Sunday 7 April 2013

Dead Mountain Mouth - Crystalline - Review

Crystalline cover art

Dead Mountain Mouth is the work of one highly talented individual - Lundi Galilao who does all the vocals and instruments on this superb project;

I featured Dead Mountain Mouth back in March 2011 with his last excellent album - LOKA. Well fast forward 2 years later and Dead Mountain Mouth is back with their best album to date - Crystalline.

A 7 song and 60 minute blast of amazing Psychedelic Progressive Sludge Metal riffs to fuck you up in this dimension and beyond.

If your into Opeth, Mastodon and Baroness then your going to love this like I did. First track - Crystalline -  will show you what to expect. Heavy pounding riffs play with such authority you would think this was an actual band and not a one-man wrecking crew.

Lundi has worked wonders here. Everything sounds loud, heavy, brutal but with a real sense of purpose. Each of the tracks have meaning and a life of their own. The album is full of amazing tracks to rock the fuck out to - 200, With Swans and Silver Wings, Among The Stones and Ignite.

If you want an album full of superb Psych Prog Sludge Metal riffs to crush your skull to then this is the album you want. This is definitely one of the best one-man band projects I have ever heard. Lundi has released his best work to date with Crystalline. It's epic, spacey, loud, angry and it's simply unmissable.

Did I forget to mention that Lundi is part of the following acts -  A very old ghost behind the farm/ Axenis/NoPlaceForMan. So you know he is hugely talented. And he fucking is.

Crystalline is an excellent album you cannot do without. Highly Recommended.

You can buy Crystalline from BandCamp now for $5

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