Sunday 7 April 2013

Planet Of Zeus - European Tour

One of Greece best Stoner Metal Bands - Planet Of Zeus - are ready to kick-ff our second European tour .

"Tonight We Hit The Road" Tour 2013

19.4 White Trash , Berlin, DE,
20.4 KB18 kødboderne, Copenhagen, DK
21.4 Logo Hamburg, Hamburg, DE,
23.4 Sonic Ballroom, Koln, DE
24.4 ACU, Utrecht, NL
25.4 Magasin 4, Brussels, BE
26.4 JUZ, Mannheim, DE
27.4 Litlle Devil, Tilburg, NL
28.4 Desertfest, London, UK
30.4 Pitcher, Düsseldorf, DE
1.5 Blue Devils officiel, Arras, FR,
2.5 Les Combustibles, Paris, FR,
3.5 Infrared, Orleans, FR,
4.5 Brin de Zinc, Chambery, FR
5.5 Rumpelthum, St Gallen, CH
7.5 Rote Frabrik, Zurich, CH
8.5 Rockhouse, Salzburg, AT
9.5 Metro Music Bar, Brno, CZ
10.5 Madness Club, Wroclaw, PL,
11.5 Vortex, Siegen, DE
12.5 Rockpool, Halle, DE
14.5 Spatif, Sopot, PL
16.5 Politeia, Patra, GR
17.5 Boxx, Ioannina, GR
18.5 8ball Club, Thessaloniki, GR
19.5 Vox Club, Volos, GR

Greece. A country internationally known for its ancient history, democracy, sun, beaches, mustaches, olive oil, mousaka, tzatziki, bouzouki, souvlaki... Well, forget that. Open your arms and welcome the new heavy rock empire and its ambassadors, Planet of Zeus.

The hardest working rock band in the entire universe, who'll fear nothing and overcome every obstacle emerging on their way to heavy, sincere and loud rock 'n roll. Rumors about members of the band selling some of their parents' vital organs to finance their career have not yet been confirmed.

Having the re-issue of "Eleven the Hard Way" in vinyl format, as well as "Macho Libre" re-issue in digipack cd on their luggage, they once again hit the European roads.