Monday 22 April 2013


Greenhorn are a Doom Metal Band from Dorset, UK

The members are:


Greenhorn are a band that have been classed as the future of British Doom by Terrorizer Magazine. High Praise indeed for an unknown band. But you know something. Greenhorn are actually a superb hard-hitting Doom Metal Band you all need to check out now.

Their debut EP - The Plague Doctor's Mask - is a 3 song and 15 minute blast of high octane Doom Metal riffs that will easily unsettle the fuck out of you. Damn these guys know how to write a hard-hitting tune especially the awesome track - SNAKES.

The Plague Doctor's Mask is an excellent release to showcase this great bands talents. It's superbly produced and it's a release will please any serious Doom Metal fan. What is even better is the band are giving it away for free via SoundCloud. So you have no excuse missing out on this excellent EP.

Check out the brilliant 7 minute epic - Witches Bridle - which is worth it for the download alone. 7 minutes of brilliance.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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