Monday 22 April 2013

The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic - S/T Album Review

The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic cover art

The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic
The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic

Orbit Unlimited
8 February


1. Rockets Aren't Cheap Enough 05:00
2. Unassigned Agent X-27 03:19
3. Exploration Team 04:16
4. Get Off My World! 04:19
5. 7000 Years Through Time 03:11
6. The Third Eye 11:42
7. The Man With A Thousand Names 06:00
8. Hello to Oblivion 05:28
9. In The Atmosphere Factory 11:41

The band:

Ed Mundell - guitars
Collyn McCoy - bass guitar
Rick Ferrante - drums

The brainchild of guitarist Ed Mundell after he had left Monster Magnet and Atomic Bitchwax, The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic(from now on refered to as TUEMG) play instrumental psychedelic, spacey heavy rock and it's bloody fantastic! Aided by two excellent musicians, Collyn McCoy(Trash Titans, Otep) on bass guitar and Rick Ferrante(Sasquatch) on drums, the band bring a new fresh take on the power trio set-up. Well first of all, it's all instrumental so they really have to make their instruments talk. Secondly they are not afraid to expand their horizons. Sure they go at it full blast which I love but they are not afraid to add Eastern influences and instruments to the fray or to slow things down and go all out trippy. Any worries I might have had about this were unfounded since this is a trio of highly accomplished musicians and they know how to make magic happen.

Opener Rockets Aren't Cheap Enough is more of a straight up rocker at least compared to most of the other songs. The bass is actually almost funky but it's sounds is so deep and rich and when the drums joins in I'm going nuts. Ed is too I think because he bends the strings five times around the fretboard whether soloing or riffing! Exploration Time goes along the same vein as this one by the way.

The second track, Unassigned Agent X-27, is the first song where TUEMG explore the universe and other galaxies and hey.....I want to be along for the expedition folks. From here on they switch perfectly between riff-ladden rockers and space probe inspired head trips. And they have managed to blend their musical mix in a way where it's all free flowing and spirited, even though they are very structuralized as well. And I just love when a band has the desire to do what they want and they are not afraid of going the distance to reach their targets. Also if they have the talent to match it will be even better. This is the case with TUEMG and since they are going for an overall intergalactic feel being uninhibited like this, all the ideas they have comes flooding out and the end-result is brilliant!

I've said it before but I think it's worth mentioning again. Instrumental music is a tricky proposition. Many times talented bands cram too much stuff into their songs making them boring and over-blown. On the other hand, when it's done right instrumental music can be mind-blowing and absolutely fantastic. TUEMG belongs to the latter part as they truly expand non-vocal playing. Opening up their songs to great storytelling, the band allows you as a listener to create your own unique story...and that's musical brilliance to me. And the marvellous rhythm section of McCoy and Ferrante allows Mundell total freedom to explore and experiment without the slightest worry about the outcome.

Alright, if you dig space travelling, heavy psyched out power rock TUEMG's self-titled debut is a must. The reasons why it is a must are many but I'm only going to mention a few, you have to do some exploring yourself, you hear? First of all, The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic is simply a kick-ass awesome album, there's nothing else to it. And in all honesty this is where I should sign off but I do feel the need to go on just a little bit more. Regardless what music we are talking about, when a band creates something as good as this as many people as possible needs to find out. There are so many great bands out there that are criminally ignored in favour of all the crappy mainstream stuff occupying the airwaves. So do yourself, the band and the world a huge favour and get this album...pronto!!!

Håkan Nyman

A great review by Håkan - This album is incredible. Full of psychedelic riffs to take you to the next dimension and the next. Buy this now. Highly Recommended.

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