmagogical Records on 19th April 2013 aka Record Store Day. You can buy it on Digital via BandCamp now.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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