Sunday 7 April 2013

Hate - Solarflesh: A Gospel Of Radiant Divinity


Solarflesh: A Gospel Of Radiant Divinity

Napalm Records
30 January 2013


Watchful Eye Ov Doom 03:20
Eternal Might 06:08
Alchemy Ov Blood 04:58
Timeless Kingdom 05:31
Festival Ov Slaves 04:34
Sadness Will Last Forever 07:05
Solarflesh 05:35
Endless Purity 05:43
Mesmerized 04:56

The band:

Adam The First Sinner - guitars, vocals, samples
Destroyer - guitars
Mortifer - bass guitar
Hexen - drums

Oh yeah folks! Hate are one of the forerunners of Polish death/black metal. Alongside Vader and Behemoth they have paved the way for up-and-coming bands from Poland for years. But somehow they have always lived in the shadow of the two aforementioned acts. Still, damned if they do, Hate has trudged along doing their own thing and cudos for that.

Frontman Adam The First Sinner is the sole member left since the band's inception back in 1990 but the guitarist/vocalist has had the same line-up since 2008's Morphosis which is Destroyer - guitars, Mortifer - bass guitar and Hexen - drums. That is probably what made Solarflesh such a solid album. Of course, it's natural that you make better music with a stable line-up. It allows a band the freedom of evolving naturally which in turns leads to better musicians and better song writing skills. Some may cry wolf saying Hate hasn't evolved and still sounds the same. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but that is to treat the Polacks wrong. They have found their sound and style and they are sticking to it which is what they should do. Therefore to some it might sound the same when in fact they are moving forward.

Opener Watchful Eye Of Doom had me worried for a minute. Felt like I was listening to Morbid Angel's latest crappy effort Illud Divinum Insanus. Any fear was unfounded as Hate gets down to business with Eternal Might and they are not taking prisoners. It's annihilation time from the word go and the band is relentless. Hence the band perhaps, hmmm? Lyrically it's basically the same as before with the songs dealing with Satanism and a huge aversion towards Christianity and mankind itself. Check out Festival Ov Slaves, Solarflesh and Alchemy Ov Blood especially and you know what I am talking about. Fret not though diehards because all the lyrics touch upon these matters.

I like what I am hearing on Solarflesh: A Gospel Of Radiant Divinity. The lyrical side of the album has already been touched upon and musically the band is flawless. To some it might sound frantic and disharmonic but that's what this music is all about. And when you are, like Hate, excellent musicians that combination works wonders. The disharmonious aspect makes sense and it sounds amazing. Some of you diehards out there might complain that this album doesn't sound new or fresh....well all I can say is you are entitled to your opinions. However Hate has been playing this since you were even born, so absorb what they are doing and teach yourself some history.

Håkan Nyman

The same day I submitted this review it was announced that Hate's bass player Mortifer had passed away in his sleep while on tour. My condolences to his family and the band.


I concur with Håkan that this is a brilliant record from HATE. The Sludgelord Team pass our condolences to Mortifer's family and friends at this very sad time.

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You can buy Solarflesh: A Gospel of Radiant Divinity from Napalm Records now. Thanks to Napalm Records for sending a copy to review.