Sunday 7 April 2013

BISON MACHINE - S/T Album Review

Bison Machine cover art

Bison Machine is a Psychedelic Stoner Rock Band from USA

The members are:

John deVries- guitar
Breck Crandell- drums
Tom Stec- vox
Anthony Franchina- bass

Bison Machine are a band who we have featured on the blog with their previous excellent releases. Bison Machine mix Stoner Rock with sublime layers of Fuzz, Desert Rock and Americana to great effect. Bison Machine have finally released their “proper” S/T debut release. A 4 song and 30-minute magical ride of psych based Stoner Rock riffs.

Taking influence from a whole range of classic Stoner/Desert Rock Bands they have lovingly borrowed from. Bison Machine still have their own style of Stoner Rock. Blending Stoner Rock with awesome tales of Americana based life. Look at the album cover to show you what the band is all about.

Bison Machine have added layers of Blues Rock to pound the soul to. Things are definitely more heavier since last time I featured the band on the blog and that is only a good thing.

First track –Tragrous: Goats Beard – is a heavy pounding 8-minute affair that will easily get under your skin. The riffs come thick and fast ranging from mid-tempo Stoner Rock to heavy pounding Stoner Metal that crushes everything in it’s wake. Tom has a commanding presence while he tells you a world-weary tale that will have you hooked from the start. A great start to this release.

Up next is – Banks Of The Rouge – which starts off a cool Blues Rock intro. A new territory for Bison Machine but one they feel rightly at home with. You know a heavy Stoner Rock riff will be coming to blow things wide open. Sure enough there is, though there is a cool Blues Rock vibe still running things in the background.

3rd Track – Distributor Of Pain – sounds like a battle between Black Sabbath and Queens Of The Stone Age with the different styles of Doom/Stoner Rock battling for supremacy. This is probably my fave track on the album. As it moulds some classic Sabbathian based Riffs with the earlier style rifffage of QOTSA. However, it is still firmly in Bison Machine territory as the cool Americana Blues Rock vibe is still lurking around to give this track an earthly feel to it.

Last but by no means least is – Gates Of Gold – A 9 minute epic that takes everything that has came before it and turns the volume up to 11. Bison Machine build up the tension here with some creepy style vocals to match the excellent hard rocking riffs on show. Just sit back and enjoy the dreamy psychedelic journey that Bison Machine will take you on. Your transport of choice is simple – Amazing Hard Rocking Stoner Rock Riffs!!!

Bison Machine have created a stunning release that should appeal to all serious minded Stoner Rock fans. If you want a release full of wonder and different styles of music then you cannot go wrong here. Bison Machine might have cemented their place as one of genre’s best upcoming Stoner Rock Bands to look out for in the future.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

You can buy Bison Machine S/T album from BandCamp now.

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